Roommate WIN

Ridiculous dUdEbRO of the day: Makes a TINDER companion chow down on his rusty ammo pouch, all whilst inviting his roommate to be player #3 in their backdoor free-for-all. Lucky for him the result was more Action Jackson, and less Michael Jackson. Too soon?

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Dildo Lodged Inside Rectum

Unfortunately, this video starts after her cavernous butthole swallows the oversized rubber dildo and sucks it deep into her colon. Regardless, rent is due on her Tokyo closet and the show must go on! FULL SCENE.

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Dad! I Don't Want To Fuck You!

Those crazy porn directors have made a full movie featuring the entire systematic sexual conditioning of ones daughter into a fuck buddy. All in magnificent POV. Disturbing? Sure. But is it fappable? FULL LENGTH + MOAR.

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Banned From Arby's 4 Lyfe

After popping a molly (or 5) and getting fucked with a lawn chair, this girl realizes her dreams of being on worldstar are within grasp and totally goes for it. IMHO not worth the lifetime of shame without curly fries and roast beef.

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Little Brother Ruins Orgasm

It's bottom of the ninth in ling ling's fap session. She's been grinding her wanton with a hi-power vibrator for about 10 minutes and right as she's about to burst... her little brother hilariously ruins everything. LOL. MORE.

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The Cashier Pimp of 7/11

This guy is awesome. Shitty gas station job? No problem. He's getting blowjobs in the back while your picking out snickers and then he's outback smoking dabz with the neighborhood kids cause fuck it, yolo.

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Flipper Boy

He may be mentally challenged and physically deformed to the point of handicap, but he's had a threesome and I haven't. A true inspiration to all and possibly the anti-hero our generation needs. Full Vidz: HERE and SONG.

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The Skinning of a Sex Doll

AKA "The Ted Bundy Sex Doll Treatment". She was carefully sculpted by the loving hands of a master craftsmen. Made to be life like, made to look real, made for your loser uncle to fornicate with. Made to be destroyed. SAUCE.

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Nudes via Room Service

An aryan goddess sexually trolls the hotel bell hop in order to win a "contest" that may or may not even exist. Regardless, Michael Cera is here to help. Although I'm not entirely convinced he's ever done this before.

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Extreme Lesbian Handshakes

The legend returns to teach us a hype new move called "The Internal Dap". It's the most brutal hardcore handshake of all time. It's rumored a handshake of this magnitude can symbolically join souls for eternity. Full Scene + More: HERE.

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Exorcism via Anal

Deep in the dungeon of KINK studios, they have accidentally unleashed a demon poltergeist from a troubled young girl. A sweet girl that finds vaginal sex super boring and only gets off from evil butt sex. Full Scene: HERE.

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Ratchet Stripper Goes Mental

She goes by Cocoa, China, or some shit down at the Snake Charmer Gentlemen's Club. She's a nice girl working her way through college and in her off time she enjoys bath salts and Waffle House.

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The Absurdity of Japanese Pornography 4

I know it looks bad, but thanks to the efforts of Japan's prestigious scientists at Unit 731, we know that it takes at least 3 minutes of asphyxia to cause permanent brain damage. So she should be totes fine. MOAR. DIY.

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Horse Fucker

These porn producers, always so preoccupied with if they could, but never stopping to wonder if they should. I can't even imagine how awkward this scene must of been to film for everyone involved. Full Scene: HERE.

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Backstage @ Lesbian Bukkake!

Behind the scenes of a classy title like "Lesbian Bukkake #8" isn't anything like you could imagine. Ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes? Probably not, but sometimes these thots fail in epic fashion and it's hilarious. [song]

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Sexual Fatalities From Japanese Cartoons

Take one part anime, one part pornography, one part Mortal Kombat and you end up with a hilarious show about ninja school girls sexually manslaughtering perverted villains around campus. Full Series: HERE.

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Goober Tries Not To Cum

It's only 10 minutes into the all night sex party and this douche is about to bust his nut after a 30 second blowjob. Not wanting to end the night early, he awkwardly death grips his penis attempting to cease climax. Moar Orgies: HERE

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Happy Ending Fail

Brave soul attempts to get some off the menu rubbing from the massage girl. Keyword is attempt, he fails.

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Extreme Foot Fetish

Visit the dark side of podiatric porn. A dark, shitty basement with a custom made fuax floor complete with a penis hole. No one should have such a crazy thing, but this is no normal human being we are dealing with. MOAR!

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All these stupid bitches act like the money shot was some sort of awful surprise. Luckily, their retching and disgust only entertain my penor. LOL
[Part one] SAURCES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. [SONG]

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Erotic Jihad

The governments of multiple countries in the middle east have banned eFukt. They consider eFukt to be a threat to society and even morality itself. I just want to make funny videos. :) More Sexy Infidel Vidz HERE, music HERE.

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