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I could just write "Public transportation in Japan" here and leave it at that. In fact...

Strip Clubs Have Evolved

Here’s another horrifying example of simp culture; The pussification of the hopeless male in the form of extracurricular CBT. What the fuck is going on here? Ogling strange women at the tune of a months worth of paychecks used to be a respectable form of entertainment. Now? Its just another girl boss moment.

394,219 views 09/14/23 Groped

Stacked and More Socially Awkward 18-year-old

You clicked the original one so many damn times, I had to dive deeper into her discography. Unfortunately it turns out all her roads lead to this evolutionary cul-de-sac using her as the only form of exercise he's seen since Jock Jams was a thing. Don't look that up. [-PART I-]

1,084,762 views 08/28/23 HeavyOnHotties Awkward Moments In Porn

Stacked and Socially Awkward 18-year-old

Admittedly the carb walrus she's costarring with may have her beat in the embarrassment department, but she's not far behind in this race. If anything at all for offsetting what may be the greatest set of natural tits ever documented by having the face of Jaden Smith. It can not be unseen.

1,822,289 views 04/20/23 HeavyOnHotties Awkward Moments In Porn

Operation Pussy Destroyer

Let me formally introduce you to GM. aka Grandpa Merrick. aka Wrinkle Rocker. aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl. Rather than live out his twilight years chasing dusty jellyfish, he wakes up every day and chooses violence. And intravenous Cialis.

1,296,559 views 06/13/22 Olds Fuck Dolls Groped

Ginger Banks: Sex Offended

Today we raise the question: "Is Ginger Banks a sexual assault victim or is she a repeat sex offender? Maybe both? Maybe neither? 50/50?" It's 2020 and we can't think for ourselves, so it's up to cancel culture to decide. [PETITION]

1,437,938 views 06/30/20 EvilAngel Groped

Daddy Fucks Me To Save Mommy

Welcome to the "Donnie Darko" of incest porn, where Daddy is either a psychological terrorist and a rapist - or a hero? It's all left up for interpretation.

2,984,596 views 03/08/18 BadDaddyPOV Groped


If you get aroused to non-consentual incest porn, you probably shouldn't tell anyone because you have a serious personality disorder and you probably come off weird already and have no idea.

5,331,901 views 12/21/16 Bare Back Studios Groped

Attention Whore Fail

Oodles of horny Jamaicans gather for a simulated gangbang of sorts, highlighted with WWF-style body slams and homoerotic dance moves. Shit gets rough when an ambitious Jamal Jenkins strips the starlette of her attire, erecting all donkey dicks within a 100 foot radius. Oddly enough she smiles through out, unlike this girl.

3,522,684 views 12/01/10 Groped

Attention Whore In Compton

Fat assed black bitch gets swarmed by horndogs as she strolls through the neighborhood in a new swimsuit she jacked from Ross Dress For Less. At the 10 second mark you can hear someone say "yous so beautiful... I wanna cry". haha.

2,580,890 views 08/09/10 Groped

Russian Teacher Gets Sharked

Woah. No gang rape? Russia is a changin!

4,117,101 views 01/26/10 Groped

Molested At Lunch Time

This is a scene from some stupid French porno called The Image. Stars that old bitch from 101 Dalmations as some sort of empowered cunt that likes to dominate. Kinda funny but not really my cup of tea. I was raised on the notion that degradation is a man's job.

1,763,328 views 09/16/09 Groped

1 Girl Vs. 100 Horny Men

It's like watching the Discovery Channel. Ya know... the one where 5000 ants take down a mouse. Except this one will make your penis wiggle.

2,857,715 views 06/13/09 Groped

Strip Searched At McDonalds

It's pretty unbelievable how stupid people are (in Kentucky). Read the Wikipedia page about this incident HERE. And some Youtube news footage HERE.

4,387,099 views 03/03/09 Groped

Show Your Tits Or Die

Fucking assholes. That's no way to treat a Honda Civic.

1,816,615 views 02/12/09 Groped

Sexually Harrassed In Public

So even sexual harrasment is now socially acceptaple but I'm still deemed a sick fuck for fapping it to reruns of The Golden Girls. Fuck that. Beatrice Arthur is a gilf, anyone who begs to differ probably couldn't tell apart a real woman from their asshole.

2,253,969 views 01/13/09 Groped

Groped By 50 Different Men

Put together 50 drunken college guys and a semi-naked sea donkey and you've got yourself a recipe for a not-so-consenual gangbang. But in this case the girl gets off easy with just a slap on the ass. Well, more like a 100 slaps on the ass, along with a few boob grabs but hey, her smile never fades! What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

4,109,948 views 12/08/08 Groped

Get The Fuck Away From My Tits

Diane here follows orders. I like that. I wonder if she'd comply if I told her to sit on my face and giggle like a school girl? Probably not. She'd likely just bitch slap me like she did to the douche bag in this video.

1,886,332 views 10/21/08 Groped

Search Her Pussy For Contraband

I love how this is a real procedure. They do it before admitting woman into correction facilities. Imagine having that job, getting paid to raid pussies for contraband. Imagine all the treasures you could find.

1,699,116 views 09/17/08 Groped

Attack Of The Horny Lifeguard

Some college girl swimming in a river gets attacked by a beastly lifeguard, who believes the best way to save a woman is to grab her by the titties and carry her to saftey - which is 100% incorrect. You're supposed to grab her by the vagina. Dipshit.

2,282,124 views 06/18/08 Groped

Girls Should Never Go To This Club

I wonder how much these male dancers make. Getting paid to strip girls naked sounds like the job I was born for.

3,255,020 views 04/17/08 Groped
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