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7 Was Her Limit

Not the caliber of female I expected to see on the angry side of Simon Belmont, but I'll roll with the fantasy. Unfortunately there's no aftermath footage, but I would have to imagine by the time this was over it looked like she masturbated with a stick of dynamite.

212,293 views 06/13/24 ElitePain Extreme

Public Degeneracy Volume 13

The rules of engagement have changed. If you want attention in 2024, it's going to take a lot more than hangin brain in the checkout line at Hot Topic. So sit back and take notes ladies: It's this kind of work ethic that springboards you from "girlfriend" to "girlwife".

466,937 views 06/10/24 Public Degeneracy

Communal Masturbator Gets Attacked

You originally saw her at the end of [Public Degen 12]. Turns out this misfit has a treasure trove of historical content featuring her getting kung pow'd by the general public in all kinds of places you should never be caught slamming ham in. Maybe next time she can participate in the west's most notable pastimes: Cuckolding within 300 yards of a 7-Eleven.

471,621 views 06/06/24 Asians

The Worst Threesome Ever Filmed?

Of all the story lines you could choose, expedited shipping would be last on my fucking list. Then again, so is paying autistic girls in gift cards to round out your threesome so maybe I don't see the vision. Perhaps decades of inbreeding and limiting toothbrush ownership to 1 per home has carved itself into a niche I can only describe as: Inflation-Friendly Walmart Porn.

655,861 views 06/03/24 Bizarre

Spitters and Quitters 3

Like spending the entire 2 hours and 28 minutes in front of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, these women have found a taste they'll never be able to get out of their mouths. No refunds. All reflexes. Perhaps another hobby would better suit their needs? Like professional Marmite taster (look it up), or Human Scarecrow (don't look that up) for example.

682,695 views 05/30/24 Fail

Anal Rookie Can't Keep Up With Her Friend

"I'm very sad that anal isn't as enjoyable as I want it to be."

692,479 views 05/27/24 Backroom Casting Couch Anal

Incredible Acts, Depraved Humans 9

We all have a calling. It may not be skeet shooting Reddi Wip's finest, or hitting a PB in Super Mario 64. But for homeboy at the 6:25 mark replicating what he saw on Discovery Channel's Rise of Warrior Chimps, life finally has a purpose. More: [-1-] [-2-] [-3-] [-4-] [-5-] [-6-] [-7-] [-8-]

991,768 views 05/23/24 Incredible Acts, DEPRAVED HUMANS

You Just Got GHOSTED!

Nothing gets an appointment with the clinic booked faster than going skin on skin with east Asia's most notorious time bender. So here's 4 minutes worth. That's right, four. As in the number of Abreva pills she'll need to take per day for the rest of her life after becoming a victim to Venkman's ectoplasm.

719,661 views 05/20/24 Asians

The Absolute Worst of Pornhub VIII

There's only one reason people storyboard, shoot, edit and upload this kind of shit to the Internet. And it lives somewhere in between "I need to pay my taxes" and "$1 dollar pizza slices make me shit blood". Just three of life's little guarantees. More: [-1-] [-2-] [-3-] [-4-] [-5-] [-6-] [-7-]

1,133,230 views 05/16/24 The Worst of Pornhub

Saving Sea Life

Watching [girls like this] bait the socially inept into a monthly subscription reminds me of a black widow documentary I once accidentally watched for 2 hours. All that's missing is David Attenboroughs voice and an invigorating supply of Cialis.

596,156 views 05/13/24 Kylie Island Teen

The Caught Compilation #22

For the more refined gentleman, I present to you 11 unique cases from the NFG file.

1,142,622 views 05/09/24 Caught Compilations

HUMILIATED By An Anal Virgin

Our boy successfully pulls off one of the audibles taught in Bang: More Lays in 60 Days, but the tables quickly turn on him. From then on it's a battle of egos as this greenhorn frolics through her first rear admiral'ing like it's a full body massage. There won't be a sequel.

1,021,065 views 05/06/24 Backroom Casting Couch Anal


I was gonna tag one girl as "Funky Town" to see how many newcomers Google themselves right off the Internet, but I choose a more honorably path. So what did we end up learning today? Sharp objects and SNES soundtracks work extremely well together. That's what. Support cyclo-boob [HERE]

1,029,872 views 05/02/24 CAMTASTROPHES

18 Year Old's First Scene Ends Horrifically

It's not like Woodman sending 18 year old girls to the Depends section at Super Walmart is some sort of secret, so one has to question the motives at this point. Is it an act? Are they sadomasochists? And most importantly: If Ronda Rousey were to crowbar her vagina open, would it be comparable to the consistency of pulling apart a peanut butter sandwich?

912,776 views 04/29/24 Woodman Casting X Teen

Awkward Moments In Porn 16

There's a lot to digest here. But nothing is as concerning as whatever rodeo clown, double-wide uncle sister bullshit is going on around the 3:11 mark. Axe body wash isn't going to clean this feeling off me tonight. Time to dip into the disaster emergency kit.

1,019,031 views 04/25/24 Awkward Moments In Porn

Imagine Getting Caught Doing This

The soundtrack was so bangin, I had to fulfill your request(s). Wanna know what's not though? Whatever the fuck must have happened to this girl earlier in life to make her like this. Probably haven't seen that kind of wreckage since the great crave crate challenge of '97.

1,161,156 views 04/22/24 DISCIPLESofDesire LULZ

Shit Pornstars Say 8

Anastasia Rose becomes the next spokeswoman for Charmin Ultra Soft. Riley Reid reaches peak brain rot. Kenzie Reeves masters the art Yondu's arrow. And this "Gala MV" girl... well... there's no coming back for her. What the fuck?

1,174,514 views 04/18/24 Shit Pornstars Say

"Say The N-Word Or Suck My Dick"

The "South Floridian's Guide To Dating Your Cousin" or Kylie Island dropping that new fetish DLC? You're probably waiting out the future aftermath videos from her now. The kind that can also be achieved by renting a John Deer tractor and filling her with Oxycontin. But where's the chivalry in that?

1,035,209 views 04/15/24 Kylie Island LULZ

The Worst of OnlyFanz IX

Today's episode isn't about the money. It's about sending a message. Specifically to the derelicts that have used the Riemann hypothesis and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture to justify paying for what you're about to see: Stop it. Get some help.

780,638 views 04/11/24 The Worst of OnlyFanz

Stranger ALMOST Ruins The Moment

Don't let the half-assed attempt at blurring out Jackin' Jerry's face fool you; The situation may very well be authentic. Such as illustrated by our power couple having more will to finish the story than Cody Rhodes. English translation possibly done by David Lynch.

1,362,762 views 04/04/24 Czech Streets Public

Unethical Erectionz

New fetish unlocked at the 2:35 mark: Wearing your friends fish purses like a pair of Jimmy Choo platforms. Except in this version you don't have to cough up a mortgage payment on 5th avenue before getting ankle deep during fashion week. Bargain of the century. [more: Y809Y]

1,004,950 views 04/01/24 Bizarre

Puff Daddy's Sex Slave Leaks Everything

Imagine going public with all kinds of major mainstream media intelligence, only to get exposed for pipping down room fulls of midwife MILFS dressed as Smokey the fuckin bear. Just lose 40lbs and blame it on Woody Harrelson, you'll be aite.

1,219,852 views 03/25/24 WTF

Unacceptable Devices IX

Nope. Not even giving the participation trophy to the self-sustaining personal human centipede butthole hydration conveyor belt device being demonstrated at the 2:30 mark. It may have made the cut for this compilation... but at what cost?

1,255,674 views 03/21/24 Unacceptable Devices

First Scene, Last Scene

2002-2004. An era of professionally produced pornography that should probably be forgotten. Not a single penetration was made, yet I feel like I've been fucked by spare tires and empty cans of Busch Light after sitting through this atrocity. The line dropped at 2:30 really makes you wonder how many Marlboro Miles these guy were paid for the scene.

1,371,481 views 03/18/24 Bizarre

The Caught Compilation #21

Hiking trails? Elevators? Nursing homes? That's right, all of your most unassuming entertainment venues come at a hidden cost. Just a non-related tip of the day: Steer clear from any dipping sauces that have the word tangy in the name near closing time. Trust me.

1,250,429 views 03/14/24 Caught Compilations
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