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What the fuck do I actually consider bizarre content? How about whatever the fuck is happening here for starters. You've been warned.

The Worst Threesome Ever Filmed?

Of all the story lines you could choose, expedited shipping would be last on my fucking list. Then again, so is paying autistic girls in gift cards to round out your threesome so maybe I don't see the vision. Perhaps decades of inbreeding and limiting toothbrush ownership to 1 per home has carved itself into a niche I can only describe as: Inflation-Friendly Walmart Porn.

1,036,865 views 06/03/24 Bizarre

Unethical Erectionz

New fetish unlocked at the 2:35 mark: Wearing your friends fish purses like a pair of Jimmy Choo platforms. Except in this version you don't have to cough up a mortgage payment on 5th avenue before getting ankle deep in fashion week. Bargain of the century. [more: Y809Y]

1,048,772 views 04/01/24 Bizarre

First Scene, Last Scene

2002-2004. An era of professionally produced pornography that should probably be forgotten. Not a single penetration was made, yet I feel like I've been fucked by spare tires and empty cans of Busch Light after sitting through this atrocity. The line dropped at 2:30 really makes you wonder how many Marlboro Miles these guy were paid for the scene.

1,437,795 views 03/18/24 Bizarre

Bullying The Homeless

Just when you think Brittany Bardot's HorrorPorn content was the most remorseful way to leave wet spots in your denim dungarees, she goes and shoots something like this. Sure is an interesting way of servicing the community tho. While normies reserve their public reamings for the Best Buy customer service line; she started her charity work at home.

1,045,727 views 03/04/24 Dirty Sarah Bizarre

Millennial Mating Habits

8 examples of why having too much confidence in yourself can be a bad thing. Cringe at them. Subscribe to them if you must. But do not encourage the kind of behavior that results in more disappointments than a trailer park family reunion. The world must heal.

818,309 views 01/01/24 Bizarre

The Luckiest Virgin On Earth

What in the cornbread skidmark hell is going on with this generation? Once upon a time having the genetic configuration of a Madagascar tomato frog would limit your partners to Walmart shoppers. Now? No one even pumps the brakes. Support [HERE] [HERE] and [HERE]

1,681,439 views 11/27/23 Bizarre

Condemnable Sex Tapes

If it wasn't for the guy getting his hot dog caramelized I was going to say society has gotten too soft on sperg-like sex acts that belong behind closed doors or in a WNBA locker room. I expect nothing less from citizens that look like Buc-ee's is their favorite restaurant.

1,117,082 views 10/19/23 Bizarre

The Life of Mammals

Pairing a guy that looks like he spends the weekend trading anti-lesbian meatloaf recipes over AOL chatrooms, with a girl that gets so purple she should be asking "where's Ronald?" doesn't seem like a contender for documentary of the year. But then you hear who's narrating it.

1,005,720 views 10/12/23 Bizarre

More Retarded Moments in Pornography 2023

ex·per·i·menting: [1] to try out new concepts or ways of doing things [2] performing a scientific procedure, to determine something [3] to change the entire demographic for the NERF Elite Strongarm Blaster

928,201 views 07/13/23 Bizarre

Invaded, Violated and Victimized

In Pasadena no one can hear you cream. [-song-]

1,435,608 views 06/05/23 Parasited Bizarre

Awkward Moments in Porn 15

A baffling assortment of eccentric freaks so confusing out of place, you'll think you're watching the new Scream movie. There's a time and place for everything... except tag teaming a $1,000 dollar Queen's Blade figurine. That's a permanent no from me dawg.

1,448,955 views 05/01/23 Awkward Moments In Porn

Awkward Moments in Porn 14

Flattery was never my strong point... and it still isn't. Half the decisions here look like they were made by a person that smokes wet Newports, and yet everyone is chowin down like it's grandma's old fashion applesauce. Your fellow Walmartians will be hearing about this.

1,382,474 views 04/03/23 Awkward Moments In Porn

Peer Pressure Always Wins

These overseas full force fuck fantasies videos are starting to get a little disturbing to be honest. And like one of the greatest voices of our generation once taught us: you never go full force. More questionable bean flicking material HERE.

1,828,488 views 01/02/23 Extreme Streets Bizarre

Land of the Fucking Dead

That feeling when you realize a backdoor studio in Japan with a $300 makeup budget is closer to the source material of the Resident Evil games than any official movie and whatever the fuck crawled out of Netflix headquarters put together. 2 thumbs up, would Jill off into my sandwich again.

1,078,572 views 09/22/22 JAVHD Bizarre

The Future of Horse Fucking

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

1,233,138 views 07/28/22 Animo Pron Bizarre

It Finally Happened

I've sat through 8 billion brother fucker incest storylines, the desecration of an icon and whatever the fuck this is. That being said, it's comforting to know I can still find astonishment in the super weeb fever dream you're about to witness. Good luck.

1,378,823 views 06/20/22 Hentaied Bizarre

Shit T-Girls Say

If attempting to monetize your most private confessions is any sign of a recession, I'd say we're at the tip of an iceberg that would make the dotcom bubble look like like an afterthought. I'll be expecting a lot more of this until Jim Cramer capitulates.

1,168,202 views 06/06/22 PureTS Shit Pornstars Say

Finga La Pinga

Hank Hill, I think your problems have been solved.

1,025,429 views 05/19/22 Bizarre

Shit Pornstars Say 5

Brittanya Razavi channels her inner Gordon Ramsay. Kagney Linn Carter puts herself on a list. Pierre Woodman blurs the language barrier for the 900th time this year. And Amai Liu... Well... let's just say we finally have a real threat for Jake Paul. #bookit

1,770,881 views 02/07/22 Shit Pornstars Say

You Mother Fucker

Imagine reaching a point in your life where incest fantasies just aren't doing it for you anymore, so you unleash an even deeper mental illness and create some sort of hybrid, cabbage patch, mother-daughter serial killer, fuck dance home videos and think not hiding your identity is a good idea. This is that point.

1,780,306 views 11/07/20 Bizarre
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