More Retarded Moments in Pornography 2023


ex·per·i·menting: [1] to try out new concepts or ways of doing things [2] performing a scientific procedure, to determine something [3] to change the entire demographic for the NERF Elite Strongarm Blaster

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REAL: E-Girl Takes Fan's Virginity

One half of MTV's greatest creation hits the fucking SIMP jackpot. She's Cameron Canela and before her IMDB sported titles like Don't Break Me Volume 6 and Republican Candidate Wife Swap she was handing out freebies to genetics most unfortunate specimens.

2,404,253 views 04/28/22 Virgins

Jingle Ballz

Merry XXXmas from your friends at eFukt!

1,415,986 views 12/24/14 Bizarre

"I Have 2 Vaginas"

Sad to see how camscamming has gone from "side gig" to "a race to see who can park a Kia Soul up their twat first". Then again... when your target demographic is people that consider hotdog water a cologne, you gotta be ready to adapt. Consider this bitch the Dave Grohl of CamSoda.

1,996,375 views 04/10/18 CamSoda Bizarre

Woman With Half a Body Attempts Coitus

I hope she makes it in porn because if not, she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

2,800,020 views 02/14/17 Bizarre

Public Degeneracy Volume 3

Today's edition is chock full of bladder busters, flagrant neighbor abuse and whatever that vegan dinner special was at the end. But what really activated my garbanzo bean is the length some of these fucking gargoyles are willing to go. Take notes ladies: It's this kind of work ethic that transforms you from super walmart to super star.

1,562,999 views 01/17/22 Siswet19 Public Degeneracy

Shit T-Girls Say

If attempting to monetize your most private confessions is any sign of a recession, I'd say we're at the tip of an iceberg that would make the dotcom bubble look like like an afterthought. I'll be expecting a lot more of this until Jim Cramer capitulates.

996,922 views 06/06/22 PureTS Shit Pornstars Say

Sexually Traumatising a Teenage Stripper

Self-proclaimed "flat chested stripper" willingly signs onboard for a company named facial abuse (pretty self-explanatory) and almost calls it quits before the first bulldozing is minted. Incredibly, she powers through and runs to the finish line... well, crawls.

3,688,017 views 03/16/17 Facial Abuse LULZ

The Dangers of Addiction

Something tells me this trailer park graduate has more hyphens in her real name than California's marriage certificate database, but they just call her Alice. Her issue? PTSD inducing sex acts turn her underwear into a fish tank and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

1,366,159 views 02/06/23 Real Time Bondage Breakdowns

Awkward Moments In Cam Whoring

It's that time once again to highlight some special times in webcam hookerdom. Witness e-prostitutes having breakdowns, getting attacked by small reptiles and other awesome wtfness.

2,351,608 views 03/27/17 Camwhores Camwhores

Pornstar Repeatedly Choked Unconscious

Georgia Southe literally shaves down her life expectancy just so captain pineapple cock can live out a fetish that borderlines necrophilia. Really brings me back to the good old days of Craigslist's escort section.

3,932,925 views 05/16/16 WTF


29,739 views 09/29/23

The Best of Naked Protesters

No matter what the cause, there are always attention starved hippies wanting to get naked in support of stuff. Eating meat, women's rights, fur, politics, the environment... No one cares... Everyone's here because some these naked bitches are hot.

1,797,392 views 03/30/14 Public
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