Invaded, Violated and Victimized


In Pasadena no one can hear you cream. [-song-]

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Shit Pornstars Say 5

Brittanya Razavi channels her inner Gordon Ramsay. Kagney Linn Carter puts herself on a list. Pierre Woodman blurs the language barrier for the 900th time this year. And Amai Liu... Well... let's just say we finally have a real threat for Jake Paul. #bookit

1,577,412 views 02/07/22 Shit Pornstars Say

The Most Pathetic Lesbian Scene Of All Time

Some women that happen to look like rejected "Lord of the Rings" characters find themselves in a cheap hotel room, making a porn movie so atrocious that even the producer wouldn't show up to film it.

1,499,124 views 03/09/14 White Ghetto Bizarre

Water, Knives and Used Toilet Paper

These two got together and decided to reenact "Passion of the Christ" leading up to a cum shot instead of a crucifixion. Warning: This is the kinda twisted shit Ted Bundy and Chris Brown could fap to.

4,600,308 views 09/13/13 Leche69 Bizarre

Aunt Opal and The Pnut Butter Virgin

A teenager confesses his first sexual experience. Based on a true story about a peanut butter sandwich, the dangers of masturbating, and how Aunt Opal made her nephew a man. A man with issues needing life long therapy, but a man none the less.

1,194,024 views 08/05/20 Vintage


29,739 views 09/29/23

Piercing His GFs Clit [THEN FUCKING HER]

I don't think she wanted her clit pierced, but she asks her boyfriend if he was sure about it and he assured her he was. She goes between pain, pleasure and ends up in tiny convulsions. Fun times!

3,082,883 views 04/11/15 Modifications

The Absolute Worst of Pornhub IV

At this point I'm not even questioning human behavior. The only thing separating all of us from being narrated by David Attenborough, are complicated sneakers and semi-automatic weapons. Turns out the Internet may have been a mistake after all. Parts: [1] [2] [3]

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REAL: Mother Joins Daughter's First Scene

As fate would have it, not even a pandemic can slow down a girl's quest for Internet notoriety and Instagram followers. But as for the image we see in the final minute of this scene? I think we just reinforced a sanitizing routine beyond Covid.

2,058,729 views 12/16/21 Ghetto Gaggers Crazy


Today's spread: a.) Famous fucktwats trying to cope with lack of attention b.) Historical tone deaf unawareness c.) Whatever final form Madonna has decided to mutate into. In other words - Three things to make your quarantine just a little bit worse.

1,544,423 views 03/24/20 Famous

True Face of Degeneracy

Listen up you cockeyed scumbag: There are places all over the country that are designated for hucking ham sauce anywhere you please. So next time, order up a caramel Frap, squeeze into the handicap stall at Starbucks and join the rest of the evolved population you repugnant, bald-headed shit twizzler.

1,998,345 views 07/09/19 Bizarre

Fuckin Jebaited

I'm all for experimentation (specifically in Home Depot's garden accessories section), but for real... like Jerry's Final Thought real: Eventually this behavior is going to end up with a perforated colon the size of Gary Coleman and then it's GAME OVER YEEEEAAHH.

1,823,942 views 10/01/18 WTF

Chicken Nugget Warzone

Honestly can't say we've been exposed to this level of repulsive bullshit since the early days of the McRib sandwich. It's not the first time I've eaten bargain bin beef in a McDonald's parking lot, and it certainly won't be the last. I should probably call her.

1,100,938 views 04/21/22 Pervcity Nasty
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