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Last night's Tinder hookup or Arby's Corned Beef Reuben? Sometimes it's impossible to tell the difference.

32 Ounces Of Pussy

Ever wonder what it would be like if Arby's had an all-you-can-eat buffet? Just toss this bitch a quarter and dive head first into the moutain of vadge. The dining experince would be virtually identical.

2,173,446 views 03/26/10 Beef Curtains

A Vagina Within A Vagina

Double decker taco. Kinda looks like the mouth of the xenomorph from the Alien series. A wee bit nasty but I'd still let her sit on my face.

1,619,362 views 03/24/09 Beef Curtains

Meatiest Pussy Of All Time

Mmmm medium rare - spledid, my favorite. Just pass me the salt & pepper and I'll be good to go. See more HERE.

1,469,079 views 02/01/09 Beef Curtains

Fattest Pussy Ever

Her vagina looks a lot like a baseball mit, same color too. If you're gonna be 69'ing her with you on bottom, do yourself a favor and bring along a snorkel.

1,599,061 views 10/24/08 Beef Curtains

Pornstar Gets A New Vagina

Her vagina lips looked like they belonged in an Arbys roast beef sandwhich. This was bad for her career so she set out on a perilous journey to unbeef her pussy and close the gape once and for all.

1,664,216 views 08/17/08 Beef Curtains

Spank That Pussy

Contents under pressure. I wonder what would happen if you poked that thing with a needle. Would tapioca pudding leak out?

2,429,085 views 06/08/08 Beef Curtains
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