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Invaded, Violated and Victimized

In Pasadena no one can hear you cream. [-song-]

1,281,456 views 06/05/23 Parasited Bizarre

Full Body Orgasm

38,575 views 07/15/22 Crazy

Vibrators Make Shopping Fun 2

35,275 views 06/24/22 Orgasms

Vibrators Make Shopping Fun 1

27,702 views 06/20/22 Orgasms

All Aboard 2

25,219 views 06/15/22 Orgasms

How to Make a Girl From Okinawa Cum

Is it even possible to bring an oriental female to orgasm without the help of Bob Vila's signature series at this point? I don't know what evolutionary timeline they're living in over there, I can promise you this road only leads to an addiction to Newport cigarettes and a whole lot of apologies.

772,243 views 03/10/22 JAVHD Asians


Feast your eyes on a collection of o-faces so outlandish, it would be impossible to get a nut off in public without being caught. Especially if they are a distance shooter. Chances are they'll let loose near an active bus stop and catch one of the locals in the crossfire. It's called "The Cuban Waterslide" and I'm still paying the price for it to this day.

2,343,396 views 10/21/21 Ridiculous Orgasms

Proof that Money Can Buy ANYTHING

There's just no hiding from your past once you pull the trigger on something like this. Their Ross Store wardrobes will be forever stained. The regret can't be washed off. And the $27 paycheck isn't enough to drink the memories away. #crankthattherapist

2,383,221 views 08/26/21 Amateur CFNM Big Dicks

Orgasm Induced Seizures: A Rare Phenomenon

Internet webcam hooker Bella Alice appears to suffer from acute reflex seizures triggered by sexual climax. She also uses a sound activated dildo that vibrates when people tip her which is funny af.

2,749,064 views 08/27/19 Ridiculous Orgasms

Ruined Or Enhanced Her Orgasm?

218,979 views 06/21/19

The Worst Male Orgasms EVER 1

Door Dash your chimichangas and fire up the Demi Lovato playlist, for you are about to witness the pinnacle of peak male performance. Not since the 2017 inauguration have I heard this many vegan-powered war cries go unanswered lol

2,075,553 views 06/01/19 Ridiculous Orgasms

The 2 Million Scoville Orgasm

Monetizing your vagina only has a few rules: Minimal trips to Home Depot, and keep the clitoris away from all things with the name "Husqvarna" on them. Not a hard list, but this MFC alumni decides to test fate another way, resulting in a semi-rage quit. GGNORE.

2,008,137 views 05/14/19 Camwhores

Brain Damage Orgasm 3

227,236 views 04/12/18 Camwhores

Brain Damage Orgasm 2

201,498 views 04/12/18 Camwhores

The Orgasm From Hell

204,133 views 11/28/17 Orgasms

Powerful Orgasm

336,898 views 07/27/17 Orgasms


We're all too familiar with premature ejaculators, but what about latent ejaculation? Watch as Sum Dum Ho starts cumming an entire minute after intercourse is completed without even being touched. WTF?

2,851,170 views 08/12/16 JAVHD Ridiculous Orgasms

Underwater Orgasm

331,152 views 07/01/16 Orgasms



3,385,834 views 06/26/16 HardX LULZ

The Caught Compilation 2

Peeping Toms, Darling Nikki's and other miscellaneous perverts getting hilariously interrupted in the middle of trying to bust nuts.

6,881,668 views 06/04/16 Caught Compilations
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