Unacceptable Devices II


Inflation is nearing 9% and you're burning through c-notes so you can Rube Goldberg machine your way into the Guinness Book of Degenerate Orgasms? Someone send this to Dave Ramsey, I want to see him shit his economically priced pants.

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Painful Moments in Anal Sex

It's that time again. The blurring of that line between majoring at a community college and female independence as illustrated by a sex act that's lead to more adult diapers than In n' Out's Animal Style. Never before has adult entertainment made me proud of the reward points I earned shopping exclusively at Walgreens.

1,213,983 views 10/28/21 Anal

Unacceptable Devices

Consider this a 4 minute tutorial on why you should always stay away from those folks that consider a $50.00 Mernard's gift card a form of foreplay. Remember Norman Vincent's words: “Always shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still land among the hepatitis."

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Turtling While 69'ing LOLOLOL

Pug-faced Hispanic drinks herself so numb she doesn't even notice when last night's chimichanga is hanging halfway out her asshole. Her laugh is as bad as her hygiene. Sounds like something Steven Urkel would emit while making love to the dude from Wonder Years. Watch this one all the way through.

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Ratchet Stripper Goes Mental

She goes by Cocoa, China, or some shit down at the Snake Charmer Gentlemen's Club. She's a nice girl working her way through college and in her off time she enjoys bath salts and Waffle House.

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The Sneakiest Mom on Pornhub

If only she put this amount of effort into bribing a dean to get Suzie to the top of her class, she wouldn't have to resort to flashing gash next to the all-wheel drive hybrids. Consider it a selling point... like combining hand moisturizer and the new Aladdin soundtrack. GET 'ER DUN.

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Hillbilly Wants To Kill Cameraman

There's only one thing more futile that trying to bust a nut while watching reruns of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - and that's attempting to win an argument against a porn director whilst esophagus-deep in cock. Two boners up for the effort.

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You Wanna be a Pornstar? FOR REAL?

Some will click this and see a beautiful human being. Others will acid bath their routers & set themselves on fire knowing they've achieved less vaginal supremacy than a guy commonly mistaken for memory foam. Choose your own destiny.

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It’s more fun in the Philippines

This is all but guaranteed to escalate any stereotype you've been lead to believe about the capital of chlamydia. Don't be misled by this man's apathy: Your love of being blood tested more than Charlie Sheen begins here and now.

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You Want To Quit... FOR REALZ

B-hole brutally wrecked at the hands of some Italians, likely won't be able to walk straight for a week. No, this isn't my review for the new Parmesan Crusted Steak @ Olive Garden. This is the infamous Rocco vs. Roxy Jezel scene, and you should watch the uncut version via the source link.

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My Life Without A Cock

Meet Trent Gates, A self-described 22 year old gay non-binary "null" gender powerbottom twink that runs a website that features helpful how to's, info, videos and even an entire community based around cutting off your genitals, eunuchmaker.co.uk.

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WTF Moments In Pornography

Five possibly boner killing clips from otherwise decent porn scenes. Featuring a magic penis that gives a girl the ability to communicate with water mammals as well as an unconscious teenager and another that cries.

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