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When it takes less pumps than an automatic shotgun to crack your eggs, consequences will never be the same. Not for you. Not for her. And not for the 3.7 million average viewers that see these videos once they go live lolol.

Can't Stop the Cumshots 2

idk what these goofballs were thinking when they decided going public with these acts of treason was a good idea. Something about the return on investment seems a little fucky. Possibly a decision sponsored and brought to you by [Prime™] Energy drinks. [-PART 1-]

1,431,566 views 08/03/23 Premature

Can't Stop the Cumshots

Here it is; A collection of bros that last about as long as I do during a Marvel film released after End Game. Normally these misfits would be thrown into the compost pile and forgotten, but these speedruns need to be seen to be believed.

1,912,692 views 04/27/23 Premature

Speed Runner Sets a New Record

This video includes promotion from Faze.

970,994 views 12/26/22 Premature

The Undisputed Champ of Premature Ejaculation

What happens when you try to clone Mike Tyson, but the machine takes the eggplant emoji seriously? Sorry, but that specimen needs to be noted here. Was it's purpose to inflict maximum damage, or an aerodynamic choice to reach a new velocity?

1,536,699 views 09/19/22 Bangbros Premature

RE-Redefining Premature Ejaculation

It took 10 years, but we finally have a worthy rival for Tojiro "dribbledick" Akizawa. Technically our American contender lasted longer, but his performance wasn't exactly as well-received lolol

2,649,822 views 08/31/20 Premature

College Bros Get a Reality Check

Two semesters spent shotgunning Bud Light and using the sink as a toilet? No problemo. Thirty five seconds of experienced squabblenecking? Not a fucking chance. Ladies and gentlegenders - I present to you face of higher education.

2,593,509 views 06/16/19 Bangbros Premature

Goober Tries Not To Cum

It's only 10 minutes into the all night sex party and this douche is about to bust his nut after a 30 second blowjob. Not wanting to end the night early, he awkwardly death grips his penis attempting to cease climax.

3,345,400 views 08/30/15 DrunkSexOrgy Premature

Tits and Aspergers

A 25 year old boy suffering from both severe autism and chronic virginity has found hope in Will he finally lose his V-card?

2,874,162 views 07/02/15 Premature

Newb Cums in 10 Seconds

This guy's dream came true and the bang bus picked him up. First, he's gonna make out with a professional cock sucker. Then after a whopping 10 seconds inside a vagina, he's totally gonna cum all over himself.

5,383,319 views 11/03/14 Bang Bus Bang Bus Chronicles

Pornstars Sexually Destroy Newbz

Watch these little engines that just fucking couldn't get a new hold on reality as God tier pornstars turn their sexual fantasies into humiliating nightmares.

3,741,098 views 05/11/14 FuckTeamFive Premature

The Most Embarrassing Public Ejaculation Ever

A run of the mill twerking competition is won in an epic land slide when little miss hair extensions makes the guy jizz himself. For her legendary feat Shaquanda is awarded the illustrious title and like fitty bucks.

2,901,087 views 04/22/14 Premature

Not Even A Minute Man

7 inch cock? Check. Syphilis free? Probably. Can make a girl cum? Not a fucking chance. Have yourself a hearty LOL as Jose's porn dreams go down the shitter faster than Steven Segal's music career.

4,281,706 views 11/30/11 Fucked Up Handjobs Premature

Premature Ejaculation... LIKE A BOSS

I've never seen a man so content with having only lasted 24 seconds in the sack. His sexual prowess has the runtime of a Tampax commercial... and all he cares about is using his woman's rump roast as a bongo drum set. Bares some similarities to THIS efukt classic.

3,445,776 views 10/12/11 Premature

Double Vadge FAIL

Notice Tom Byron (dude on bottom) does all the thrustin, while the noob on top sits idle? Apparently the sensation of having another man's cock rubbing against your own proved all too much for this 1st timer. He immediately premature busts... and it lands all over Tom Byron's poor cock n balls!

2,974,531 views 06/29/11 Premature

Sniffing Her Butt Wont Help

Premature ejaculation is funny. People trying to combat premature ejaculation is funnier. Notable examples: A) pipe squeezer and B) focusing on dog shit. Today we introduce a new, equally fucking retarded method for countering early evac. It's called sniffin your costars asshole. And unless the bitch just shit out 4 baconators, it wont work.

3,617,215 views 05/16/11 Premature

Mission Impossible: Dont Cum

Goofy motherfucker works feverishly to prevent his pudding pop from premature eruption, and seemingly succeeds thanks to a few self inflicted cock slaps and more breaks than a Mexican landscaper.

5,283,735 views 02/14/11 Premature

WOW - Redefining Premature Ejaculation

This is epic. Literally just three pecks on the lips and this dude's load is already more spent than a black man's paycheck. He's the fuckin Prefontaine of premature ejaculation.

4,393,339 views 12/20/10 Kobe Surprise Premature

Your Pussy Is Too Tight

Dude lasts as long in bed as DMX's acting career. Then tries to blame it on this Hispanic pornstar's supposedly tight pussy. 'Hispanic pornstar' and 'tight pussy'. Two words that really dont belong in the same sentence... but I digress.

4,794,449 views 09/05/10 Bangbros Premature

LOL Sexual Inferiority

Ya know what... when you're stuck with 4.2 inch weiner and the endurance of that fat fuck from ABC's Lost... propositioning a random big-dicked black dude to bang your wife really might not be all that great of an idea.

4,246,610 views 08/17/10 Premature

Surfer Bro Cums In 30 Seconds!

Stick to riding waves bud. Fucking bitches on camera ain't your thing. #Cowabunga

3,196,305 views 05/18/10 Bang Bus Bang Bus Chronicles
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