Public Degeneracy Volume 10


Desperate for attention and not afraid of having their pork chops on the Internet forever. If these aren't the quintessential for the independent woman of 2023, I don't wanna know what is. Now ladies, make sure to save that OF cash. The Valtrex isn't going to overnight itself.

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Public Degeneracy Volume 7

I gotta emphasis the "sOcIaL eXpEriMeNt" you're gonna see at the 2:00 mark. Normally this attempt at public depravity would be immediately thrown into the compost pile for wasting our time. But I'm told this lunatic is legit, and has a history of freebasing randoms along her journey. You and your Zappos membership can be the judge of that.

2,033,041 views 12/19/22 Public Degeneracy

Flashing Kids At The Mall Prank

The year is 2016. Mom won't buy Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition because ya hammered down 9 cans of Chef Boyardee while marathoning Naruto, and now Susie Stankpuss is using you to seek validation next to the handicap bathrooms. How can life get any worse?

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47,428 views 09/13/23

Public Degeneracy Volume 9

Today's visuals couldn't get better if you slammed an Ambien cocktail and hit the boardwalk wearing nothing but a smile and Walmart's finest body spray. Speaking of New Jersey, not even [-carl-] himself would be caught $7 dollars deep in whatever spawned in the last clip.

1,808,475 views 06/29/23 Public Degeneracy

The Best of Public Fappers 2

Here it is. Round 2 in what is arguably the most offensive thing you can do in public besides mothershipping the handicap stall at Baskin Robbins. But unlike those shit gremlins - these titans of societal norms actually film the entire thing.

3,350,423 views 01/24/20 Public

Public Degeneracy Volume 1

More than a baker's dozen worth of mentally-ill fueled societal taboos so unprecedented, you'll have to rethink your entire post-Delta variant plans for next summer. Don't be fooled by some of the smiles on these faces; Everybody was harmed during the making of this video.

2,373,524 views 08/12/21 Public Degeneracy

Autism Abuse

An Asian on the spectrum signs up for Face Fucking and this yakuza sperglord screams like an air raid siren until the stunt cocks almost rage quit the scene. GG, SURRENDER AT 20.

3,256,997 views 04/07/15 Facial Abuse Asians

Thot Hilariously Ruins Cum Shot

This is a pretty amazing scene right up until the point when it becomes one of the best cum shot fails of all time. Imagine the glorious feeling of having your penis sucked -- now imagine that feeling being destroyed right when it counts.

5,362,175 views 09/27/14 NubileFilms LULZ

The Biggest Cuck on This Shitty Earth

AKA "How Donald overcame adversity and wifed the biggest whore in town" AKA "YOU GOT CUCKED THE FUCK OUT".

2,392,771 views 09/05/16 Cuckold

The Sexual Trolling of Bicycle Guy

All he's got in life is his balls, his bike, a GoPro and a dream. So ride along with our anonymous protagonist as he cruises through the city visually tea bagging unsuspecting females.

2,111,177 views 05/01/15 Public

Public Degeneracy Volume 6

Turns out there's absolutely no shortage of individuals that consider teaching their penis the macarena a societal norm. A Superb technique no doubt, but probably not for beginners. Chances are you'll misjudge one 360 no-scope and catch a local in the crossfire. It's called "The Ben Roethlisberger" and it'll make you wish you kept the half boners at home.

2,236,328 views 09/05/22 Public Degeneracy

Public Degeneracy Volume 8

Pretty bold behavior. But while you're in an eBay bidding war for the wet spot left behind in the 3rd video, I'll be reminiscing about the underground sludge deathcore viking metal show I saw last week. It went from casual music festival, to full blown AIDS epidemic when 1 reckless twat turned her vayjay into a full serve cock car wash. I YELP'd the venue 5-stars.

1,828,989 views 03/27/23 Public Degeneracy
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