Behind the Scenes at Bangbros


Shorting the lifespan of women nearing menopause isn't the only thing J Mac and friends are going to be known for after today.

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Thot Hilariously Ruins Cum Shot

This is a pretty amazing scene right up until the point when it becomes one of the best cum shot fails of all time. Imagine the glorious feeling of having your penis sucked -- now imagine that feeling being destroyed right when it counts.

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Shit White People Do

The real reason caucasian people have trouble getting a job is because they all started drug testing, and the only white recreational activities left are substance abuse, incest, patriotism, fords and watching millionaire black's play school yard games.

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I'm Sorry, Did I Break Your Uterus?

Today we go on a spirited journey to a time forgotten; Behind the scenes of your average 2004 porn shoot. Special shoutout to Julian for being a role model during my college years. That man's lust for turning fallopian tubes into tier-3 tuna casserole should have earned the Martha Stewart seal of approval.

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Warning: Advanced Users ONLY

11 Seconds: That's the average time it takes for one family-sized order of Chang's Orange Chicken to kick flip it's way out of my body and make it's way back to the manure farm. It's also the amount of time it takes the new poster girl for "LOLIDGAF" to get the official Efukt seal of approval. You're welcome.

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British Women are Insufferable

I never understood it. The idea of penetrating a chain-smoking ex-con bus driver with 2 blob fish bolted to her chest may work for some of you jabronis in the western world - but not me. I have standards.

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Mom Watches Daughters Blowjob Audition

This is pretty fucked up... and awesome! Mom is so supportive of her pornstar daughter, I'm surprised she didn't bring everyone snacks.

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Making Fun of Cutters! [LOL TRIGGERS]

Why don't you post more vidz? Well kids, unlike these girls, efukt videos don't cut themselves and this hilarious piece of troll cinema could be the greatest Self Harm PSA of all time. #swag

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Awkward Moments in Porn 14

Flattery was never my strong point... and it still isn't. Half the decisions here look like they were made by a person that smokes wet Newports, and yet everyone is chowin down like it's grandma's old fashion applesauce. Your fellow Walmartians will be hearing about this.

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Generation WHY

Well boys, it's that time again. You know what I mean - The blurring of that line between 4 year liberal arts degree and independent woman as illustrated by a group of guys that consider the Ford F-150 a luxury vehicle. Never before has adult entertainment made me proud of the reward points I earned shopping exclusively at Walmart.

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The Single Worst Invention of All Time

Today's female is too nervous to upload a 13 second video without more filters than Monterey Bay Aquarium . Then... there's this queen. Who has clearly run out of fucks to give somewhere between the 9th and 400th Denny's Super Slam breakfast special. Order now.

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Epic 2 Horrible in Thirty Seconds!

She pretty much aces the whole 'prostitute on camera' thing except for one small detail: This newbie pornstar's lady cum has a really unique... consistency.

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