Uncomfortable Moments in Porn II


Somewhere in the next 4 minutes you may ask yourself: What the fuck led to the creation of this? Amphetamines? Mental illness? An unhealthy addiction to masturbating with a Vitamix Explorian [2:20 mark] I don't know but... another sequel is most definitely in the works. [-PART 1-]

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Horrors of Pornography Personified

Today is my old man yells at cloud moment as I inform you that a two foot garden gnome being yoinked out of a woman's lower digestive system makes me feel like the golden age of adult entertainment is long behind us. They truly just don't make them like they used to. It's over.

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Donnie's Feed and Seed

Around the 1:50 mark she denies a handful of the colonel's secret recipe. Uh uh. If that's her idea of cutting back on carbs, I'd love to know how she celebrates Thanksgiving. But the real question is: How many 2-for-1 Golden Corral coupons does it take to make this transaction possible?

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Cucked by a Pornstar

Arnost and his 1 inch mosquito bite take a nosedive into humiliation whilst trying to perform in front of a live studio audience. Sorry friendo, but I think it's best you take that CHUD haircut and make your way back to the subreddit you done crawled up out of.

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Bad Glory Hole Etiquette

7 samples into a hot dog warming party goes horribly wrong when one rogue cowboy says fuck all to the rules and slings his gentleman juice around like he's in the handicap stall at Country Buffet. The result is a crash course on Plan-B and why IQ tests need to be mandatory in porn. [More Here]

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The Deal Breaker

Classic case of overconfidence. If only he put as much effort into his hygiene as she did into Walmart bathrooms she choose to get tattooed in, then maybe this permanent mark on his resume could have been avoided. Live, learn and always wipe twice.

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Cop Porn is Hilarious

From the creators of Bang Bus come's a new ride along porno trip. Witness angry female cops hunting the city of Miami to sexually exploit the black population. #BlackCocksMatter

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Losing an 8 inch dildo in in a girls ass can have some consequences beyond fecal flavoring. If you can't get it out, the shoot is over and it's an awkward trip to the hospital with an unhappy porn star.

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The Most Eccentric Man on Pornhub

1. gold-phish 2. Speilberg 3. Coppola

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Legs shackled, anxiety peaked and literally almost dying in front of 2 guys that consider Bratwurst an essential food group. No, this isn't the night I was conceived... but something tells me both incidents involve a hospital bill that still remains unpaid to this day.

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Random Guys Try to Fuck a Pornstar

Do their porno dreams come true? Fuck no. Instead, four average-ass mother fuckers attempt to make sex with the prestigious Christy Mack, and each and every one of them brutally embarrasses themselves.

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The Biggest Cuck on Earth Part 1

Don't let the dollar store Botox and short circuiting while trying to multiply 2 numbers together fool you: This 1-wife circus act has paved a new way for women across the the globe. Such as illustrated by her conservative body count of 5-fucking-THOUSAND dicks entering her grease trap, sometimes without as much as a Summer's Breeze minge-rinse in-between victims. Make sure you watch Part 2.

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