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Today we just call them "Top ranked Twitch girls". But back in my day, they used the name "Mom".

The Most Fucked Up Game Show Ever

Long before there was "help me stepbro!", there was "have you ever seen your mom naked?". The difference? People wouldn't (normally) contaminate a box of Kleenex's finest to radio shows. Social media was and still is our biggest evolutionary mistake.

935,590 views 02/19/24 Strippers

How to Seduce a Black Woman

Step 1: Have the genetics of a Ugandan warrior Step 2: The good mustard Step 3: Repeat

1,726,072 views 01/11/19 Strippers

Fake Stripper High On Pharmaceuticals

Babbles the pornstar takes too much of something before ruining a scene where she plays a patron fucking stripper. Also featuring an awkward dude and his borderline gay friend as "the stripper fuckers".

1,978,988 views 09/19/16 Spizoo Strippers

The Most Powerful Ass in Brazil

After years of being bullied about her great big ass, Guadalupe finally snapped, embraced it and now uses it as a weapon. Srsly tho, this South American girl's ass has gotta set some sort of world record. BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM

2,092,539 views 12/12/15 Strippers

Ratchet Stripper Goes Mental

She goes by Cocoa, China, or some shit down at the Snake Charmer Gentlemen's Club. She's a nice girl working her way through college and in her off time she enjoys bath salts and Waffle House.

2,034,323 views 09/20/15 Strippers

The Art Of Male Stripping

No more vids for a few days. This shit took all week to edit and now I've got a date with my neighbors cleaning lady. She's 18, dont hate. Already got advance tickets to Harry Potter 7. IMAX. Ultimate panty dropper.

2,835,832 views 11/18/10 Strippers

Feminist Attacks Cocky Stripper

Dude shoves his junk in the wrong chicks face. First she smacks his cock like a cheap pinata, then follows up with an ashtray to the face. Quite a feisty bitch. I think somebody put their tampon up the wrong hole.

2,491,101 views 09/19/10 Dancing Bear Strippers

Stripper Pwns Her Audience

Stripper fills her colon up to the brim with some cheap booze and takes aim at all the assholes that didn't tip her. I have to say, as an owner of Super Soaker Aqua Blaster 2000, I'm impressed. Bitch knows how to work it.

2,960,085 views 07/14/10 Strippers


I don't know what's funnier: the fact that a professional cocksmith accidentally blew his load in the middle of a lap dance or the chunky bitch's facial expression after getting blasted with man sauce. Both are most definitely Kodak moments.

2,952,909 views 05/16/10 Dancing Bear Strippers

Let Yo Dick Swang

I wonder how often he accidentally breaks a girls nose doing all that high speed cock slapping? or does that only happen when the bitch stiffs him on his much deserved dollar tip?

1,643,492 views 02/11/09 Strippers

Quite Possibly the Worst Stripper Ever

I like his Chuck Norris style somersault but I have mixed feelings about the use of chocolate syrup. Sure it'll easily mask the bitter taste of her cornhole but in the end how's he gonna be able to differienate syrup from shit? It's a dangerous game that salad tossing is.

1,362,490 views 11/10/08 Strippers

Stripper Attacked By Granny

I was considering being a stripper once but after realizing my clientele would consist of 300 pound senior citizens, I sought employment elsewhere.

2,744,132 views 02/24/08 Strippers

Molested By Black Strippers 2

It would take a lot more than a dollar tip to get me to bury my face between the legs of one of those nasty skanks.

1,771,360 views 02/05/08 Strippers

Molested By Black Strippers

I know how much you all love huge sweaty black cocks... I think you're really gonna enjoy this.

5,199,192 views 10/30/07 Strippers

Crazy Strip Club Sex

For a dollar you can eat out a stripper's cunt. For 5 more you can fuck her silly. The HIV is free :P

3,645,658 views 07/27/07 Strippers
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