Choc Milk


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Too Many Gooks

Originally titled "Tampon Tango", you'll never guess why. The actual plot was lost in translation when it was imported to VHS in 1984. What's left is a legendary abomination to art and pornography. FULL.

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Has Cam Modeling Gone Too Far

You'd never guess this adorable cutie on the left managed get her account banned for offending a lot of people. Not here at eFukt though! Nope, we appreciate that sort of thing here. Kota'z PROFILE / TWITTER. <3

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LMAO: Middle Eastern Sex Talk Fail

It's pretty standard pornography except that every so often our slightly Arabian starlet drops the absolute worst middle eastern themed dirty talk the world has ever seen. More.

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The Yusaf Mack Video

Badass thug boxer guy mysteriously shows up in a gay porn video and everything just goes crazy. Yusaf claims he went to fuck bitches but he got the cosby martini instead. LOL. More of Yusaf Getting pounded here.

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This girl just reeks of fakeness and inner conflict, but our hero the camera man gets to the bottom of it all. Her enthusiastic love of rough porn goes out the window pretty fucking quick. Full Scene HERE. SONG.

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How To Get A Trucker Fired

They've been hauling 10 tons of Chinese door frames across the country for about 8 hours straight and the nicest thing these guys have seen so far is Esther from IHOP. So, I can't really blame them much for their behavior.

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Dildo Lodged Inside Rectum

Unfortunately, this video starts after her cavernous butthole swallows the oversized rubber dildo and sucks it deep into her colon. Regardless, rent is due on her Tokyo closet and the show must go on! FULL SCENE.

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Dad! I Don't Want To Fuck You!

Those crazy porn directors have made a full movie featuring the entire systematic sexual conditioning of ones daughter into a fuck buddy. All in magnificent POV. Disturbing? Sure. But is it fappable? FULL LENGTH + MOAR.

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Banned From Arby's 4 Lyfe

After popping a molly (or 5) and getting fucked with a lawn chair, this girl realizes her dreams of being on worldstar are within grasp and totally goes for it. IMHO not worth the lifetime of shame without curly fries and roast beef.

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Little Brother Ruins Orgasm

It's bottom of the ninth in ling ling's fap session. She's been grinding her wanton with a hi-power vibrator for about 10 minutes and right as she's about to burst... her little brother hilariously ruins everything. LOL. MORE.

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The Cashier Pimp of 7/11

This guy is awesome. Shitty gas station job? No problem. He's getting blowjobs in the back while your picking out snickers and then he's outback smoking dabz with the neighborhood kids cause fuck it, yolo.

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Flipper Boy

He may be mentally challenged and physically deformed to the point of handicap, but he's had a threesome and I haven't. A true inspiration to all and possibly the anti-hero our generation needs. Full Vidz: HERE and SONG.

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