Mom Has Epic Titties

I had a rock hard boner up until the camera panned 3 inches South. Mother of god. Bitch has the gut of a sea elephant. Dropshit this beast to Ethopia and let the people eat.

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College Class On Fisting

Crash course on how to effectively turn your lady friend's choco taco into a permanently gaping meat cave, as illustrated by that sassy bitch from Seinfield. Invaluable information really. More educational pr0n vids by the same people available HERE. All for free!

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Balls Deep or GTFO

Buck Williams graciously gives the neighborhood tramp a second chance at riding his 12 inch chewbaca dong. Either her twat eats up every centimeter of his beefy balgonie or the bitch gets 86'ed for life and is replaced by a mythical broad named Jenneifer. Yeeeeep.

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Bad Aim

German dude gets blasted in the face by a fat wad of his own man sauce and nearly pukes all over himself. I guess this kinda invalidates that saying "everyone loves their own brand" haha.

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This is called small penis overcompensation. It happens when those dudes with 3.5 inchers become frustrated by their partners lack of enthusiasm. So they pump harder, faster and deeper but often to no avail. Eventually the chump reaches a breaking point. Somewhere in between the 4th and 7th yawn. Funny shit.

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He Cums Battery Acid

This is classic. The last ho-bag in this comp literally goes from gagging on a load of rancid jizz to asking for tips on what to steal at the local Pepboys. Apparently the Purple Power degreaser she jacked last week isnt the hot ticket item she thought it out to be. LOL. Hundreds of more epic crackwhore videos HERE - all by the same guy.

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Figging Gone Wrong

Figging is when you insert a piece of ginger root into your anus. It's for those special type of people that like to relive that feeling you get directly after shitting out bad Thai food. Yep, fun stuff but what happens when it gets stuck up your ass? Today you find out. More of that blonde HERE.

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38 Years Without Ejaculation

In retrospect, "I Make It Rain" by Lil Wayne would've been a more appropriate soundtrack... but I think you get the idea. Check out more epic ballsack videos @

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Your Body Is Your Temple

At the 40 second mark she says something along the lines of "oh yeah this is fun". Nice. If that's her idea of fun, I'm dying to know how she spends Christmas. HER OFFICIAL WEBCAM SITE HERE. Apparently she does prolapse shows daily for .99 cents/minute. Make those quarters count.

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I Love Meaty

Same scenario as Sneak Attack. Just another black dude relying on his 4865 inch penis to assert himself - much at the expense of some poor chick's uterus. First I masturbate. Then I criticize. woot woot.

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Too Much Info

Sasha Yung. Supposedly she's an economics major but after watching this video, I'm betting all three testicles she didn't make it past 3rd grade. This is pretty bad. Full video available HERE.

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Jabba The Slut

It's too bad they didnt take this a step further and use their crafty CGI to turn her twat into a slab of roast beef the size of a Mini Cooper. Then I couldve actually beat off.

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Long Lips

Beefy vaginas are a welcomed delight here on eFukt, but this particular post isn't about the meat curtains. It's about dimensions. Thats right. This bitch's twat measures longer than my own cock and while that might not be saying much, I'm confident you'll be impressed. See more HERE.

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