Roommate WIN

Ridiculous dUdEbRO of the day: Makes a TINDER companion chow down on his rusty ammo pouch, all whilst inviting his roommate to be player #3 in their backdoor free-for-all. Lucky for him the result was more Action Jackson, and less Michael Jackson. Too soon?

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Peeping Tom Fail

Woooah. Was he pooping and fappin at the same time? I thought I was the only one. And as for the cameraman - sucks he broke your lense but that's what you get for spying on someone capable of defending themselves. Next time try victimizing a woman. Less damage, more lulz.

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Anal With Constipated Girlfriend

I'm always one step ahead of female biology. When I wanna ass fuck a woman, I simply lace her Cinnamon Toast Crunch with ex-lax. Come night fall, her cornhole is as empty as Tara Reid's head. Works every time.

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Orgasm Ruined By Momma

Dudes in the middle of busting a nut when Madea comes a knocking. This is why I jack off with headphones on. Nothing comes between me and glory.

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The Hilarious Misadventures Of Drunk Girl

I tried my best to caption this but half the shit that comes out of her mouth makes no sense and after the 2 minutes of her rambling on about Totoya automobiles I got kinda tired. P.S. nice titties.

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Macho Man Cries From Anal


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The Super Soaker

When it rains... it pours. Download the official theme song HERE.

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Get Naked Or Die

Sometimes I get hate mail over videos like this. I guess they fail to realize that by posting this shit, I'm only increasing the chances of the culprits being identified and caught. It's kinda like America's Most Wanted, except people actually watch my show.

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Pornstar Meltdown

Learn from her mistakes. Getting paid a cool $165 for an ass-2-mouth scene may sound like a fantastic way to supplement your income, but in reality it's not quite as fun as it looks on TV. See the full thing HERE.

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Pornstar Quits Over Farting Incident

This is a scene from MEATHOLES, which was basically one of the most extreme porn sites on the web back in 2003-ish. It's funny. This girl can handle a fist up her cunt while the cameraman inquires about her childhood, but let one slip in her face and that's where she draws the line.

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Condom Fail

That's what happens when you buy contraceptives out of vending machines.

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Pornstar Hates Semen

No one said you had to like it baby. Just sit back, open wide and think about all the Baja Chalupas you'll be able to buy as soon as you're done. That's what gets me through the day.

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America's Next Top Pornstar

You stuttering, premature ejaculating son of a gun. Peter North and Ron Jeremy are already packing their bags.

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The Sex Offender Strikes Back

Interesting choice in victims. Random hot chicks, disabled senior citizens, and now ambulance drivers. Variety really is the spice of life.

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Gangbanged By 251 Men For Nothing

The 90's - A time when fucking a quarter thousand men in the name of art somehow made sense. Talk about a resume booster!

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Making Porno Is Serious Business

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Husband Forced To Suck Cock

The forced homosexuality thing is the least of his problems. Just take one look at that haircut.

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Charity Makes His Dick Hard

His fetish? It's quite simple really - small donations to the less fortunate. He's like the Santa Claus of sexual predators. FAP FAP FAP AND AWAY HE GOES!

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Anal Accident Of The Worst Kind

Holy fuck. The bitch spacedocked herself! Congratulations lady, you've made internet history.

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Hello, I'm Masturbating To You

Who needs porno when you have... fat black bitches in bathing suits? Pretty much everyone but this guy.

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Chuck: The Pussy Slayer

For a moment there, it almost looked as though Chucky was gonna disregard her pleas for a cease-fuck and begin to commence rapage. Mr. Pringles said it best - once you pop you cant stop.

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