The noise in question can be heard @ 1:50, 2:15 and finally when Blanco Loco activates hyperspeed @ 4:35. Most creatures with this mating call would be featured on Animal Planet. Not her though. She's got standards.

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Twig Girl

She's flat broke, has the body of a malnutritioned Ethiopian and travels via duffle bag. If those arent the quintessential ingredients for a Japanese pornstar, I don't know what is. Now save up some yen and buy a fucking happy meal already.

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Persistance Fail

Cute pornstar gracefully rejects her partners attempts at anal penetration but the dumbfuck doesn't seem to get the message. DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO HERE.

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Stripper Pwns Her Audience

Stripper fills her colon up to the brim with some cheap booze and takes aim at all the assholes that didn't tip her. I have to say, as an owner of Super Soaker Aqua Blaster 2000, I'm impressed. Bitch knows how to work it.

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Barebacking Gone Wrong

Meet your new idol. He's got more visible STD's than a Compton crackwhore and still manages to pull bitches with ease. This particular skank is a prime example. She sucks his cock as if those warts are Summer fresh blueberries. GAG.

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Threesome Fail

Dude gets kicked out of a sex club after breaking an unwritten rule against blowing your load on other people's girlfriends. Yep. You can slam fuck her till she screams bloody murder, just dont get any semen on her brah. Shit aint cool.

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DP Fail

One in the pink, another in the stink. That was the plan up until Gilligian and his clumsy noodle fucked it all up. You see, his cock fell off course and wandered south, resulting in an unexpected double vadge penetration - a sex move that didn't even exist at the time. Why are the most important discoveries in life always accidental?

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Daughter Of The Year

Pornstar demonstrates her multitasking proskillz by calling up mommy and holding a conversation as she chows down on a can of man-ass. Divided attention really aint all that bad. Full video available HERE.

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Crying Over Fake Cum

This is Tory Lane. She's already been on eFukt twice before pulling the exact same shit... but this time her bitch-fit is a bit unwarranted. Some fake cum (apparently made from sugar) accidentally ends up in her hair and she nearly breaks into tears over it. LOL. Video came from HERE!

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Gay Thugs Ruin Porno Shoot

A fist fight breaks out just before a mass interracial orgy was set to take place. Dolemite subdues one of the offenders by infiltrating his underpants and obtaining a vice-like grip on the dudes cornhole. Technique courtesy of San Quentin state prison. Full scene HERE.

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Sneak Attack

Slick Rick goes in for an anal ambush after getting bored of his girlfriend's tuna pot pie. Naturally she leaps away in shock - a reflex this cocksmith had already anticipated. With the full use of his body weight, he sandwiches her into the mattress and sinks his dipstick deeper into her tunnel of stank. She's not too happy but a lil' smooth talk saves the day.

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She HATES Blowjobs LOL

When you weigh as much as the couch you're nesting on... performing fellatio is practically considered "exercise". Naturally she's not a fan. What's special though is her mock enthusiasm right at the end. You can literally see calories being burned as she imitates the standard pornstar approach to sucking dick. It's mesmerizing.

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Lemme Smell Yo Dick

One of the shittiest XXX films I've seen in my time... edited down to a cool 60 seconds. It's nothing amazing but fuck... it's got a plot revolving around accusations of sheep rape and worse acting than a Segal flick. How could I not post it?

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