Strange Manlet Ruins Gangbang

This is like watching a nazi medical experiment. An awkward little alien boy some how found himself hosting a gang bang. He looks like a character in an "Aphex Twin" music video and performs coitus much the same.

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Hammer Head

The novelty of having a 10 inch cock sure does fade quick when the head of your penis looks like a Platypus LOL. Rotate your dick 90 degrees and run it over with your Monte Carlo. You'll be aight. Video from ANAL IN THE AMAZON.

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Even Women Premature Ejaculate

Lily Thai is ready to gush after just one pump but the cameraman doesn't want his set getting drenched with tuna puree, so she's forced to hold it in till a towel can be found. Funny shit but the real star is the token white guy to her right. PRICELESS facial expression. Video source HERE.

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Your Pussy Is Too Tight

Dude lasts as long in bed as DMX's acting career. Then tries to blame it on this Hispanic pornstar's supposedly tight pussy. 'Hispanic pornstar' and 'tight pussy'. Two words that really dont belong in the same sentence... but I digress. Full video available HERE!

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Pervert Ridiculed By Crowd!

Sleazy New Yorker gets bitched out by Lance Armstrong Jr. for zooming in on the crotch of some leg-spreading attention whore. A verbal battle of douchebaggery ensues. Some seriously amazing dialogue in this one folks. Plus a hot bitch that keeps picking at her twat wedgie. More videos by the same guy available HERE.

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This is Scarlett Pain. She's here to show you the after effects of scoffing down a #8 at Del Taco, extra chimichanga sauce. Except this visual demonstration kinda goes to shit towards the end. Quite literally I'm afraid. Full video is available for download HERE!

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The Vibrating Pussy

So what's the scientific reasoning behind this one? Either her twat has Parkinson's or this is Hollow Man 3 and that mischievous fuck Kevin Bacon is back with a silenced Hitachi magic wand. Think about it. Full video available on POV PERVERT.

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Anal KO!

This is Mika Tan. She actually has a degree in biochemistry but passed on a relevant career to instead pursue the better things in life... like being anally destroyed while drifting in and out of consciousness. NICE. Full video available on BIG BUTTS LIKE IT BIG.

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LOL Sexual Inferiority

Ya know what... when you're stuck with 4.2 inch weiner and the endurance of that fat fuck from ABC's Lost... propositioning a random big-dicked black dude to bang your wife really might not be all that great of an idea.

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Daughter Of The Year 2

Hot ass outtake from Bring Um Young 27 in which a pornstar rings her mom as she takes it up the ass. Check out the full DVD to catch a seperate outtake of some crazy bitch making small talk with grandma after getting DP'ed. Good stuff.

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Happy Ending Fail

Dude tries to land a happy ending at the local Korean massage parlor but has difficulty getting past the language barrier. Even a hilarious visual demonstration fails to get his point across. See his previous attempt HERE.

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Girl Orgasms Via Rollercoaster

I love how the dude stops laughing and goes completely silent once he realizes his girlfriend wasn't joking about having an orgasm. Sorry Peter, your cock just got one-upped by a cheap carnival ride. HUMILIATION.

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Attention Whore In Compton

Fat assed black bitch gets swarmed by horndogs as she strolls through the neighborhood in a new swimsuit she jacked from Ross Dress For Less. At the 10 second mark you can hear someone say "yous so beautiful... I wanna cry". haha.

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