Exotic face. Could almost pass for a stripper in Atlantic City. Unfortunately that's the end of my compliments, cause her hygiene is the equivalent of an XXX remake of "Alf". I can smell the fermented cabbage from here.

  35,005  |    Stryfe  |    Oops

LOL Sexual Inferiority

Ya know what... when you're stuck with 4.2 inch weiner and the endurance of that fat fuck from ABC's Lost... propositioning a random big-dicked black dude to bang your wife really might not be all that great of an idea.

  3,530,781  |    8.17.10  |    SpamSam  |    Premature

Daughter Of The Year 2

Hot ass outtake from Bring Um Young 27 in which a pornstar rings her mom as she takes it up the ass. Check out the full DVD to catch a seperate outtake of some crazy bitch making small talk with grandma after getting DP'ed. Good stuff.

  4,409,573  |    8.17.10  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Happy Ending Fail

Dude tries to land a happy ending at the local Korean massage parlor but has difficulty getting past the language barrier. Even a hilarious visual demonstration fails to get his point across. See his previous attempt HERE.

  4,005,214  |    8.17.10  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Girl Orgasms Via Rollercoaster

I love how the dude stops laughing and goes completely silent once he realizes his girlfriend wasn't joking about having an orgasm. Sorry Peter, your cock just got one-upped by a cheap carnival ride. HUMILIATION.

  2,384,403  |    8.11.10  |    Sewer  |    Orgasms

Attention Whore In Compton

Fat assed black bitch gets swarmed by horndogs as she strolls through the neighborhood in a new swimsuit she jacked from Ross Dress For Less. At the 10 second mark you can hear someone say "yous so beautiful... I wanna cry". haha.

  2,054,913  |    8.9.10  |    Anonymous  |    Groped

Comfort Fail

Sativa Rose has a breakdown and walks off set after finding herself overwhelmed by the half dozen cocks she was assigned to fuck. Fortunately the cameraman was kind enough to lend some emotional support... in the form of some surprise butt sex! SOURCE: bts section of GANGBANG AUDITIONS 22.

  3,082,158  |    8.5.10  |    Anonymous  |    Porn Bloopers

Dont Slap The Titties!

This is an outtake from Rough Sex 2 where Regan Starr has a breakdown after some dude goes all Mr. Miyagi on her flapjacks. I absolutely LOVE how her asshole is randomly gaping in the beginning of the scene. Lucky bitch will never know the pains of constipation. NEVER.

  2,014,123  |    8.3.10  |    Anonymous  |    Porn Bloopers

She Hates Gangbangs

I bet you 5 bucks and the remainder of my turkey pot pie that this bitch had no clue she'd be fucking Benjamin Franklin (visible at the 4 second mark) & Doogie Howser (1.24 mark) when she volunteered to do a 300 man gangbang. You can literally see the regret in her eyes from start to finish. CLASSIC.

  3,267,744  |    7.28.10  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Awesome Fail

I dont know whats more fucked up: the fact that he's boning a woman older than jesus or how the enjoyment he gets from it leaves him socially retarded and unable to saying anything more than "AWESOME!". This is what happens when you use Craigslist to get your dick wet you dirty motherfuckers.

  3,295,402  |    7.26.10  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Cheating Fail

Grandpa Willy's sexual escapade is derailed after the Mrs. makes an unexpected visit to his dungeon of spunk. After unleashing a fit of rage, a wild herd of Ukrainian crackwhores appear out of nowhere and make a run for the front door. One doesn't seem to make it. LOL.

  3,526,675  |    7.21.10  |    SpamSam  |    Busted!

Twig Girl

She's flat broke, has the body of a malnutritioned Ethiopian and travels via duffle bag. If those arent the quintessential ingredients for a Japanese pornstar, I don't know what is. Now save up some yen and buy a fucking happy meal already.

  3,449,179  |    7.20.10  |    TG  |    Asians

Persistance Fail

Cute pornstar gracefully rejects her partners attempts at anal penetration but the dumbfuck doesn't seem to get the message. DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO HERE.

  3,131,870  |    7.19.10  |    Anonymous  |    Porn Bloopers