Public Sex Ruined Via Premature Ejaculation

Look how happy Miguel is to finally have some consentual sex in his life. Mother fucker even rolls down the window for the neighbors and he proudly posted this video. Although, it appears things went better in his mind than they did in reality.

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Blame It On The Orgasm

She's having anal problems of the fecal variety and it's fucking up the shoot. Her defense? All the butt secks is making her cum and she just cant contain herself. Uh huh. I know where this is going. Plan for tomorrow, buy Depends today. Full video available for download HERE.

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Gimme A Fuckin Towel

Tensions rise after this rat fink is left to marinate in a pool of spunk, which apparently burns like tobasco once it seeps into the eyes. She demands a towel, they intentionally stall. Pretty funny shit. Full video available HERE.

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Money Shot Fail

Dude lets one slip just as he's about to begin blowing his load. This is fucking funny. Full video available HERE.

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But I Dont Do Anal

This skank accepted a check her cornhole cant cash. The producers offered her a $200 bonus in exchange for a little butt fuckery. Blinded by the riches, she foolishly agreed and now I present you with the end result. Full 43 minute video available HERE, in high fuckin def mind you.

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Pornstar Cries Over Insult

Lesbo threesome goes sour after the alpha bitch of the group deliberately tries to humiliate the newcomer via repeatedly requesting that she douche - essentially declaring that the noob's twat smells and/or tastes like shit. I laughed.

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Two dudes fuck with their friend just as he's about to dick down some big tittied bar-slut in the backseat of his mom's Ford Taurus. Shot from dual angles for dual humiliation.

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WOW - Redefining Premature Ejaculation

This is epic. Literally just three pecks on the lips and this dude's load is already more spent than a black man's paycheck. He's the fuckin Prefontaine of premature ejaculation. More Japanese madness HERE. .

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Epic Orgasm

Rain DeGrey straight up collapses after cumming her brains out. Resuscitation attempts include CPR, additional finger banging and a makeshift defibrillator. No shit. This is from a three part series, available HERE. Consider joining, it's a great site and you'd be supporting eFukt.

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Rotten Crotch

Behind-the-scenes footage from FUCK A FAN, where a cameraman literally pukes himself after catching a whiff of some stank ass pussy. Ultimate humiliation after the culprit is handed a DIY douche kit and directed to the bathroom.

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Porn Directors Are Funny

A producer for MIDNIGHT PROWL, (likely Khan Tusion judging by the homoerotic lisp), comes up with a colorful metaphor comparing the hygienics of a pornstar's asshole to enslaved black people. Round of applause please. Full video available HERE.

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Pulsating Pussy

Asian chick gets the elasticity fucked out of her, generating one pussy-throbbing orgasm after another. I have to say, the end result isnt too aesthetically pleasing. After the 5th orgasm her twat starts to look like something off an Arby's value menu.

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Bait & Switch

Trio of goobers looking for work get called in to model some piece of shit watch with a stacked broad... who later accuses them of trying to sniff her turd cutter. Bonus at the end. WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES HERE.

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