Scuba Porn

I love when porn mixes things up, like this older Japanese clip that strangely doesn't involve tentacles or school girl rape for once. Unfortunately, it still has all the makings for one of those strange ways to die shows.

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Stink Palm

She-beast pulls a scratch n sniff in the middle of class, likely a misguided effort to relive last night's chimichangas. Once is relatively harlmess but a double dipper? Look at her fuckin drool. Lunch break aint till noon ya dirty bitch.

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Gangbanged Into Orgasmic Bliss

The sound of interracial lovemaking with Metallica blairing in the backdrop. It's not exactly easy on the ears but if you manage to watch it all the way through... this bitch has a pretty epic chewbaca-like orgasm. just at the end.

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I Pwn3d Your Virginity

The skeptics will have a field day with this one.. but try to have faith. It makes for a better fap session. Trust me. Full video available HERE.

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Creampie Fail

8 ounces of negro boner brew emptied directly into the cunt gutter. Classy. Problem is.. when time comes to expel the cream filling, an off-menu item plops out along with it. Camerawoman goes completely mute after realizing wtf she's just filmed. Hilarious.

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Mother-Daughter Porno Fail

A reality check for a 53 year old milf that thinks doing hardcore pornography side by side her 19 year old daugther is liken to a 'family picnic'. Preeeetty messed up! Fuill video available HERE.

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Intellectual Fail

Dude's boner flatlines after getting bitched out, mid-fuck, by some uppity black slut that cant even handle a love tap. From there on it's a war of words and lemme tell you... this dumbfuck doesnt know many. Literally 2 and a half sentences into it and she's already facepalm'ed the fuck out.

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Scent Of A Woman

Everyone loves their own brand. Especially fat people. Music by Commondominator, who's about to become instantly fucking famous.

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I Hate Cum 2

Another round of some jizz-intolerant whores getting pwn3d by the substance they loathe most, resulting in all sorts of fucked up, boner-inducing reactions. Chick in the first clip is Katie Thomas and the teary-eyed blonde that looks like she just got butt fucked by Gollum is Elle from Facial Abuse.

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Priceless O-Face

Another one of those videos where some pornstar is left flopping around like Terri Schiavo on speed after experiencing the Optimus Prime of all orgasms. This chick takes it a step further, introducing Human Bobblehead Mode at the 1:55 mark. All sorts of awesome. More HERE.

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Being A Maid Sucks More Than You Know

Remember Exhibitionist Fail? Seems that dude just cant keep his mouth off the rubber cock. Here he is once again traumatizing the fuck out of some migrant workers. Watch all the way through. The last clip is fucking golden.

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Blame It On The Orgasm

She's having anal problems of the fecal variety and it's fucking up the shoot. Her defense? All the butt secks is making her cum and she just cant contain herself. Uh huh. I know where this is going. Plan for tomorrow, buy Depends today. Full video available for download HERE.

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Gimme A Fuckin Towel

Tensions rise after this rat fink is left to marinate in a pool of spunk, which apparently burns like tobasco once it seeps into the eyes. She demands a towel, they intentionally stall. Pretty funny shit. Full video available HERE.

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