"I like putting it in a girl and making her cry"

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Two dudes fuck with their friend just as he's about to dick down some big tittied bar-slut in the backseat of his mom's Ford Taurus. Shot from dual angles for dual humiliation.

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WOW - Redefining Premature Ejaculation

This is epic. Literally just three pecks on the lips and this dude's load is already more spent than a black man's paycheck. He's the fuckin Prefontaine of premature ejaculation. More Japanese madness HERE. .

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Epic Orgasm

Rain DeGrey straight up collapses after cumming her brains out. Resuscitation attempts include CPR, additional finger banging and a makeshift defibrillator. No shit. This is from a three part series, available HERE. Consider joining, it's a great site and you'd be supporting eFukt.

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Rotten Crotch

Behind-the-scenes footage from FUCK A FAN, where a cameraman literally pukes himself after catching a whiff of some stank ass pussy. Ultimate humiliation after the culprit is handed a DIY douche kit and directed to the bathroom.

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Porn Directors Are Funny

A producer for MIDNIGHT PROWL, (likely Khan Tusion judging by the homoerotic lisp), comes up with a colorful metaphor comparing the hygienics of a pornstar's asshole to enslaved black people. Round of applause please. Full video available HERE.

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Pulsating Pussy

Asian chick gets the elasticity fucked out of her, generating one pussy-throbbing orgasm after another. I have to say, the end result isnt too aesthetically pleasing. After the 5th orgasm her twat starts to look like something off an Arby's value menu.

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Bait & Switch

Trio of goobers looking for work get called in to model some piece of shit watch with a stacked broad... who later accuses them of trying to sniff her turd cutter. Bonus at the end. WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES HERE.

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Attention Whore Fail

Oodles of horny Jamaicans gather for a simulated gangbang of sorts, highlighted with WWF-style body slams and homoerotic dance moves. Shit gets rough when an ambitious Jamal Jenkins strips the starlette of her attire, erecting all donkey dicks within a 100 foot radius. Oddly enough she smiles through out, unlike this girl. Song available HERE.

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Get Bent

His penis looks like a rotten banana. Could probably double as a personal coat hanger if enough viagra was involved. So does any of this slow him whenever he feels like getting his dick wet? Apparently not. Must be the personality.

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The Art Of Male Stripping

No more vids for a few days. This shit took all week to edit and now I've got a date with my neighbors cleaning lady. She's 18, dont hate. Already got advance tickets to Harry Potter 7. IMAX. Ultimate panty dropper.

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Storytime With A Crackwhore

Slut junkie reminisces about her previous employer - some Screech-looking motherfucker that literally blew a $100,000 inheritance entirely on prostitutes hired for nothing more than to eat Taco Bell and deficate on his face. In other words.. dude's a legend. Full video available HERE

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Endless Orgasm Causes Brain Damage

Using some sort of futuristic device stolen off the set of Stargate SG-1, this woman's clitoris is vibrated into an orgasmic oblivion. Imagine if the lead characters of both The Exorcist and I Am Sam were delicately molded into one - this woman is what you'd get. More HERE!

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