Lets His GF Blow His Friend

Apparently, the boyfriend draws the line on kissing. You can put your cock and cum all up in his girlfriends mouth but don't kiss her. Bros don't do that to each other man... but make sure you cum in her mouth bro! "That's important"

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His Penis Is Bigger Than Yours

He wears eyeliner, listens to Marilyn Manson and has the masculinity of Richard Simmons. Was god drunk off his ass when he decided to bless this tard with a 13 inch cock or what? It should've been me you mothefucker. Meeeee.

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Pornstars Say The Darndest Things

"You don't deserve my cock... you don't even deserve a bulldog's cock. All you deserve is your own stinking shit, so get down and suck it off my prick" .... turn the volume up for this one boys. Waaay up.

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Semen Makes Her Gag

Epic retching. FULL VIDEO HERE.

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The Dangers of DP

Double penetration can be risky buisness. Just watch this one till the end and you'll understand.

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Asian Attempting Anal

Her asshole is so tight that he almost premature ejaculates. This is one chick I'd love to fuck!

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Riley Mason Nearly Crushes Dude's Nuts

So Riley Mason has a pee fetish. In this clip she tries to piss on a guy but she fucks up big time.

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Massive Creampie

3 guys blow their load inside the same slut, one after another. It accumulates into 1 big creampie!

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Dangerous Sex Toy

Fucking a dildo is usually a form of safe sex, but this chicks anal prolapse would suggest otherwise.

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Horny Little Smurfs

This is one of the oldest adult cartoons ever made. Fuck hentai, it's all about the classics!

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Obey Thy Husband

Sometimes you gotta put your wife in her place, especially when she wont let you ass fuck her!

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Do the Dew!

The girl from the 'Assisted Entry' video is back, proving once again just how elastic her pussy is!

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Childbirth For Dummies

This video was used in the 60's to train cops in childbirth for emergency situations. It's classic!

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