Fit as a Fiddle

Meet Haley Ryder. Against all jurisdiction, she somehow wiped all her amateur scenes off the Internet before going pro... except this. In other words: What you're about to see is rarer than a Bruce Jenner orgasm.

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Trolling Wannabe Pornstars 2K16!

A whole new gang of ho's have greyhounded their way to New Jersey to get their pornstar dreams tested and destroyed by the most savage camera man in porno history. [Full Scenes] [Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]

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French Mustard: An Anal Sex Fail

"France has neither winter nor summer nor morals and has usually been governed by prostitutes... apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country." - Mark Twain [SOURCE]

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Furious Naked Man Attacks Volvo

On a dark night in some soviet shithole, crazy old man Vlad drank on his medication, put his birthday suit on and now he ain't taking no shit from no stupid Volvos giving him any crap.

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Hey Mom! Gymnastics Lessons Paid Off After All!

Don't worry, she's over 18... I swear!

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Cuck Has Second Thoughts

He finally decided it was time to let his wife try fucking a black dude... just once. He even films it so they can look back on this special moment. Good call because half way through he starts getting wet feet about the whole 'stranger fucking my wife' thing. SONG.

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Security Catches Masturbating Cam Whore

A laptop dancing internet stripper takes her fapping to the streets. Only problem is a viewer tipped off building security and her guerrilla sexual tactics are gonna get cut short... LOL [CAMWHORES] [SONG]

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Post Facial Blues

The German philosopher Schopenhauer called the post-orgasm moment of clarity “devil’s laughter” because that is when you realize you are actually just a slave to a biological imperative uncaring of your happiness. [Full Scene: HERE]

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The Kult of eFukt

April Foolz 2016 marks the decade anniversary of eFukt. I want to tell all of you thank you and at the same time you're fucking welcome! Here's to the best fan base of all time! <3 [Twitter, Facebook, Forum, Store]

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Hungarian Thot Gets Taught

Some see this director as romantic and passionate, others see his films as pure degrading and exploitative smut. IDK personally, but watching him shoot a screaming jizz wad into her esophagus is pretty neat. More: HERE.

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Testicular Anal Insertion

Is it possible to put a man's balls inside of a butt? Why would a human being do such a thing? Is this some strange evolutionary step in coitus? Today we ask the hard hitting questions...for science. [Full Scene: HERE]

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Polish Bruja

I know what you're thinking... 'Wow, Ozzy Osbourne's daughter is looking better than ever.' No, this McPoyles lookalike from Always Sunny with the Spanish word for witch tatted on her stomach is a model... or some shit.

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Accidental Cum Shot

Noob's first and final attempt at porn stardom lands him in a gang bang shoot. He doesn't care, he thinks he's ready for anything... but nothing can prepare you to be a premature ejaculator's innocent bystander. PEW PEW [MOAR]

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Denny's Waiter Tipped With Blowjob

He says it's the best tip he's ever received but considering he's going to get fired for a 3 second blowjob... I'm not convinced. Also, never trust a girl who values her blowjobs less than what she tips.

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101 Asian Stripper Tricks

Welcome to the far east, a place where vaginas are never shaved but always multi purpose. A place where a nice business man can get a sake and light a cigar off a strippers vagina. Fun times.

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BiG Bertha's Pocket Rocket

The name "Big Bertha" comes from a giant Pre-Nazi German war cannon that would lob 1,800 lb explosive shells into shit like France and Belgium. It also happens to look like this bitches dick. [SCENE / SONG]

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Cute Teen With Hidden Talent

Don't even lie to yourself. This bitch is so hot you wouldn't mind her magical Stretch Armstrong vagina at all. More of her tricky vagina doing other neat vaginal stunts: HERE.

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Gia Paloma's Infamous Milk Enema Fail

Aside from giving vegans cancer, everyone knows that milk does a body good. IDK if this counts but when this video was released the best part was edited out. Luckily a low quality leak found its way to me. [Full Scene: HERE]

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10 WTF Momentz in Pornography

Twice as many as five porn scenes that leave you with more questions than answers and more confusion than boners. [Full Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]

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Pretty Much The Shittiest Incest Porn Ever

Some people have no business in porn. Namely fat people, horses and that dumb cunt from Teen Mom. Today the blacklist gets a little longer with the introduction of this innocuous fucktard. He has the sexual prowess of a catatonic sloth and acting skills so bad Dolph Lundgren's head would implode. Download the full video here.

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1 Guy 1 Mousetrap

A jackass inspired stunt gone sexual ends very badly for the LoL platinum player responsible for conceiving such an act of genius. Luckily our hero isn't concerned with things like dignity, human contact or a fully functioning penis.

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