Fit as a Fiddle

Meet Haley Ryder. Against all jurisdiction, she somehow wiped all her amateur scenes off the Internet before going pro... except this. In other words: What you're about to see is rarer than a Bruce Jenner orgasm.

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I Want HIV

A "scared straight" look into a small portion of the gay community that has fetishized and even glamorized HIV/AIDS. Kenboy's birthday HERE. More HIV porn HERE and documentary HERE.

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The Sexy Side of Waterboarding

At first I was horrified but in the end I fapped. I fapped hard, and in fapping I've learned that a murder simulating torture technique considered to be "cruel, inhuman and degrading" can be also be erotic. Full Scene: HERE.

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Psycho Pornstar Gets Donkey Punched

A disgruntled pornstar is having a bad day, and everything that comes out of this thot's mouth is either penis related or comedy gold. She non-stop says crazy shit until her co-stars feel forced to shut her up. LOL. Full Scene: HERE.

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Milk and Cereal

You could throw a football in her asshole and hit nothing but net. She has the Mariana Trench of colons and today she's pushing the limits of pornography, breakfast, and ass sphincters all at the same time. Full Scene. Music.

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Tits and Aspergers

A 25 year old boy suffering from both severe autism and chronic virginity has found hope in Will he finally lose his V card?

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The Perfect Girlfriend

She loves getting fucked in the ass + she's totally gorgeous with a banging body, but most importantly... She LOVES getting fucked in the ass. The guy just sits back with an erection of amazement and she just butt fucks herself with his cock. It's beautiful.

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The Absurdity of Japanese Pornography 4

Somewhere between China and insanity, there is Japan. A magical land where all your wildest nightmares probably have a porn series. [#'s 1, 2, 3] MORE.

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Awkward Moments in Porn 4582745

SAUCE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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Epic 2 Horrible in Thirty Seconds!

She pretty much aces the whole 'prostitute on camera' thing except for one small detail: This newbie pornstar's lady cum has a really unique... consistency. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Full Vid HERE.

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WTF! How many can she fit

Get ready kids, it's time to solve the burning question we've all been wondering: Just how many baseballs can you really fit in a girl? The answer will amaze you! Find out what else she can stuff in there HERE.

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Thot Butthole Rekt by Prized Mandingo

She's got the body type of a holocaust victim and she came to the glamorous dog fart productions to film her first interracial anal scene. Srsly tho, "dog fart" has to be the fucking worst studio name in porno history. FULL SCENE.

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Man Gives Birth

See title. Original. Song.

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Trolling Wannabe Pornstars 2K15

The grand wizard of slut shaming is back and these dumb thots still haven't learned! Every week a new trainwreck makes the pilgrimage to whore mecca chasing quick money and pornstar dreams, only to leave with their whorifices and self-esteem totally destroyed. [Full Scenes] [Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]

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Anally Destroying a Mentally Disturbed Teenager

This whole glorious scene is a beautiful train wreck and I can't fucking wait to hear a epic drum and bass remix of this. :) Full Scene (Mandy): HERE. [Remix #1] [Remix #2]

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The Best of Public Fapperz

Covert perverts pulling off risky guerrilla sexual tactics in broad day light on clueless civilians. These are the sort of legendary faps you hear about in the news and the kind people risk jail to pull off.

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How To Fail in Porn [x2+]

A hilarious short story about the prettiest ogre girl from the little village of Mordor... She was looking for her big break but instead she was left with only $250, a butt load of pain and a mouth full of grossness... Me gusta? [sauce]

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Take one mildly attractive girl, put her in an amateur bare knuckle fight against an angry ogre woman and the results are just as expected. This is fight porn if I've ever seen it, and the money shot is bloody!

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The Sexual Trolling of Bicycle Guy

All he's got in life is his balls, his bike, a GoPro and a dream. So ride along with our anonymous protagonist as he cruises through the city visually tea bagging unsuspecting females.

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[boo-kah-kee] [Noun] A sexual practice involving a large group of men masturbating on a single person... I sorted over 30 hours of beta's jacking off on gutter sluts to make this. Enjoy. [Moar BUKKAKE] [SONG]

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