Skinny Body, MASSIVE ASS

Ever see The Goonies? Each one of this woman's cheeks is the size of Chunk's entire body. Watching it in action is more hypnotic than the Truffle Shuffle, but much like our pudgy compadre her on-screen adventures struggle to get past a 1-eyed willy.

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Sexual Fatalities From Japanese Cartoons

Take one part anime, one part pornography, one part Mortal Kombat and you end up with a hilarious show about ninja school girls sexually manslaughtering perverted villains around campus. Full Series: HERE.

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Goober Tries Not To Cum

It's only 10 minutes into the all night sex party and this douche is about to bust his nut after a 30 second blowjob. Not wanting to end the night early, he awkwardly death grips his penis attempting to cease climax. Moar Orgies: HERE

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Happy Ending Fail

Brave soul attempts to get some off the menu rubbing from the massage girl. Keyword is attempt, he fails.

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Extreme Foot Fetish

Visit the dark side of podiatric porn. A dark, shitty basement with a custom made fuax floor complete with a penis hole. No one should have such a crazy thing, but this is no normal human being we are dealing with. MOAR!

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All these stupid bitches act like the money shot was some sort of awful surprise. Luckily, their retching and disgust only entertain my penor. LOL
[Part one] SAURCES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. [SONG]

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Erotic Jihad

The governments of multiple countries in the middle east have banned eFukt. They consider eFukt to be a threat to society and even morality itself. I just want to make funny videos. :) More Sexy Infidel Vidz HERE, music HERE.

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It Never Endz

It's mind over colon in the world of extreme anal porn and this busted bitch is a friggin' jedi master. Years of determination, training and butt hole abuse were all worth it to make this magical feat of beauty possible. Full Movie: HERE.

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A Different Kind of Deep Throat

A creative and dedicated cam slut is bringing new meaning to terms like "deep throat" and "swallowing". If anyone knows who this beautiful gift from God is, please let me know... I need to know... More Camwhores.

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I Want HIV

A "scared straight" look into a small portion of the gay community that has fetishized and even glamorized HIV/AIDS. Kenboy's birthday HERE. More HIV porn HERE and documentary HERE.

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The Sexy Side of Waterboarding

At first I was horrified but in the end I fapped. I fapped hard, and in fapping I've learned that a murder simulating torture technique considered to be "cruel, inhuman and degrading" can be also be erotic. Full Scene: HERE.

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Psycho Pornstar Gets Donkey Punched

A disgruntled pornstar is having a bad day, and everything that comes out of this thot's mouth is either penis related or comedy gold. She non-stop says crazy shit until her co-stars feel forced to shut her up. LOL. Full Scene: HERE.

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Milk and Cereal

You could throw a football in her asshole and hit nothing but net. She has the Mariana Trench of colons and today she's pushing the limits of pornography, breakfast, and ass sphincters all at the same time. Full Scene. Music.

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