No more cheers for Brittany

Want to see a hot cheerleader get gangbanged by the entire football team? We have the unreleased footage - click to view it.

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Deaf Azn Girl

Meet Kim, the bombshell Azn who can't hear shit. Our genius porn hero guy figures to write down "me want fukky fukky" on paper and away we go. She only makes little soft vowel noises, it's pretty adorable. FULL SCENE and MFC Profile.

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This Guy Told Me To Go Fuck Myself

I think this could be the downtrodden, meth-addicted little brother of the Reading Rainbow guy. They call him Black Salami and he's going to show us things. Song HERE.

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Buffalo Billy's Bath Salt Adventure

Only so many things could explain such a bizarre video. Either the lead male was on drugs or maybe the director was on drugs... But most likely everyone on set had to be on something. Full Scene HERE.

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Family of the Year

"She's beautiful!", announces mom in the voice of an angel while watching her daughter masturbate. Then dad comes home, see's mom and daughter naked in the tub on web cam... he's totally cool with it. Amber's profile HERE.

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Awkward Moments in Porn 3

"Fuck me in the ass based god", reluctantly said the state puff marshmallow woman, as he thrusted his black penis deeper into her gooey marsh-mallowy hole. Full Scenes - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

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Pornstars Sexually Destroy Newbz

Watch these little engines that just fucking couldn't get a new hold on reality as God tier pornstars turn their sexual fantasies into humiliating nightmares. Full Scene HERE.

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Luckiest Guy at the Strip Club

In the bowels of Brazil a.k.a. the other other Mexico, a local stripper gives a drunk and weary traveler an experience he'll never forget... if he can remember. He goes home with a dildo souvenir so he'll definitely know something went down that night. #YOLO

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Prostitute Daughter with Vaginalitis

This little gem won several local awards in Yugoslavia for most realistic plot, best dialogue, and even most influential male and female role model. MORE HERE.

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Mindfucking the Delivery Man

The story of a hungry naked teen, an awkward handshake and a condom full of money. More of the blonde getting railed HERE.

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College Kids Attempt Public Sex (and FAIL)

Ron and Jon, still cooling down after an intense night of Minecraft & diet Mountain Dew, stumble upon on a sorority skank mid-coitus and decide to wreak havoc. 10/10 for the sombrero alone.

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The Most Embarrassing Public Ejaculation Ever

A run of the mill twerking competition is won in an epic land slide when little miss hair extensions makes the guy jizz himself. For her legendary feat Shaquanda is awarded the illustrious title and like fitty bucks.

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Porn Scenes Worthy of an Oscar 3

The amazing thing? Multiple people thought these were good ideas and put a whole lot of effort into them. I.E. the guy who had to cut a dick hole in a giant wheaties box or the man controlling the giant octopus dildo tentacles. Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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