Public Blowjob... LIKE A BOSS

East Bumblefuck Uzbekistan. Some people go for the cheap clothing. Others go to enjoy a slop job from the finest business-casual prosti in town. Sherman over here dared to ask the question: Why not both?

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Shit White People Do

The real reason caucasian people have trouble getting a job is because they all started drug testing, and the only white recreational activities left are substance abuse, incest, patriotism, fords and watching millionaire black's play school yard games.

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From the bowels of world star hip hop comes a little gem that's straight outta Compton! Staring a wild wildebeest that has been caught fellating a local hoodlum in the middle of the street. Some real ratchet shit yo!

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Lispy the 'racist camera man' teaches us a new word and turns an anal scene into a hilarious cluster fuck. The music is a piece by Mozart and the title translates to "lick my ass"... seemed fitting. MORE.

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Porn Star Goes Ballistic on Modern Feminists

Mercedes Carrera is hot and sucks a mean dick, but she's about to drop a big ass fuckin truth bomb on the problem with feminists, gamergate and all that shit. [no lulz, only factz] Cam show HERE and help the cause HERE.

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The Return of the Giggliest Girl in Porn

She started with some nude modeling, went straight into 10+ guy glory hole sessions and then promptly disa-fuckin-peared. What ever happened to our beloved Claire? Original video HERE red. What ever happened to our beloved Claire? Original video HERE and more Claire HERE.

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Jingle Ballz

Merry XXXmas from your friends at eFukt!

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The Legend of Saint Petersburg

Congratz! Local Russian folklore states that if you are visited by the naked battle gypsy of St. Pete you will be forever blessed by good fortune. Don't look directly at her vagina though, or they say she'll curse you with impotence.

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Porn Newbz Anal Fail

Former ISIS member with gigantic, fake wonky tits does her first porn shoot ever and she's about to learn pornography isn't all smiles and blowjobs. Nope. Sometimes it's about butt-plugs and pain. :) Full Scene HERE.

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The Greatest Girl In The World

She's got the looks, she's got the body and she definitely has the talent. She can also use her vagina to keep your subs warm and hang a coat. Now she's stealing our hearts. Duck Tales. A woo ooh. Source + Song.

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The Bad Boyfriends Compilation

Today we watch asshole boyfriends utilizing their "volunteers" as physical, emotional and sexual punching bags. Prepare yourselves hopelessly single nice-guys: hilarious butt hurt awaits.

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Mom Watches Daughters Blowjob Audition

This is pretty fucked up... and awesome! Mom is so supportive of her pornstar daughter, I'm surprised she didn't bring everyone snacks. Full Scene HERE.

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Suicidal Butt Sex Girl

You'll prolly recognize Kevin from such masterpieces as 'the hooker with the lopsided tit' and 'mind-fucking the delivery guy'. Today he's back to teach everyone a lesson in butt sex and regret. Full Scene, Song.

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