"The Worst Tattoos in Porn"

These tattoo's are so bad, the police leave them out of criminal descriptions to protect the victims. Seriously, these tattoo's so bad, Ed Hardy is going to shit bricks and revamp his next line based on these monstrosities. More bad ink HERE and HERE.

Gimme A Fuckin Towel My Sister Caught Me Masturbating Breaking Points A Gangbang Before Marriage
Daughter Of The Year Gang Member Of The Year Hey Daddy, look what I can do! Hygiene Fail
After The Tijuana Donkey Show From HOT To CREEPY In 5 Seconds How Pornstars Get Pinkeye The Biggest Whore In History
The Creepiest Motherfucker in Porn Masculinity Fail The Return Of 'Gentle Breakdown' Girl Before & After

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