"The Worst Tattoos in Porn"

These tattoo's are so bad, the police leave them out of criminal descriptions to protect the victims. Seriously, these tattoo's so bad, Ed Hardy is going to shit bricks and revamp his next line based on these monstrosities. More bad ink HERE and HERE.

Lost My Virginity To A Pornstar Gimme A Fuckin Towel Not Even A Minute Man Pornstar Loses Her Shit
Queefing Beauty Buffalo Billy's Bath Salt Adventure LOL: Dude Kills Fly During Rough Anal Sex On The Beach FAIL
Faces Of Bukkake College Students Rather Spy Than Fuck Accidental Anal Devirginization Epic Orgasm
Bait & Switch MOM... FUUUUUUUUU! The Meanest Breakdowns LOL Wrong Hole!