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You Got To Accessorize

23,475 views 10/19/22 WTF

Interracial Blowbang Confessions

"Django the Fifth's Revenge" is the story of a self-proclaimed "black cock slut" on a mission. Notice the highly viscous load of seminal fluid dangle dancing off her chin the whole scene.

2,523,457 views 05/22/16 Dogfart LULZ

The Giggliest Girl in Porn Returns

What weighs 95 pounds, likes the look of cock, and gets messy at the Arizona glory hole? Yeah, that chick. Personally she annoys me to death, but some of you fukr's can't get enough.

2,985,890 views 04/07/14 Gloryhole Swallow Gloryhole

OOPS! I Stabbed Your Cervix!

Some "feels" I am glad I will never experience in life. Child birth, menstrual cramps, bamboo fingernail torture, or when a unlubed and unwelcome penis randomly kicks open the door to the house of pain.

5,176,890 views 06/26/13 Wrong Hole


UPDATE: this girl actually emailed me, here's the background story - she lives in a KKK-laden town where 12 inch black wangs are the forbidden fruit. Undeterred, she sought salvation on and ultimately bit off more BBC than her vagina could chew.

9,412,514 views 02/17/12 Amateur


Two petite Asians get the fried rice fucked out of em.

8,573,870 views 01/04/12 Ridiculous Orgasms


I've always enjoyed the finer things in life, namely the Wendy's Cheddar Lover's Bacon cheeseburger, Cuba Gooding Jr. films and watching twats get used up like a Stretch Armstrong doll. Just watch.

6,291,351 views 12/30/11 Insertions

PAINAL: I Wont Give Up!

It's all fun n' games till you got a 14 inch dong knocking on the pearly gates of your anus. The pain hits her like a bag of Saved By The Bell VHS tapes, but this trooper refuses to quit. Some might call it desperation for a quick $450. I prefer the term 'integrity'.

5,735,533 views 12/19/11 Painal

Anorexic Girl Has Ginormous Pussy

The smaller the girl, the smaller the vagina. It's a pretty straightforward concept.. and it's officially now defunct thanks to this 91 pounds of pure skank. I'll put it plainly... looking into her twat gives me vertigo. It's that bad.

4,826,346 views 06/26/11 Bangbros LULZ

Hipster Slut Gets Unexpected Anal

Rylie Richman says she never does anal. IMO, that's about as probable as Amy Winehouse hosting the Indy 500 inside her vagina but okay. In this clip, she puts her internal organs to the test by fucking a black guy who's got a cock the size of an ewok. An already bad situation is made worse when said Ewok cock slides up the wrong orifice.

6,814,949 views 06/06/11 Bangbros Wrong Holes

38 Years Without Ejaculation

In retrospect, "I Make It Rain" by Lil Wayne would've been a more appropriate soundtrack... but I think you get the idea. Check out more epic ballsack videos @

5,575,814 views 10/18/10 Bizarre

I Love Meaty

Just another black dude relying on his 4865 inch penis to assert himself - much at the expense of some poor chick's uterus. First I masturbate. Then I criticize. woot woot.

3,560,401 views 10/08/10 LULZ

Feminist Attacks Cocky Stripper

Dude shoves his junk in the wrong chicks face. First she smacks his cock like a cheap pinata, then follows up with an ashtray to the face. Quite a feisty bitch. I think somebody put their tampon up the wrong hole.

2,480,714 views 09/19/10 Dancing Bear Strippers

Hammer Head

The novelty of having a 10 inch cock sure does fade quick when the head of your penis looks like a Platypus LOL. Rotate your dick 90 degrees and run it over with your Monte Carlo. You'll be aight. Video from ANAL IN THE AMAZON.

2,656,498 views 09/12/10 Bizarre

LOL Sexual Inferiority

Ya know what... when you're stuck with 4.2 inch weiner and the endurance of that fat fuck from ABC's Lost... propositioning a random big-dicked black dude to bang your wife really might not be all that great of an idea.

4,250,172 views 08/17/10 Premature

Before & After

An upclose look at the genitalia of a Brazillian gutterslut directly before and after having an intimate encounter with Jamal Jones Jr the 3rd. The rectal damage is top shelf.

4,029,257 views 05/21/10 Prolapse

Hi, My Penis Is 3 Feet Long

Shit. If my cock that was big, I'd throw on my limited edition Bugle Boy jean shorts and hit the boardwalk.

4,674,629 views 01/26/10 Asians

10 Inches Of Terror

That raspy lookin black bitch's reaction is fuckin PRICELESS!

3,724,118 views 11/24/09 Exhibition

The Blob

He can brag about his 20 pound meat bag all he wants. If it doesn't get hard, then it's about as useful as a black hooker at a blood drive.

1,470,364 views 11/19/09 WTF

Big Penises Cause Big Problems

Jesus. His cock is so big it's capable of causing fatal internal damage. I've never been so jealous in my life.

2,480,398 views 07/15/09 Fail
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