"Hey Daddy, look what I can do!"

Any college girl can pull off a DP, but to pull off near mythical feats of penetration you need a chick that's on a whole other level of promiscuous. Take Malibu Barbie over here, she can't even tell how many cocks are in her at any given time. FULL MOVIE HERE.

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Too Drunk To Orgy Girl Drops Deuce, Forgets To Wipe Cocaine Doesnt Make You Good At Sex Her G-Spot Is In Her Butthole
Goth Blowjob Fail I don't remember this in Robocop LOL Sexual Inferiority Endless Orgasm Causes Brain Damage
Smegma Makes Her Gag Gilf Has Trouble With Anal YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG She HATES Blowjobs LOL
Genius Straps Go-Pro to his Head Rage Quit Double Vadge FAIL OOPZ, LOST TEH DILDO