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The only appropriate video to post on a day where the family gathers to stuff orifices.

495,706 views 11/23/23 Wrong Holes

18 Year Old Barely Survives Anal Rampage

At first I was positive this was the same woman that keeps invading my Instagram feed with videos about blowing circus clowns and publicly shaming herself for having the vaginal odor of a Sudanese outhouse. But her (un)puckered starburst having the towing capacity of a Dodge Ram 3500 proved otherwise.

989,314 views 11/13/23 NRX-STUDIO Anal


It's all giggles until you hit 5:15. My advice? Be less worried about token counts and more concerned with whatever off-road vehicle ran that thing over and fled the scene. The fuck is going on down there? And more importantly, how many Tremors movies are we up to now?

1,317,026 views 10/26/23 CAMTASTROPHES

Fist Fight 2

6,434 views 10/20/23 Extreme

Prostitute Never Saw it Coming

I don't think that title and/or thumb truly convey the crossover that's about to happen here. But if it costs $50,000 to get an 8 pack of Oscar Mayer's uncured wieners into a female's dung funnel, then life is no longer worth living. Inflation did this.

1,695,947 views 10/05/23 Czech Streets Crazy

Home Run

10,257 views 09/22/23 Anal

Anal Cannon 8

9,051 views 09/15/23 Anal

Master Baiter

11,681 views 09/06/23 Exhibition

This is How Juggalos Procreate

Traditional association with Juggalos tends to be littered with words like disfigured and faygo and the aroma of a Sudanese outhouse... but not today. I'll bet my bottom dollar underneath all of that Walmart makeup, Krustina the Klown is a girl worth getting to know. Support them [-HERE-] and [-HERE-]

798,634 views 08/14/23 Crazy

The Human Bong

12,738 views 08/04/23 Anal


I've seen a lot of people do a lot of repulsive shit just to keep their rent paid. But whatever backyard bangcock bumblefuck blownout butthole bullshit is going on in the last clip? That's a level of holistic hemorrhoidal care I hope to never see IRL. Discuss your disgust [-HERE-]

1,469,125 views 07/20/23 CAMTASTROPHES

Anal Ends Career Before it Begins

Honest. Natural. Doesn't run more filters on herself than an industrial fish tank. Cindy had all the tools to become the next big thing. But 20 seconds into some Sacramento turtlenecking & she's out the door quicker than me watching Fast X. Want to steal his look? [-BUY A SHIRT-]

1,359,980 views 07/10/23 Backroom Casting Couch Mildly Retarded

Stewart's [NEW] Guide to Anal Sex

Three years later and it seems [-our boy-] has ditched the mashed potatoes recipe and moved on to crafting a signature carne asada. ¿Felicidades mi amigo?

978,690 views 07/03/23 Brown Barbie Anal

Anal Ring Toss 2

15,606 views 06/09/23 Anal

Unacceptable Devices VI

Before you ask why the mutant at 1:05 is included, I want you to take a good long look at that weapon of mass destruction. With those dimensions you'd think his question mark lookin ass would be too busy fighting Peter Pan instead of driving the female community to abstinence.

1,684,319 views 05/25/23 Unacceptable Devices

The Face Of Anal Regret

33,399 views 05/22/23 Anal

Married Woman vs. Anal Casting

Think your marriage is in trouble? Time to reevaluate things, Ham Hock. Today we have a pioneer of female empowerment that does it all. And by all I mean a.) buttsex b.) buttsex while wearing her wedding ring and admitting it on camera. yikes = big

1,607,848 views 04/06/23 Backroom Casting Couch Anal

Asses Of Fire 3

20,086 views 04/03/23 Anal

Unacceptable Devices V

If there's one thing that never fails to get me questioning the future of this whole human race experiment; it's what the most unassuming person will consider a sexual accessory. So here's about 6 of them. That's right, six. As in the number of times I replayed the noise that Pringles can made when ricocheting off her head.

1,865,898 views 02/27/23 Unacceptable Devices

Anal Won't Make Me Quit!

Girls this determined to finish are hard to find without an Olympian background, so consider yourself lucky. Both for getting to bear witness to this unstoppable force, and for not having to be the one to explain the beef bourguignon shit stains on mom's new comforter.

1,622,373 views 02/20/23 Woodman Casting X Anal
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