"The Camwhore Awards"

Another year has come and gone, and while it's important to celebrate the birth of my main man Jesus and ring in 2013... lets not forget to pay a much deserved tribute to the hardworking women of the sex trafficking industry. This one's for you, ladies. Jackoff here and discuss here.

Awesome Fail The 24 Year Old FEMALE Virgin II A Different Type Of Breakdown Small Cocks @ The Gloryhole
Broken Dreams, Broken Buttholes Mom Fascinated By Daughter's Sextape Delivery Dude Jizzes His Pants The Anal Full Nelson
The Pink Taco Clingers Gianna PWNS Heckling Hector! Cheating Fail
Happy Ending Fail Pornstars Sexually Destroy Newbz Bad Times At The Bachelorette Party Racist Pornstars