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Idea For A New Restaurant

19,018 views 01/30/23 Crazy

If The Shoe Fits 2

23,411 views 11/25/22 Camwhores

Count The Toys

18,817 views 11/18/22 Camwhores

Butt Plug Jenga 2

22,547 views 10/07/22 Camwhores

Butt Plug Jenga 1

21,614 views 10/03/22 Camwhores

All Aboard 2

27,075 views 06/15/22 Orgasms

The Dangers of Webcamming

It's kinda refreshing to know the cam-clam game has stayed relevant amongst the rise of OnlyFans popularity. Never forget the O.G. sex workers that paved the way via 56k modem bitrate and school libraries. Now let's go ahead and get these ladies under contract for the next Ghostbusters reboot. I smell Oscars.

1,607,626 views 02/07/21 Camwhores

The Horrors Of Cam-Whoring

It's always the same thing: Your favorite e-piece succumbs to the competition and proceeds to push her stream to the next level... only to deteriorate her street cred faster than my rectal lining at a Bangladeshi farmer's market. MORE CAM CLAMS HERE

2,561,417 views 08/02/18 Camwhores

The Cam Whore Awards [2018 Edition]

It's that special time where we honor the internet's most stand out virtual hookers. These clips highlight the dangers, struggles and accomplishments of a profession that's sure to be a future premise of a black mirror episode.

1,854,490 views 02/10/18 Camwhores

Embarrassing Moments In Cam Whoring

To all 19 active female viewers of this site: Break out the newtons and take some notes. This is what you DON'T DO to avoid becoming official Efukt alumni.

3,662,609 views 10/25/17 Chaturbate Camwhores

The Cam Whore Meltdown Comp

Prozac-deficient Internet hookers are a welcomed sight here at eFukt... but this post isn't about the daddy issues. It's about intensity. These temper tantrums cut deeper than Donald Trump's Twitter feed, and while that might not be saying much, I'm confident you'll be impressed.

3,365,825 views 07/04/17 Breakdowns

Cringiest Porn Scenes Ever Attempted

These awful pornographic gems were all attempted with eroticism as a goal. I.E. People were somehow meant to masturbate to this shit, but what these clips lack in fap value they make up for with lulz.

3,268,438 views 05/23/17 LULZ

Most Ridiculous Orgasms Fucking Ever

I have a totally epic attraction like lol. only fuck you once under. Don't I ever include not a fucking internet return entry. so really serious like you know i love like you, only u r so easy living free.

3,224,455 views 05/10/17 Orgasms

Cam Whore Left Speechless

Paying some skank on the internet to watch you jerk off on webcam seems pathetic and sad overall, but this cam slut has to hold back laughing when she see's this fuckin guys dick.

2,014,715 views 04/29/17 Chaturbate Camwhores

Awkward Moments In Cam Whoring

It's that time once again to highlight some special times in webcam hookerdom. Witness e-prostitutes having breakdowns, getting attacked by small reptiles and other awesome wtfness.

2,395,308 views 03/27/17 Camwhores Camwhores

Masturbating Behind Mom's Back

Looks like being a teenage cam girl is rough these days. Stuck living at home, she has to pull off stealthy ninja faps and even do her cam whoring literally right next to her unsuspecting mother.

3,529,957 views 02/01/17 Camwhores

Sexy Triple Amputee Needs Money

She can't finger or fist herself but this hot little monopod is making some extra cash nubbing at her vagina for tokens. FAP FAP FAP

2,336,068 views 10/25/16 Camwhores Camwhores


Fun Fact: Herpetophiliacs Paleontologists don't really know how big a tyrannosaurus rex's penis actually was. Estimations are somewhere between 10 inches and 12 feet.

2,609,098 views 08/17/16 CamSoda Camwhores

Security Catches Masturbating Cam Whore

A laptop dancing internet stripper takes her fapping to the streets. Only problem is a viewer tipped off building security and her guerrilla sexual tactics are gonna get cut short.

3,087,745 views 04/04/16 MyFreeCams Busted!

Chaturbate Threesome Leads to Fight

This self-titled pimp from Arkansas goes by "Mrlongstroke2015" and today he has invited two ratchets over for a threesome show. One problem: the girls just beat him up.

2,298,637 views 12/14/15 Fights
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