Strange Manlet Ruins Gangbang

This is like watching a nazi medical experiment. An awkward little alien boy some how found himself hosting a gang bang. He looks like a character in an "Aphex Twin" music video and performs coitus much the same.

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Vocal Vagina

It can talk. Pretty sure I saw it spit a few times too.

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Taliban Snuff Video

Ruthless motherfuckers.

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Why You Motherfucker

Hottest thing I've seen all day. DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO HERE.

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When Did You Go Poop Last?

Hey babe! I think there's some poop in your butthole! Lemme stick my cock in there, pretty please? That about sums this one up, minus the formal request for permission. lol.

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1 Guy 1 Screwdriver

Poor fella. First his cornhole and now his jimmy jammy. Only one sexual organ left to destroy - el huevos. See ya in another 3 months buddy. Okay now all of you go join the eFukt forum. The dude in these videos posts on there. For realz.

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My Bitch Is Kinky

Some pretty good dialogue in this one. See more from this couple HERE. A warm thank you to the creator of these videos for letting me post em, eFukt loves you... and your kinky Harley bitch.

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Bitch, That Aint No Pussy!

Start taking notes Mr. M. Night Shyamalananan. This is how you end a fucking movie.

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Help! My Boobs Are Too Big!

She basically paid over $10,000 just to have her titties butchered. What kind of sick, fucked up world is this?

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Ouch! It Hurts!

She claims to have been fucked by a 100 different men, which is quite a bit of cock for a 19 year old. Hmmm, a real seasoned whore I thought to myself. But the second she was penetrated by a standard issue 8 incher, she started bawling so hard I had to mute the volume. Those 100 previous sexual partners didn't happen to be Chinese by any chance? That would almost explain it! Full video HERE.

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Grandma Hasn't Fucked In 15 Years

After a cockless decade of lonely nights, Granny is back in action. She's a wee bit senile (The Exorcist comes to mind), but lucky for Billy her pole-riding skills haven't withered quite as badly as the rest of her. She can actually recite your name in a dozen different frequencies as she works the cock. Pretty impressive for a senior citizen.

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Her Dad Has A Big Cock

Full video available @ Facial Abuse.

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Pornstars Say The Darndest Things

"You don't deserve my cock... you don't even deserve a bulldog's cock. All you deserve is your own stinking shit, so get down and suck it off my prick" .... turn the volume up for this one boys. Waaay up.

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