Skinny Body, MASSIVE ASS

Ever see The Goonies? Each one of this woman's cheeks is the size of Chunk's entire body. Watching it in action is more hypnotic than the Truffle Shuffle, but much like our pudgy compadre her on-screen adventures struggle to get past a 1-eyed willy.

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Holy Shit

Two years of solid constipation. That's what you get for eating dog. WHABAM!

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Bitch! You Broke My Dick!

Fuck porn, she belongs in MMA.

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Mr. Plow

for when Colon Cleanse just isn't enough..

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Endurance Fail

I like how he straight up bends his cock as a means to halt the ejaculation. It's a penis, not a fucking garden hose. Nice try though! Source: BANGBROS.

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The Inside Out Girl

Her asshole resembles the neck of a kid that's just been decapitated. Hmmm. Sounds like fap time if you ask me.

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Suicide By Dildo

Don't give up.... you're almost there.

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BEEP BEEP! I've Got A Boner

Beating off at home is for pussies. Real men take their meat to the street.

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A Pervert With High Standards

A sexual predator that only assaults models? God bless.

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Yo No Quiero Butt Fuck

I posted this awhile back but the clip was ruined by god awful Mexican music. Luckily an alternative version has now surfaced. Less Ricky Martin. More cries of pain.

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A Hole In One

Fuck. I totally left out the headshot.wav file. God damn it. Full video HERE.

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The Fearless Fapper

Dude stops by the cleaners to have this pants tailored. As she takes measurements from behind, he whips out his wienerschnitzel and starts beating off. The woman is completely oblivious. Even after he soils her carpeted floor with his man chowder, she doesn't have a single fuckin clue. Props!

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The Legally Retarded Pornstar

This is one fucked up cum bucket of a woman. She's got an adoptive father whom she believes would masturbate if he were ever to find this video. Kinda twisted right? Well... not in her eyes! Full video available @ Facial Abuse.

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