"I like putting it in a girl and making her cry"

  238,552  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

Chuck: The Pussy Slayer

For a moment there, it almost looked as though Chucky was gonna disregard her pleas for a cease-fuck and begin to commence rapage. Mr. Pringles said it best - once you pop you cant stop.

  1,534,982  |    7.28.09  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

The Sex Life Of A Dwarf

Repost? Technically yes. But the addition of Beetlejuice getting titty-blasted by some random bitch makes it well worth a second viewing. I promise.

  1,127,426  |    7.25.09  |    Anonymous  |    Mildly Retarded

Blowjob Fail

It's semen, not battery acid. Embrace the saltiness and show some appreciation.

  1,810,161  |    7.21.09  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Big Penises Cause Big Problems

Jesus. His cock is so big it's capable of causing fatal internal damage. I've never been so jealous in my life.

  2,118,234  |    7.15.09  |    Anonymous  |    Porn Bloopers

Life Support Porn

I've officially seen it all. Well, almost. Still waiting on that Brian Peppers sextape to surface. Till then, my hunt for fucked up porno treasure goes on.

  1,555,774  |    7.12.09  |    Anonymous  |    Mildly Retarded

Sex Ed For Dummies

Usually these type of videos are designed for kids. This one's actually for adults... adults so dumb they can't tell apart their wife's pussy hole from an Arby's Beef N Cheddar. Skip to 3:38 and you'll understand.

  1,177,118  |    7.11.09  |    Anonymous  |    Documentary

Orgasm At The Gym

You're supposed to wipe down the machine with a towel before you leave, dickhead.

  1,023,321  |    7.10.09  |    Anonymous  |    Public

Is This Your Son?

He's got a 2 inch penis and a hard-on for mommy. Definitely a daily efukt visitor.

  987,784  |    7.9.09  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Gone With The Wind

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's.... two thinly sliced pieces of USDA Select Grade roast beef attached to a big titted slut. HAHA. Full video available on A Day With A Pornstar.

  1,103,912  |    7.8.09  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Shotgun Blast To The Vajayjay

All I can think about is the people who jack off to this shit. I envision a crowd of a thousand Japs in a dimly lit adult theater, simultaneously ejaculating just as the girl's vagina gets blown into oblivion by a point-blank blast from a 12 guage. Enthusiastic high fives, everywhere.

  1,161,229  |    7.7.09  |    Anonymous  |    Bizarre

A Little Too Curious

The public transit fap master strikes again! This time gaining a new record level viewership - 1 seemingly attractive blonde who can't stop gawking at the cock! Everybody's a winner.

  1,626,512  |    7.6.09  |    Anonymous  |    Exhibition

A Unique Friendship

Way too homoerotic for my taste, but I did get a laugh out of his 'grand finale' and the excessive use of the word "bro". Watch all the way through and you'll understand.

  1,133,086  |    7.3.09  |    Anonymous  |    Bizarre