Lets His GF Blow His Friend

Apparently, the boyfriend draws the line on kissing. You can put your cock and cum all up in his girlfriends mouth but don't kiss her. Bros don't do that to each other man... but make sure you cum in her mouth bro! "That's important"

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Help! My Boobs Are Too Big!

She basically paid over $10,000 just to have her titties butchered. What kind of sick, fucked up world is this?

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Ouch! It Hurts!

She claims to have been fucked by a 100 different men, which is quite a bit of cock for a 19 year old. Hmmm, a real seasoned whore I thought to myself. But the second she was penetrated by a standard issue 8 incher, she started bawling so hard I had to mute the volume. Those 100 previous sexual partners didn't happen to be Chinese by any chance? That would almost explain it! Full video HERE.

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Grandma Hasn't Fucked In 15 Years

After a cockless decade of lonely nights, Granny is back in action. She's a wee bit senile (The Exorcist comes to mind), but lucky for Billy her pole-riding skills haven't withered quite as badly as the rest of her. She can actually recite your name in a dozen different frequencies as she works the cock. Pretty impressive for a senior citizen.

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Her Dad Has A Big Cock

Full video available @ Facial Abuse.

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Pornstars Say The Darndest Things

"You don't deserve my cock... you don't even deserve a bulldog's cock. All you deserve is your own stinking shit, so get down and suck it off my prick" .... turn the volume up for this one boys. Waaay up.

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Bishnu's First Anal

Congratulations, you've completed level one of your terrorist training. Next up - golden showers and ass 2 mouth. Allah Akbar!

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Oink Oink Suck My Dick

For a minute there, I was actually beginning to lose faith in Japan's ability to consistently create the most fucked up, ridiculous adult films known to man. Then I was introduced to the latest and greatest - 'anamorphic animal porn'. Pure win.

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Stump Grinder

I share Kevin Bacon's frustration, but hey... you gotta work with what you got!

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A Vagina Within A Vagina

Double decker taco. Kinda looks like the mouth of the xenomorph from the Alien series. A wee bit nasty but I'd still let her sit on my face.

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Death Metal Porn

My 2nd favorite music video of all time, right after this ONE lolz.

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She Hates Deep Penetration

I got a bazillion emails requesting the full version of this... so here it is. It's pretty straight forward. The average vagina has a depth of 5 to 6 inches. These limitations are fairly understandable, but Urkel here likes to push it. Real men let no centimeter go to waste.

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Oops! My Asshole Fell Out!

Prolaptic standoff between Falcor and Mr. Spaghettios. I love this shit.

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