Awkward Girl, AMAZING TITS

There's only 1 thing more counterproductive to inducing an erection than reruns of Life Goes On, and that's girls lacking self-awareness. Big tits can save anything tho. Even the body gyrations of Betty White on acid.

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Pornstar Refuses To Do ATM

Sounds like a violation of a contractual agreement if you ask me. See ya on Judge Judy bitch.

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Never Call His Dick Small

Yo Bishnu, it's called consructive criticism. Kinda like how I'm about to tell you to take a Mach 3 razor blade to that heinous unibrow of yours. Maybe then you can attract women other than your sister? Pwn.

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Orgasm Renders Wife Unconscious

Neat trick but I'm afraid I lack the penis for the job. No worries though, that's where the GHB comes into play. It's all about equal opportunity fellas.

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Stop! You're Destroying My Vagina

You know what would've been really funny? If he had instead said STFU bish and kept pounding away. Painful intercourse always brings the lulz.

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Don't Cum On Me Motherfucker

I wonder what that must feel like... to defend yourself from a physical assault as you're in the middle of ejaculating. I'd sue the bitch - 50k in punitive damages for an orgasm ruined. No one fucks up my fap session and gets away with it for free.

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Zoophile Recruitment Video

Great news folks! Getting fucked by their horse's 18 inch cock is no longer a prerequisite for new applicants. The only requirement now is just a meager fellatio session with one of their five dogs. Hell of an opportunity!

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The Girl Who Cant Stop Orgasming

hot as fuck

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Racist Porn From The 70's

Complete with a negro version of quasimoto. Warning in advance to my beloved caucasian viewers, black-on-white racism lies within!

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Vocal Vagina

It can talk. Pretty sure I saw it spit a few times too.

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Taliban Snuff Video

Ruthless motherfuckers.

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Why You Motherfucker

Hottest thing I've seen all day. DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO HERE.

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When Did You Go Poop Last?

Hey babe! I think there's some poop in your butthole! Lemme stick my cock in there, pretty please? That about sums this one up, minus the formal request for permission. lol.

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