Death Metal Porn

My 2nd favorite music video of all time, right after this ONE lolz.

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She Hates Deep Penetration

I got a bazillion emails requesting the full version of this... so here it is. It's pretty straight forward. The average vagina has a depth of 5 to 6 inches. These limitations are fairly understandable, but Urkel here likes to push it. Real men let no centimeter go to waste.

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Oops! My Asshole Fell Out!

Prolaptic standoff between Falcor and Mr. Spaghettios. I love this shit.

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Iraqi Porn

If this doesn't land me some epic death threats, I don't know what will.

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Prisoners Of Whore

The storylines on these Japanese pornos are really hard to follow. I vote less plot and more eels.

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Guess What She Ate For Lunch

I'll give you a hint - it's a vegetable that shares it's name with an incredibly shitty nu metal band whose fans always wear black nail polish and amazingly have smaller penises than myself (sub 3.75 inches). This is too easy.

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Strip Searched At McDonalds

It's pretty unbelievable how stupid people are (in Kentucky). Read the Wikipedia page about this incident HERE. And some Youtube news footage HERE.

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Soccer Mom

Whenever she makes the unfortunate decision to reproduce, I bet you the doctors in the delivery room will just have her stand up and let gravity take it's course. The little fucker will fall right out.

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LOL I Caught You

I caught my ex-girlfriend masturbating once after months of reconnaissance. At first I was all like "HAHA I finally caught you! Yussss!".... but then it occured to me - she rather fuck a piece of plastic than sleep with me. What a fucking insult.

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Butthole Obliteration

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Cleanup On Orifice Number 1

This is a fetish known as 'cuckold cleanup'. Usually it involves a closet homosexual who gets off on pimpin his wife out to random strangers. Often the husband will sit in the corner and actually videotape as his significant other gets pounded by foreign cock. Once the creampie has been injected, it's like 'all you can eat' night at Red Lobster. Yum yum eat em up.

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Mystery Meat

There's been much debate as to whether this is in fact a woman or just a post-op tranny. I feel these detailed photos will help you reach your own conclusions.

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