Mom Sexually Trollz Step-Son

This crazy whore hid a camera to flash her step son "accidentally" and make him all uncomfortable and weird during family movie night with his dad. I have two questions, first WTF IS WRONG WITH HER? and second, WHY COULDN'T SHE OF BEEN MY STEP MOM?! FUCK!

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1 Girl Vs. 100 Horny Men

It's like watching the Discovery Channel. Ya know... the one where 5000 ants take down a mouse. Except this one will make your penis wiggle.

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Not Your Typical Pornstar

He's got a viking haircut, a 7.5 inch cock and the pussy-eating skills of a Golden Retriever. The porn industry will never be the same.

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Gigantic Genitalia

I'm about to take a hot shower and fap to my Elton John's Greatest Hits CD. I'll type up a video description a bit later, k?

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Fuck The Shit Out Of Me

Ask, and ye shall recieve. I learned that in bible club

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All Girls Love Assholes

Especially fat ones. Dinner time!

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Gone In 60 Seconds

The title is slightly inaccurate, I just felt like making a reference to that shitty Nick Cage movie. The reality of the situation is that this willy wonka can't even last 5 seconds. Getting to the 1 minute mark would be like an olympic achievement.

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When Senior Citizens Attack

Had me ROFL'ing up until the point that he started bashing her face in like Mike Tyson. That was my cue to bust out the Jergens.

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The Most Obnoxious Bitch In Porn

I don't really give a fuck what anyone else has to say... domestic violence is always a solution. I'd pimp slap that bitch all the way back into the 80's, a time when her David Bowie hairdo was actually fashionable.

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Pornstar Refuses To Do ATM

Sounds like a violation of a contractual agreement if you ask me. See ya on Judge Judy bitch.

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Never Call His Dick Small

Yo Bishnu, it's called consructive criticism. Kinda like how I'm about to tell you to take a Mach 3 razor blade to that heinous unibrow of yours. Maybe then you can attract women other than your sister? Pwn.

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Orgasm Renders Wife Unconscious

Neat trick but I'm afraid I lack the penis for the job. No worries though, that's where the GHB comes into play. It's all about equal opportunity fellas.

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Stop! You're Destroying My Vagina

You know what would've been really funny? If he had instead said STFU bish and kept pounding away. Painful intercourse always brings the lulz.

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