Choc Milk


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Spying On Mr. 2 Incher

I love how directly after discussing the fat guy's bite size cock, eFukt is the first thing that pops into their heads. I'm honored. It took me 4 years to earn that association.

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Healthy Alternatives To Anal Sex

She rather suck off a fuckin golden retriever than take it up the butt. No joke. They even have an in depth conversation about dog cock just prior to the cumshot finale. Nothing like a little steamy dialogue to keep your noodle hard, right? More fucked up'ness available @ MEATHOLES.

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Titty Destruction

If you're among the minority of men that don't enjoy seeing Japanese women being beaten to tears, it's probably best you skip this one. These fun bags take more abuse than a Mexican pinata on May 5th.

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Salad Tossing 101

HAHA what the fuck! Just listen to this guy. He lured in his enemy with a blowjob and then shanked him. Fucking new age ninja tactics.

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Molested At Lunch Time

This is a scene from some stupid French porno called The Image. Stars that old bitch from 101 Dalmations as some sort of empowered cunt that likes to dominate. Kinda funny but not really my cup of tea. I was raised on the notion that degradation is a man's job.

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Erotic Tattoo Fail

Good god. I don't know what's sloppier - that tattoo or the vagina it was embedded upon. Looks like someone tried to turn her worn out cunt into a coloring book. HAHA. Full video available @ Facial Abuse.

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Sharing Is Caring

Snowballing? Fuck that. I'd rather toss my girlfriend's salad directly after shitting out 2 pounds of kung pao chicken than be orally introduced to my own man jam. Too many calories bro.

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Peeping Tom Fail

Woooah. Was he pooping and fappin at the same time? I thought I was the only one. And as for the cameraman - sucks he broke your lense but that's what you get for spying on someone capable of defending themselves. Next time try victimizing a woman. Less damage, more lulz.

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Anal With Constipated Girlfriend

I'm always one step ahead of female biology. When I wanna ass fuck a woman, I simply lace her Cinnamon Toast Crunch with ex-lax. Come night fall, her cornhole is as empty as Tara Reid's head. Works every time.

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Orgasm Ruined By Momma

Dudes in the middle of busting a nut when Madea comes a knocking. This is why I jack off with headphones on. Nothing comes between me and glory.

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The Hilarious Misadventures Of Drunk Girl

I tried my best to caption this but half the shit that comes out of her mouth makes no sense and after the 2 minutes of her rambling on about Totoya automobiles I got kinda tired. P.S. nice titties.

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Macho Man Cries From Anal


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