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Ratchet Compilation 2K17

Another edition of ratchet sex tape fails featuring hood rat stuff like fire alarms with dying batteries, one lopsided illegal butt implant and other ghetto stuff.

3,198,324 views 01/26/17 LULZ

Chaturbate Threesome Leads to Fight

This self-titled pimp from Arkansas goes by "Mrlongstroke2015" and today he has invited two ratchets over for a threesome show. One problem: the girls just beat him up.

2,313,369 views 12/14/15 Fights

Banned From Arby's 4 Lyfe

After popping a molly (or 5) and getting fucked with a lawn chair, this girl realizes her dreams of being on worldstar are within grasp and totally goes for it. IMHO not worth the lifetime of shame without curly fries and roast beef.

3,854,509 views 10/23/15 Amateur

Man Tries To Prove GF Isn't Transsexual

Mike Tyson and Beetlejuice's retarded love child attempts to prove to the world via social media that his GF is in fact a girl. I'm not entirely convinced, seeing that her penis is larger than mine.

2,408,662 views 03/16/15 Tranny

I Got A Husband

From the bowels of world star hip hop comes a little gem that's straight outta Compton! Staring a wild wildebeest that has been caught fellating a local hoodlum in the middle of the street. Some real ratchet shit yo!

3,010,245 views 02/28/15 Amateur

The Ratchet Compilation [2]

Another edition featuring triflin' ass hoes, hood rats of all kinds and a singing crack head with erectile problems. They call him Uncle Jim and he can do any unskilled miscellaneous task for the low-low.

2,689,371 views 07/20/14 LULZ


Backpage's finest goes by "daddy's baby anal queen" and she aspires for greatness via her butthole. The only problem is she hates anal and her possibly worm-infested colon is so tight, it's like trying to fit an elephant in a Safeway bag.

3,196,967 views 03/26/14 Broke Model LULZ

Ratchet Sex Tape Fails

Ratchet is what you get if a "ghetto hood rat" and a "chicken head" have a fatherless child that becomes a stripper or aspiring rapper with Tupac quotes for tattoo's and eight ratchet kids of their own.

2,240,883 views 11/18/13 LULZ

She Fucks Moolionairs

Fangirl shits pinecones after overhearing pornstar Brian Pumper refer to her as a 'bitch'. Blows are exchanged & shit gets ugly, but the real battle is all verbal, with ego-busting insults like "u think i wud tweet about u? I FUCK MOOLIONAIRES NIGGUH". Fucking brutal.

2,967,230 views 05/15/12 LULZ

Erectile Dysfunction... LIKE A BOSS

There's really nothing more emasculating than getting taunted over your sexual inadequacies, save for maybe your mom walking in on you as you spank it to Robin Williams in Jumanji. The point is... Jumanji is a great movie and unfairly disregarded.

3,070,282 views 04/02/12 LULZ

Premature Ejaculation... LIKE A BOSS

I've never seen a man so content with having only lasted 24 seconds in the sack. His sexual prowess has the runtime of a Tampax commercial... and all he cares about is using his woman's rump roast as a bongo drum set. Bares some similarities to THIS efukt classic.

3,481,208 views 10/12/11 Premature

Hooker Accidentally Craps Herself

CHAIN REACTION: she gives a shitty blowjob > he retaliates by ejaculating in her mouth, (big no-no) > unexpected putrid jizz causes her to gag uncontrollably > heavy coughing puts pressure on already loose anus > splat, a Hershey Kiss is born. Similar video HERE.

3,026,406 views 07/21/11 Black Vagina Finder Hookers

The Art Of Male Stripping

No more vids for a few days. This shit took all week to edit and now I've got a date with my neighbors cleaning lady. She's 18, dont hate. Already got advance tickets to Harry Potter 7. IMAX. Ultimate panty dropper.

2,832,404 views 11/18/10 Strippers

Balls Deep or GTFO

Buck Williams graciously gives the neighborhood tramp a second chance at riding his 12 inch chewbaca dong. Either her twat eats up every centimeter of his beefy balgonie or the bitch gets 86'ed for life and is replaced by a mythical broad named Jenneifer. Yeeeeep.

4,303,996 views 11/02/10 LULZ

He Cums Battery Acid

This is classic. The last ho-bag in this comp literally goes from gagging on a load of rancid jizz to asking for tips on what to steal at the local Pepboys. Apparently the Purple Power degreaser she jacked last week isnt the hot ticket item she thought it out to be.

2,424,893 views 10/24/10 Black Vagina Finder LULZ

Attention Whore In Compton

Fat assed black bitch gets swarmed by horndogs as she strolls through the neighborhood in a new swimsuit she jacked from Ross Dress For Less. At the 10 second mark you can hear someone say "yous so beautiful... I wanna cry". haha.

2,593,333 views 08/09/10 Groped

She HATES Blowjobs LOL

When you weigh as much as the couch you're nesting on... performing fellatio is practically considered "exercise". Naturally she's not a fan. What's special though is her mock enthusiasm right at the end. You can literally see calories being burned as she imitates the standard pornstar approach to sucking dick. It's mesmerizing.

2,215,754 views 06/27/10 LULZ

Husband Of The Year

I haven't seen such misogynistic greatness since "He Hates Hookers" with the late Douglas DeMann. I dunno. There's just something infinitely amusing about women being repeatedly verbally degraded by trailer trash king pimps.

3,884,079 views 06/06/10 LULZ

Homo Fail

As if getting reamed up the ass by a 300 pound tranny isn't bad enough, this gangster fruit gets bonked in the head by random shit falling out the sky. The shrapnel of gay love.

2,142,484 views 05/30/10 Tranny

Thugs Harass Interracial Couple

DJ Jackoff ventures into the wrong part of town to land himself a $5 piece of ivory pussy. However, his efforts are thwarted mid-fellatio by a local warlord known as The V-Man (short for Vaginal Master) who's heavily armed with "rocks and sheet". My oh my!

4,364,435 views 03/10/10 LULZ
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