Mom Has Epic Titties

I had a rock hard boner up until the camera panned 3 inches South. Mother of god. Bitch has the gut of a sea elephant. Dropshit this beast to Ethopia and let the people eat.

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Amputee Porn Gone Bad

All the things that made amputee porn so great just got shitted on by whoever made this so called 'erotic film'. Amputee porn is about disabled, submissive (and usually defenseless) women being fucked by men with exceedingly large penises. I refuse to have it any other way.

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No, I Will Not Fuck You

I want to be like this guy. I want to have woman begging for my cock and me be all like "lol no, slut" but I just don't see this happening. I mean right now I get rejected by everyone, including prostitutes (yes, even the black ones) so I don't know what the fuck to do. Maybe one of you will beg for my cock? C'mon, it's Christmas. Let me penetrate your holiday spirit.

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Groped By 50 Different Men

Put together 50 drunken college guys and a semi-naked sea donkey and you've got yourself a recipe for a not-so-consenual gangbang. But in this case the girl gets off easy with just a slap on the ass. Well, more like a 100 slaps on the ass, along with a few boob grabs but hey, her smile never fades! What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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The Orgasm Of Death

Honestly, less than 1% of the shit I post actually makes me LOL. Anal prolapses and horse porn bloopers just don't seem to do it for me anymore. But jesus... the second I heard this guy blow ass in the opening sequence I LOL'd so hard my eyes started watering like an emo kid listening to Dashboard Confessional.

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Pornstar Cant Stop Orgasming

That is in fact what a girl having an orgasm looks like right??? Repeated convulsions, dophin-like squeals? Honestly, I wouldn't know. Making a girl cum with my 2 inch wang is about as likely to happen as you finding a $100 bill up the asshole of a Slovakian prostitute. Now go HERE and download the full 40 minute version of this video for only $2.95!

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1 Guy 1 Cup

Here it is. The man, the cup, the legend. Over 6 million views and I'm proud to say this gent is actually a member of our very own efukt forum. God bless.

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The Inner Demon

The first thing that came to mind was the chest burster scene from Alien. The second thing that came to mind was the giant worm-like monsters from Tremors. You see where I'm going with this? Put those two together and you have what this woman's asshole looks like. Swear to fuck I saw some teeth.

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Never Do Anal With This Girl

This is Lindsay. She's relatively new to the adult industry and I'm pretty sure she failed pornstar school, especially the class in which soon-to-be whores learn about the importance of using enemas prior to doing anal shoots. This clip highlights her lack of experience, as the male performer falls victim to her unprepared cornhole. Click HERE to see more of this little slut-in-training.

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The Effects Of Interracial Sex

This dude screams as if his hand just got hacked off Blood Diamond style, either that or he just found out KFC discontinued their awesome $4.99 12 piece honey chicken meal deal. Take your pick. And sorry if this is a repost, I'm short on time. I've got a date with an 19 year old diabetic in 45 minutes. We're gonna watch Jumanji and play truth or dare at my moms house. Jealous? That's what I thought, faggot.

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Coworker Caught Jacking Off

Really now, I've been caught doing worse things on the job. K-Mart, January 2002, thirty minutes before closing, pet food aisle. Me, Mrs. Dilworth and a 2 foot lava lamp straight out of the display case. Use your imagination.

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Stop Trying To Fuck Me

Usually when the girl flops around like a fish it means she's having a pretty intense orgasm and needs a quick time out. Dildo baggins here didn't get the memo.

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Maniac Attacks 2 Lesbian Sisters

This is from the 1976 classic Water Power. It's a lot like Taxi Driver, except this Travis Bickle has a little fetish for forcing woman into doing enemas at gun point. The film is actually based on real crimes committed by an Illinois man dubbed the "Enema Bandit". Anyway he's dead now, so R.I.P you scat-loving motherfucker.

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