Skinny Body, MASSIVE ASS

Ever see The Goonies? Each one of this woman's cheeks is the size of Chunk's entire body. Watching it in action is more hypnotic than the Truffle Shuffle, but much like our pudgy compadre her on-screen adventures struggle to get past a 1-eyed willy.

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Zoophile Recruitment Video

Great news folks! Getting fucked by their horse's 18 inch cock is no longer a prerequisite for new applicants. The only requirement now is just a meager fellatio session with one of their five dogs. Hell of an opportunity!

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The Girl Who Cant Stop Orgasming

hot as fuck

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Racist Porn From The 70's

Complete with a negro version of quasimoto. Warning in advance to my beloved caucasian viewers, black-on-white racism lies within!

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Vocal Vagina

It can talk. Pretty sure I saw it spit a few times too.

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Taliban Snuff Video

Ruthless motherfuckers.

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Why You Motherfucker

Hottest thing I've seen all day. DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO HERE.

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When Did You Go Poop Last

Hey babe! I think there's some poop in your butthole! Lemme stick my cock in there, pretty please? That about sums this one up, minus the formal request for permission. lol.

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1 Guy 1 Screwdriver

Poor fella. First his cornhole and now his jimmy jammy. Only one sexual organ left to destroy - el huevos. See ya in another 3 months buddy. Okay now all of you go join the eFukt forum. The dude in these videos posts on there. For realz.

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My Bitch Is Kinky

Some pretty good dialogue in this one. See more from this couple HERE. A warm thank you to the creator of these videos for letting me post em, eFukt loves you... and your kinky Harley bitch.

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Bitch, That Aint No Pussy!

Start taking notes Mr. M. Night Shyamalananan. This is how you end a fucking movie.

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Help! My Boobs Are Too Big!

She basically paid over $10,000 just to have her titties butchered. What kind of sick, fucked up world is this?

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Ouch! It Hurts!

She claims to have been fucked by a 100 different men, which is quite a bit of cock for a 19 year old. Hmmm, a real seasoned whore I thought to myself. But the second she was penetrated by a standard issue 8 incher, she started bawling so hard I had to mute the volume. Those 100 previous sexual partners didn't happen to be Chinese by any chance? That would almost explain it! Full video HERE.

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