Cocaine Via Teh Butt hole

Party slut figures a good way to get some free powder is let this scum bag blow it in her ass with a straw... but If she wants one to the nose, she'll have to take one in the mouth.

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Bruno Stop Sniffing Her Pussy

Just imagine if that was an unneutered Golden Retriever... I think wifey would've quickly gained a strong understanding of the term "unwanted threesome".

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She Cums Nine Times

The dude sounds Popeye the Sailorman and his old lady squirts cum like a water fountain. They were born for eFukt. Thanks goes to Rod for the video.

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Oh Noes The Condom Broke!

I found this on some website that pays $2,000 for homemade porno. I'm kinda bummed... they rejected all 3 of my personal sextapes, citing that my 2 inch penis wouldn't appeal to general audiences. Ouch! It's still a cool site though, CHECK IT OUT!

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Big Dick Syndrome

Aye carumba! Nice elephant cock dood! But I forsee 1 little problem... the only creatures with big enough holes for you to fuck are large horses and gay pornstars who've been subjected to olympian gangbangs. Tough break bro!

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Psycho Orgasm

A self induced orgasm leaves this slut flopping around like a fish out of water. Reminds me of myself when I lost my virginity, except I actually cried a litte. Tears of joy.

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But Youre My Brother Lolz

Vintage porno with incestual undertones makes me laugh. It also heightens my urge to be transported back to the 70's so that I can fuck the shit out of hippies along side mothers with beehive hairdos.

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I Want To Fuck Her Ass Next

This is kinda a repost. There was a lot of requests for the full version of this video, so here it is. Basically some goth kid lends out his girlfriends asshole to his buddies. True friendship. More goth porn HERE.

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Pornstar Ruins Her Boob Job

Silicone is gonna start leaking out her nipples and in 3 days she'll be back to an A cup. I think that makes this the cheapest breast reduction surgery ever.

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Pornstar Gets A New Vagina

Her vagina lips looked like they belonged in an Arbys roast beef sandwhich. This was bad for her career so she set out on a perilous journey to unbeef her pussy and close the gape once and for all.

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They LOL At His 1 Inch Penis

This video mad me LOL hard.

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Fucked 3 Feet Deep

A 2 foot dildo followed by a 7 inch cock in the ass, all at once. What kind of person could accommodate such an enormous insertion? I'll give you a hint: there are 2 people in this video and neither of them are woman.

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Newbie Ruins A Porno Shoot

This guy genuinely thought that eating your own semen was socially acceptable. In France, yeah maybe. But in the rest of the world, no, people tend to frown upon the act of ingesting your own cum. Sorry! Now sign up at Incredible Pass to see more.

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