Sex Tape Failure of a Wannabe Rapper

It's "sex tape 101" with this ratchet dork that lets nothing stand in front of his delusions. Not even his dick lint, a random ice cream truck or even his mom will stop him from showing us how to make a porn. #BOSS

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The Biggest Vagina In porn

That green football in her pussy has an extremely negative effect on the appearance of her asshole. It vaguely resembles the Star Trek symbol. I'm afraid that is a salad I simply cannot toss.

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She Cant Feel His Small Dick

His snaggled toothed girlfriend can barely feel his cock so she keeps asking for it harder but she doesn't seem to realize that there is only so much you can do with 3 inches..

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Hooker Refuses To Get Off Her Phone

Easy solution: grab the phone & shove it up her twat. With that hole being occupied, you'll have no choice but to relocate your penis to the nearest available orifice - her anus. I call this "How To Get Anal From A Prostitute Without Paying Extra, by".

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Caught Cheating By Angry Husband

From what I've read there is a longer version of this floating around somewhere. If any of you have it - hit me up! I have a sneaking suspicion that someone ends up getting their ass kicked.

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Pornstar Attacks Male Performer

Eventually one of these girls is just gonna end up biting someones dick off during a throat fuck session. Trust me, I'll be the first to post it. See more shit like this over at!

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He Can Make A Girl Cum

In the past few months the "how to make a girl cum" video has received over a million views. One of those viewers tested out the technique on his girlfriend and sent us footage of the results. Pretty cool! If you wanna do the same and be featured on here, send an email to

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eFukt's Biggest Fan

Which one of you is this? Don't be shy. I have unconditional love for all of my visitors.

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Mean Sluts Ridicule Noob

This video really hits close to home. I too was once ridiculed for bustin my sloppy goo nuts prematurely. My ego was scarred and so was my penis (herpes). Watching this brings it all back. So to the Hispanic slut who was the most vocal during the humiliation: Space Dock, Strawberry Cheesecake, and a Tony Danza. All for you. All at once. See full video HERE.

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She Finds The Hidden Camera

No no you're doing it all wrong. You gotta hide the camera in a black t-shirt with the lens poking out through one of the arm holes and be sure to use some black tape to cover up the red LED light. Mom will never notice! hah

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Sorry Wrong Hole!

I was startled when I discovered that this wasn't yet on eFukt. It's one of the greatest porn bloopers of all time and has been making rounds on the internet for the past 5 years. Eh, better late than never. Source: BANGBROS.

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Bosnian Slut Fucks In A Bar

I should probably visit Bosnia. If girls will drop their panties for dirty old scumbags like that over there, I might still have a shot at losing my virginity afterall.

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Worlds Most Painful Dildo

Ribbed for her pleasure? Falcor thinks so.

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