Cum Omelette

Take the semen from 50 degenerate scum-baggy perverts, a hot plate, and unless you want to eat it yourself, a dumb whore that will eat cooked cum for 400 bucks. Bon App├ętit.

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The Inner Demon

The first thing that came to mind was the chest burster scene from Alien. The second thing that came to mind was the giant worm-like monsters from Tremors. You see where I'm going with this? Put those two together and you have what this woman's asshole looks like. Swear to fuck I saw some teeth.

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Never Do Anal With This Girl

This is Lindsay. She's relatively new to the adult industry and I'm pretty sure she failed pornstar school, especially the class in which soon-to-be whores learn about the importance of using enemas prior to doing anal shoots. This clip highlights her lack of experience, as the male performer falls victim to her unprepared cornhole. Click HERE to see more of this little slut-in-training.

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The Effects Of Interracial Sex

This dude screams as if his hand just got hacked off Blood Diamond style, either that or he just found out KFC discontinued their awesome $4.99 12 piece honey chicken meal deal. Take your pick. And sorry if this is a repost, I'm short on time. I've got a date with an 19 year old diabetic in 45 minutes. We're gonna watch Jumanji and play truth or dare at my moms house. Jealous? That's what I thought, faggot.

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Coworker Caught Jacking Off

Really now, I've been caught doing worse things on the job. K-Mart, January 2002, thirty minutes before closing, pet food aisle. Me, Mrs. Dilworth and a 2 foot lava lamp straight out of the display case. Use your imagination.

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Stop Trying To Fuck Me

Usually when the girl flops around like a fish it means she's having a pretty intense orgasm and needs a quick time out. Dildo baggins here didn't get the memo.

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Maniac Attacks 2 Lesbian Sisters

This is from the 1976 classic Water Power. It's a lot like Taxi Driver, except this Travis Bickle has a little fetish for forcing woman into doing enemas at gun point. The film is actually based on real crimes committed by an Illinois man dubbed the "Enema Bandit". Anyway he's dead now, so R.I.P you scat-loving motherfucker.

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Death By Vaginal Cockroach

This is from a Russian film called Philosophy Of A Knife. It's about the Japanese Unit 731... the one that pretty much spent a decade coming up with ridiculous ways to kill people. It's basically just 4 hours of torture. Fun fun fun. While we're on the subject, I'm in preproduction on a post-apocalyptic thriller about punk rock necrophiliacs. Really could use some female talent. Hit me up!

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Take It Easy On Her Ass

or you just might bust it open, similair to THIS, and dats not berry nice snarf snarf! (Yes, this is a repost. I got about 2 dozen emails from people wanting to see the full version, which is only like a minute longer but okay here it is!)

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Creative Methods Of Sexual Torture

Netflix sent me this one. No joke. I'm still trying to figure out how the fuck it ended up in my "movies you'll love" section. The only other shit I've ever rented off there was some Steven Segal classics and weight loss DVD's. I just don't see the connection. Anyway, the movie is called Emmanuelle Around The World, check it out.

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20 Pound Titties

This woman has a rare condition known as Gigantomastia. Basically its when you grow titties bigger than watermelons and you end up having back problems for the rest of your life. Please god, create a similar condition that affects penis growth. I can handle the back pain, I promise.

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Quite Possibly the Worst Stripper Ever

I like his Chuck Norris style somersault but I have mixed feelings about the use of chocolate syrup. Sure it'll easily mask the bitter taste of her cornhole but in the end how's he gonna be able to differienate syrup from shit? It's a dangerous game that salad tossing is.

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The Bilingual Whore

I posted this a long ass time ago but I just realized it was missing some key components, such as our Spanish starlet recieving an abrupt facial as she criticizes the cameraman for his 'ignorance'. Just a friendly reminder: when you're sitting butt naked on the floor of a Motel 6 having just been just ass fucked by a complete stranger, try not to engage in a verbal battle of wits with your employer. There's no winning. Download the full video @ LATIN ABUSE.

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