Pain Or Pleasure?

Pain Or Pleasure?

Uploaded 10/08/14
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It took years, but we finally have another worthy entry for the museum of unintentional rectal breaching. I'm talkin 3.5 nonstop minutes of backdoor bruising that white people should only experience inside the CHAZ zone. Only difference is the people in this video actually put meat inside their bodies lol.

4,145,659 views 06/19/20 Wrong Holes

I Haz a Breakdown

Scene's over and it's time to go home... but first this starlet has a complete mental unraveling. Her tears and plight do little more than generate awkward lulz and kill the mood for the next girl.

2,185,721 views 04/11/14 Breakdowns

Warning: Advanced Users ONLY

11 Seconds: That's the average time it takes for one family-sized order of Chang's Orange Chicken to kick flip it's way out of my body and make it's way back to the manure farm. It's also the amount of time it takes the new poster girl for "LOLIDGAF" to get the official Efukt seal of approval. You're welcome.

3,550,810 views 05/26/19 Anal

Societal Decay Episode 1

Classic cases of unbridled overconfidence. If only these creatures put as much effort into velcroing their crotches shut in public, as they did into experimenting with pain medications: Then maybe these permanent marks on their resumes could have been avoided. Yikes and gadzooks.

1,986,015 views 10/01/20 LULZ


976 views 07/17/24

Unacceptable Devices X

The more inbreeding in your bloodline, the further you'll go to seek sexual satisfaction. A simple concept, officially reinforced by whatever director's cut episode of Survivor Man is going on in that last clip. I'll put it this way; in comparison it makes Jeppson's Malort seem like a fucking delicacy. It's that abhorrent.

1,049,008 views 06/24/24 Unacceptable Devices

How Pornstars Celebrate Birthdays

Mae Meyers single-handedly vaginally sets up her own BLM movement.

1,939,219 views 07/10/17 Dogfart LULZ

Uncle Dick-Dont-Fit

Sonuva bitch... dude's packing the kind of penis that can only be described as "an emergency every time I have to take a piss". Time to call up AARP and find out what size wheelbarrow they're willing to cover for this kind of disability. Something in a dual-wheel polycarbon should do it.

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Horribly Catchy Musical Pornography

In Russia, a fake farm equipped with disco lights and some thot lip syncing catchy dance music while fucking for 20 minutes is quality porn. I'm not totally convinced, but the song does have a 'pavlov's dog' effect on my boner now.

2,440,532 views 02/05/15 LULZ

Real Cowboy Shit

♫18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch ♫ Big, hard, throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked ♫ 18 naked cowboys wanting to be fucked ♫ Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch

858,299 views 05/29/23 WTF

The Camwhore Awards

Another year has come and gone, and while it's important to celebrate the birth of my main man Jesus and ring in 2013... lets not forget to pay a much deserved tribute to the hardworking women of the sex trafficking industry. This one's for you, ladies.

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Girlfriend Of The Year 2K17

Bridge piercing, stomach tattoos and the occasional rush to the emergency room for soft tissue damage. May I be so bold to say I haven't seen this level of intensity since The Shining.

4,009,389 views 08/13/17 Amateur
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