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Grab your favorite orthopedic underwear and strap in, because these videos are like going down the Netflix rabbit hole except you're actually entertained when it's over.

Primative Sexology

Naturally occurring clay has impurities such as rocks & sand in it. There's a way to filter these impurities by planting a female of breeding age directly into the Earth. In this video I start by digging approximately 5 feet into the ground. Then applied our volunteer. This was done a number of times until they realized working retail at Walmart was a better idea after all.

999,417 views 12/01/22 Insex Archives Documentary

The Biggest SIMP on Planet Earth

A look back at a camgirl addiction so extreme, it cost Grant Amato hundreds of thousands of dollars, the trust of his family members and a lifetime prison sentence. It's basically the modern day Romeo and Juliet.

973,041 views 05/12/22 AdySweet Documentary

The Truth Behind Girls Gone Wild

[what you know]: Anyone that's had a TV on after 1:00AM between the years 1997 and 2003 are still trying to get this fucking theme song out of their heads. [what you don't know]: Doug "hobgoblin" Stanhope had the approachability of post-nut clarity Clint Howard. I demand a reboot.

1,826,737 views 05/04/21 Documentary

Cumming On Dead Girls

Some will say this is in awful taste or porn of dead girls is weird and maybe they're right but this is like any other athlete or artist memorial montage. A cautionary tribute to the dead rockstars of porn. RIP. 24/7 support for all industry performers.

2,377,644 views 03/16/21 Documentary

The Real Face of Incest

warning: This is a different kind of disturbing than you're used to. Call it a divergence for this site, but sometimes you have to see the authentic side of something the industry as a whole parodies every day... and this interview proves it. [Full Interview]

1,971,680 views 12/22/20 Documentary

Guys Only Want 1 Thing

I dunno man... this seems like a pretty predictable outcome to me. Shes got the tolerance of silicon carbide and the prick practicing Macho Man's entire moveset is more annoying than a checkmarked Twitter account. Permanent damage should be expected.

2,706,347 views 07/09/20 Documentary

The Legend of the Golden Condom

This is a look into a pagan sex cult turned rock band called "RockBitch". A sex commune living in a monastery that created a music and stage show that's kinda like a feminist rage against the machine meets an all out orgy. More Info HERE.

1,999,857 views 11/27/19 Documentary

The Show Must Go On

Playstation One-levels of animation and someones first experience with Windows Movie Maker goes horribly... right? In other words, I only ejaculated twice. And that's coming from a man whos seen Sarah Silverman naked. My voice matters.

2,088,317 views 07/15/19 PKF Studios Documentary

Pimp Life in the Trap House

Meet "Pimpin P" from Oklahoma. He's your average everyday abusive drug dealing pimp with nothing to live for. Here he is "doin' big thangs", which apparently translates to bullying a cross-eyed runaway into drinking piss and blowing his home boys.

1,675,457 views 03/01/19 Documentary

Britain's Educational TV is Insane

There's a thin line between getting your PhD with a doctorate in biology, and reprising your role as JUDGE FUCKING DOOM in the x-rated Roger Rabbit reboot. Where the line lies, I don't really know... but I'm pretty damn sure masturbation is no longer an option this week. [More Info Here]

1,381,853 views 07/19/18 Documentary

The 49 Year Old Virgin

Meet Allen. At almost 50 years old, he's never had sex and is on the verge of losing all hope. Now it's up to a $400 goth hooker with a heart of gold to help him lose his virginity once and for all... or will he fuck it all up?

2,708,057 views 11/13/14 Documentary


The strange tale of how an alleged rapist wife beater got his penis severed and became a porn star. John Wayne Bobbitt has suffered every man's worst nightmare and accomplished most guy's wildest dream. [FULL STORY]

1,599,959 views 09/18/14 Documentary

The Creepiest Motherfucker In Porn 2

The legend returns in full pussy punishing force. Watch part one HERE and come back to learn his secret on how he tricked over 100+ women into letting him plank-fuck them on film without paying.

2,935,827 views 08/17/13 Documentary

The Safe Word

This is a clip from Graphic Sexual Horror - a documentary about the infamous BDSM site It has some really interesting discussion on the abuse of women in porn and the consequences of tappin out. Almost kinda makes you feel guilty for beating off to it. Almost.

3,250,656 views 09/25/10 Documentary

Girl Got HIV After Doing Anal

This is the story of Lara Roxx - a French Canadian who's career as a hardcore pornstar was derailed before it even began. She contracted HIV just after her first shoot - which involved taking 2 fat cocks up the ass simultaneously... aka "double anal"... aka just beggin for a blood transfusion.

2,881,415 views 05/13/10 Documentary

Sex Ed For Dummies

Usually these type of videos are designed for kids. This one's actually for adults... adults so dumb they can't tell apart their wife's pussy hole from an Arby's Beef N Cheddar. Skip to 3:38 and you'll understand.

1,408,982 views 07/11/09 Documentary

Make Sure My Pussy Works

She hits up the doctor cause she's having difficulty getting pregnant. I'm no gynecologist but if shaved that bush her husband would probably have an easier time finding the right hole.

1,893,858 views 09/05/08 Documentary
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