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Connect The Dots 2

38,520 views 05/19/22 Crazy

Tear Jerkers

Every girl has a breaking point. Apparently Ashley Lane's is the highest percentage capsaicin cap·sa·i·cin / an active component of chili peppers; a chemical irritant / ointment money can buy. There's no unexpected martial arts but the line "guys are masturbating to your tears" is the kind of memory that lasts a lifetime.

2,563,914 views 11/12/20 Real Time Bondage LULZ

Societal Decay Episode 1

Classic cases of unbridled overconfidence. If only these creatures put as much effort into velcroing their crotches shut in public, as they did into experimenting with pain medications: Then maybe these permanent marks on their resumes could have been avoided. Yikes and gadzooks.

1,904,741 views 10/01/20 LULZ

Fear is the Weakness

Don't let the confidence in her voice fool you: This cholita's ability to withstand pain is about as real as her soggy pancakes in a pushup bra. As illustrated by his first, second and 17th attempt to keep a decent rhythm in her poo canoe. The end result? Well... you'll see.

2,509,335 views 10/19/19 Backroom Casting Couch Anal

Asian vs. Airsoft

Some wisdom I picked up during my 2 hour stakeout of a monster truck rally bathroom: You get what you pay for. And by the looks of those potato-sized welts taking up residence next to her shithole, I'd say this dude used Groupon at the time of service.

2,044,808 views 06/28/17 The Absurdity of Japanese Pornography

Cringiest Porn Scenes Ever Attempted

These awful pornographic gems were all attempted with eroticism as a goal. I.E. People were somehow meant to masturbate to this shit, but what these clips lack in fap value they make up for with lulz.

3,228,391 views 05/23/17 LULZ

First Time Anal Ends In Tears

AKA "How to fuck teenagers for 60% off." So a little burnout QT3.14 thought she could get some extra weed money for some anal. Only problem is she's never done anal and has no idea the hurtin' she's in for.

4,232,781 views 05/06/17 Broke Model Painal

The Accidental Anal Compilation

Not much is worse (or funnier) than an unexpected penis bashing some hoer O-ring with little forewarning or lube. Ideally, zero forewarning and zero lubes.

6,107,690 views 04/09/17 Wrong Holes

Increase Orgasms While Committing Murder [5 Easy Tips]

Somewhere there's a porn writer that has lost their damned mind.

1,794,252 views 02/08/17 LULZ

Life of the Party

You know you had fun when the next day you wake up with a concussion and realize you not only left your phone, but you also forgot your clothes, underwear, sunglasses and self-respect at the club.

4,179,450 views 01/19/17 Public

Pain Or Pleasure 11

222,486 views 10/07/16 Orgasms

18 Year Old Suffers O-Ring Blowout

Don't worry, in a few days she'll be sitting and shitting normally. Just gotta put some icy-hot on her hurt butt and eat a lot of fiber. No worries.

5,504,778 views 08/28/16 Painal

Pain Or Pleasure 10

Full Scene Here

233,227 views 06/14/16

Pain In The Pussy

162,600 views 03/25/16

Pain Or Pleasure 9

215,063 views 03/21/16

1 Guy 1 Mousetrap

A jackass inspired stunt gone sexual ends very badly for the LoL platinum player responsible for conceiving such an act of genius. Luckily our hero isn't concerned with things like dignity, human contact or a fully functioning penis.

1,744,879 views 02/01/16 Extreme

I Must've Been Drugged!

"XTRAXION: Miguel's Story" A tragic tale of obsession, desperation and loss. Some people just don't know when to stop. Miguel is one of those people.

2,679,004 views 01/09/16 Insertions

Pain Or Pleasure 7

130,523 views 12/08/15

Extreme Foot Fetish

Visit the dark side of podiatric porn. A dark, shitty basement with a custom made fuax floor complete with a penis hole. No one should have such a crazy thing, but this is no normal human being we are dealing with.

1,679,525 views 08/24/15 Extreme

Psycho Pornstar Gets Donkey Punched

A disgruntled pornstar is having a bad day, and everything that comes out of this thot's mouth is either penis related or comedy gold. She non-stop says crazy shit until her co-stars feel forced to shut her up.

4,899,111 views 07/17/15 LULZ
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