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Do You Want A Drink With Dinner?

63,836 views 02/25/22 Nasty


You don't have to be a tier-3 to experience this kind of homemade hysteria. Just zero in on the girls that are sexually attracted to Amibos and the yoinked "donations" will flow in faster than you can complain about them on Twitter. [Part I]

1,550,782 views 12/09/21 Chaturbate CAMTASTROPHES


AKA "how to ruin your reputation on a global scale." Usually it's a good thing if everyone gets laid at a party... but not when they all fucked the same chubby std collector.

4,675,190 views 03/05/17 Amateur

Ratchet Compilation 2K17

Another edition of ratchet sex tape fails featuring hood rat stuff like fire alarms with dying batteries, one lopsided illegal butt implant and other ghetto stuff.

3,124,218 views 01/26/17 LULZ

Greatest Amateur Sex Tape Fuck Ups

I don't know why anyone would post such things of themselves onto such a terrible place as the internet, but whatever! Come ride the shit train with me on a journey into the awful side of amateur pornography.

5,945,808 views 06/10/16 Amateur

Cuck Has Second Thoughts

He finally decided it was time to let his wife try fucking a black dude... just once. He even films it so they can look back on this special moment. Good call because half way through he starts getting wet feet about the whole 'stranger fucking my wife' thing.

6,832,906 views 04/09/16 Cuckold

Amateur Fail of The Year

Skanky country girl and dopey get real nasty. Either she's on her period or she just can't handle it. Either way she's not bothered at all and licks the bloody snickers bar clean.

3,680,968 views 12/09/15 Amateur

Tits and Aspergers

A 25 year old boy suffering from both severe autism and chronic virginity has found hope in Will he finally lose his V-card?

2,897,043 views 07/02/15 Premature

A Wife of Splooge

A happily married couple is currently pushing the boundaries of amateur porn. They're both jizz fanatics that mix their love of semen with public escapades. I wish I had a friend with a wife like this.

3,514,800 views 04/18/15 Public

Piercing His GFs Clit [THEN FUCKING HER]

I don't think she wanted her clit pierced, but she asks her boyfriend if he was sure about it and he assured her he was. She goes between pain, pleasure and ends up in tiny convulsions. Fun times!

3,103,355 views 04/11/15 Modifications

The Caught Compilation 1

This piece highlights some cases of shoulda locked the fucking door but I'm thinking with my genitals and other hilarious cases of people getting busted.

10,568,048 views 02/14/15 Caught Compilations

Bad Boyfriends 1

Today we watch asshole boyfriends utilizing their "volunteers" as physical, emotional and sexual punching bags. Prepare yourselves hopelessly single nice-guys: hilarious butt hurt awaits.

5,098,490 views 12/09/14 Bad Boyfriends

How to Ruin Your Vagina

Yeah sure, looks neat now... but wait for the follow up video in a year when the labia is hanging like two flappy pancakes with weird scar-holes looking like some shit outta Hellraiser.

3,092,418 views 04/03/14 Modifications

Mom Fascinated By Daughter's Sextape

This is perverse. More perverse than that happy-go-lucky bastard that ejaculates while donating to the homeless. It contains elder abuse, incestuous undertones and a talking parrot that'll channel your every thought.

6,755,076 views 02/03/13 Exhibition

Seriously what the fuck is that

Skig tag? Tumor? Krang from TMNT? Fuck if I know, but whatever it is... it totally rubbed up against the other dudes thigh at the 1.38 mark, causing a half chewed Bagel Bite to be ejected from my mouth and on to my Where's Waldo themed keyboard.

4,137,689 views 08/19/12 LULZ

Crazy Squealing Orgasm

This girl is a total nymph. Bang her extra deep and you'll be rewarded with a sound you'd normally only hear in a fucked up Peta video. Hot shit. Now about this vid - it's from a site called Watch Us Fuck, created by a duo that's been documenting their own sex life since age 18.

8,682,844 views 07/17/11 Watch Us Fuck Ridiculous Orgasms

Masculinity Fail

Dude sobs like a little bitch after his sexual advances get shot down by a midol-deficient camwhore. Cue theme song from 7th Heaven. No wait, scratch that. I got a much better song in mind. Watch and see.

1,872,703 views 06/17/10 LULZ

Husband Of The Year

I haven't seen such misogynistic greatness since "He Hates Hookers" with the late Douglas DeMann. I dunno. There's just something infinitely amusing about women being repeatedly verbally degraded by trailer trash king pimps.

3,875,940 views 06/06/10 LULZ

Cornhole Destruction

She screams "ow!" 87 times in the span of 3 minutes. The quality may be crap but you really cant complain with numbers like that.

2,375,277 views 02/22/10 Painal

Seduction Fail

This is what your mom does while you're away at school.

4,358,177 views 01/05/10 LULZ
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