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10 Men - My Agent Said Only 2!

Sativa Rose nearly shits bricks Quepapas after realizing she's been duped into doing a quasi-bukkake. Haven't seen a Mexican get this fiesty since the time i got caught sniffing second-hand chones at the local swapmeet, wearing nothing but jesus sandals.

2,134,002 views 11/16/11 LULZ

Maid Entranced By Gringo Cock

It took 3 years and 117 attempts... but it happened. It finally happened. All he ever wanted was an audience. All she ever intended was to restock toiletries. Somewhere in the middle they found eachother, and from there it was love at first cumshot. Equally amazing video HERE.

3,795,636 views 09/22/11 Exhibition

How To Fuck Like White Trash

Early model Dodge Caravan and intermediate family member not required. Just find yourself an open stretch of highway, enable cruise control, have the female shimmy on over and let the greasing of your piston begin.

2,265,120 views 07/23/11 Busted!

The BUSTED Compilation

Downside of being 26 and still living at home: everytime youre about to unload some nutsack chutney onto your GF's face., momma comes a knockin! And of course there's always the other end of the spectrum - mom's with foot long dongs but no time to use em.

4,998,860 views 03/14/11 Busted!

Being A Maid Sucks More Than You Know

Remember Exhibitionist Fail? Seems that dude just cant keep his mouth off the rubber cock. Here he is once again traumatizing the fuck out of some migrant workers. Watch all the way through. The last clip is fucking golden.

3,047,572 views 01/09/11 Exhibition

Exhibitionist Fail

You see all these videos of dudes intentionally getting caught beating off by maids. Jolly good fun. Then you have this sad motherfucker... dressed up like Little Bo Peep and chowing down on a 15 inch rubber cock. Way to kill the trend. Thanks guy.

2,148,964 views 09/16/10 Exhibition

LOL GTFO Grandma

This is rather odd. I mean the dude gets caught pissing on the face of his 20 year old girlfriend by a lady older than Jesus and doesn't even bother to cover up. For a solid 10 seconds the old hag just stands there eyeing his cock. There's no embarrassment. No dialogue. Just one baffled senior citizen trying to make sense of a contemporary sex act.

1,848,887 views 05/29/10 Busted!

My Sister Caught Me Masturbating

Mr. big dick hot shot is reduced to a little bitch in 5 seconds flat after his sister walks in on his cybersex extravaganza.

3,799,408 views 02/23/10 Busted!


This video was submitted with no audio track. Luckly I can read lips with precise accuracy, so I created some textual captions to compensate for the lack of dialogue. Pretty sure I nailed it on the head.

4,162,120 views 02/18/10 Busted!

Masturbation Fail

I hear that locking the door is a pretty efficient away of gaining privacy. Might wanna try that out sometime ya dumb bitch.

3,000,222 views 01/23/10 Busted!

Maid Mayhem

These men have truly mastered the art of sexually harassing migrant workers. Bravo. But I do believe it's time to take that next step forward - The Ritz Carlton. All white maids with 34d titties. Make daddy proud.

3,488,390 views 01/14/10 Exhibition

10 Inches Of Terror

That raspy lookin black bitch's reaction is fuckin PRICELESS!

3,733,549 views 11/24/09 Exhibition

The Sherminator

Props to the ginger on his pipe laying skills. Honestly haven't heard a woman scream that loud since the time I was caught defecating in front of Blockbuster in protest to late fees accumulated on my rental of The Neverending Story 3 (director's cut). Good times.

1,790,982 views 11/20/09 Orgasms

Orgasm Ruined By Momma

Dudes in the middle of busting a nut when Madea comes a knocking. This is why I jack off with headphones on. Nothing comes between me and glory.

2,308,552 views 09/02/09 Busted!

LOL I Caught You

I caught my ex-girlfriend masturbating once after months of reconnaissance. At first I was all like "HAHA I finally caught you! Yussss!".... but then it occured to me - she rather fuck a piece of plastic than sleep with me. What a fucking insult.

3,848,689 views 02/28/09 Busted!

Make Momma Proud

I'm pretty sure just about everyone gets caught having sex by their parents at some point in life. Well maybe not if you're an orphan, but it definitely happened to me. I was playing Tetris, level 34, as the neighborhood hoe performed fellatio on my Ultra Magnus. I put in a special request to mother for some Nachos Bell Grande, assuming I'd be finished prior to delivery. Needless to say my calculations were a bit off.

2,396,549 views 01/05/09 Busted!

Coworker Caught Jacking Off

Really now, I've been caught doing worse things on the job. K-Mart, January 2002, thirty minutes before closing, pet food aisle. Me, Mrs. Dilworth and a 2 foot lava lamp straight out of the display case. Use your imagination.

2,205,501 views 11/23/08 Busted!

Go Away Bro, I'm Masturbating

This is why I carry a 12oz bottle of my mace in my center console. Rest stops are great for quick 'on the road' jackoff sessions but they're almost always laden with dirty old men looking to score free peep shows. If they want to see me make love to myself, they gotta pay... otherwise it's mace to the face.

1,044,224 views 10/19/08 Busted!

Caught Cheating By Angry Husband

From what I've read there is a longer version of this floating around somewhere. If any of you have it - hit me up! I have a sneaking suspicion that someone ends up getting their ass kicked.

2,584,040 views 07/20/08 Busted!

Mom Interrupts Fuck Session

Some parents that were supposed to be gone for the weekend came home early only to discover that their office is being used for an amateur porn shoot!

3,577,123 views 03/03/08 Amateur
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