The Saddest Penis in Japan

Speculation time: Virginal? Medical condition? The mating ritual of the Monarch Middle-aged Edokko? We may never know the real answer, but one thing is certain: His speed-running ability would earn front page access on Twitch. No questions asked.

248,571 views 12/02/21 Asians

Return of the Dumbest Cunt in Porn

This one is for the homies that asked me wtf happened to that girl who looks like Sarah Palin crossbreed her with a gerbil? As fate would have it, not even a pandemic slowed down her quest for hating cum on a budget. Yikes and might I add, gadzooks.

487,454 views 11/29/21 Bang.com LULZ

Fearless Acts of Public Masturbation

social interaction: Some participate for the camaraderie. Others are hell bent on racking up enough restraining orders to make Charlie Sheen blush. I unironically expect Moscow's tourism to go up 37% after the release of this video.

454,146 views 11/25/21 Exhibition

ILLEGAL in 194 Countries

Want hard proof that humans are still all about charity? Look no further friendos. This scumcunt offers some locals the ultimate handout: A free reminder to get yourself STD tested next time you go reaching for those frozen Reese's Cups. You can find her new profile HERE.

810,975 views 11/22/21 WTF

Porn isn't For Everyone

Ever seen a semi-professional cocksmith go from curiosity to disgusted this fast before? Felicity is pretty good at hiding it but lemme tell you... it's all fun and games until you're face-to-nutsack with a man that considers bratwurst one of the 5 staples of the food pyramid. Can't blame her tbh.

695,498 views 11/18/21 Facial Abuse Crazy

Depth Defying Moments

The 4:30 mark will be the breaking point for some of you. Is it real? Will you ever look at BFG Division the same again? Did I free throw one into the sink at Starbucks from the foul line because their stall was locked off this morning? All these questions have the same answer.

755,284 views 11/15/21 Roxy Raye Anal

The $40,000 Cock Job

Let me tell ya something champ: I've seen some loathsome shit in my day: Tijuana farm hopping, suggestive photos of Rosie O'Donnell, and whatever that Ghostbusters reboot was. But this? This made me boil a pot of chamomile tea and tell my dick a bedtime story. [OP]

583,109 views 11/11/21 Gallery

The Worst of the Worst of OnlyFanz

Tripling down on a sub-culture that has defied all odds and normalized paying for content less interesting than giving Betty White 15 unsupervised minutes with a lawn sprinkler. These hype machines never seem to deliver. But the ones that come up really short? These might get a nut or 5 out of you. [PART I] [PART II]

1,221,623 views 11/08/21 Fail

Public Degeneracy Volume 2

Today we learn three crucial things, so grab your colored pencils and pay attention: #1: Voyeurism is alive and well #2: Sexual misconduct is always negotiable. And #3: Lifetime bans from Macy's aren't a big deal. Lets get it.

1,271,608 views 11/04/21 Public

Elena Koshka Overloaded

Symptom #67 that you've graduated from pornstar to full blown drama queen: 3 pumps from Manuel Ferrara's ham hog makes her tap out faster than the Frank Shamrock/Kevin Jackson fight (look it up). Like my reaction after hearing Oprah Winfrey wants to run for president, you can literally see fear in her eyes.

881,708 views 11/01/21 Manuel Ferrara Porn Fail

Painful Moments in Anal Sex

It's that time again. The blurring of that line between majoring at a community college and female independence as illustrated by a sex act that's lead to more adult diapers than In n' Out's Animal Style. Never before has adult entertainment made me proud of the reward points I earned shopping exclusively at Walgreens.

837,292 views 10/28/21 Anal

Blame it on the BBC

I guess this is what happens when your Netflix and Chill night turns into a solo adventure and you start organizing the "Foreign Girls That Like WuTang" sub-folder in your NUT directory. I don't know, I see more reasons you shouldn't cornhole wild life thanks to her constant deer-in-headlights reaction than I do sitcom legends. Thoughts?

769,657 views 10/25/21 Mildly Retarded


Feast your eyes on a collection of o-faces so outlandish, it would be impossible to get a nut off in public without being caught. Especially if they are a distance shooter. Chances are they'll let loose near an active bus stop and catch one of the locals in the crossfire. It's called "The Cuban Waterslide" and I'm still paying the price for it to this day.

1,148,165 views 10/21/21 Kink.com LULZ


Real? Deceptive editing? The Goku of premature ejaculation? I don't have the answer this time. But just imagine if he went even further with this talent. Plan-B's entire industry would need emergency funding.

1,091,772 views 10/18/21 THESTARTOFUS Orgasms

The Very Best of Public Masturbatorz

Short of being an extra on Rocco's Tour of a Retirement Village (coming 2035) - I'm not sure how this talent comes in handy. Never knowing the feels of a consensual relationship maybe? An existence without having to shop for birthday gifts... maybe that's the life for me after-all.

1,041,923 views 10/14/21 Public

The Worst Casting Couch Video Ever

The downside to dating a girl with the self-awareness of a TikTok investor? Literally nothing. Not even an unannounced visit to vegemite valley is enough to send her running. Either we have a cold-blooded liar on our hands, or that pudding hatch is spring-loaded.

869,848 views 10/11/21 Backroom Casting Couch Anal

Educating an 18-year-old Rookie

Take a culture that considers Rick and Morty comedy, crossbreed them with an addiction to street drugs and this is the result. a.k.a top tier pussy slaying material in the world of Joey-P. Don't agree? Leave feedback on [whatever the fuck he's selling on Amazon] and prove it.

1,043,742 views 10/07/21 JoePusher.com Fail

11 Inches vs. Teenage Butthole

There's something truly endearing about a girl that takes the Secret of the Ooze Super Shredder of BBCs, then double downs on being a stable human being. Her talents scream "3 more months of practice and my asshole will out-perform any South American footlocker".

1,031,149 views 10/04/21 Dogfart Anal

Awkward Moments in Gangbanging

What is the last bodily fluid you want to see halfway into a twin-sister garbanzo beaning? If your answer has anything to do with Teavana's seasonal flavors - you're only halfway there. But points are on the board. #gag

1,119,026 views 09/30/21 Gonzo.com Nasty


Unwritten Rule #276 of porn: Dare to accept a Queen scene and there's no turning back. I'm talking the kind of irreparable disappointment felt only by someone making it to the end credits of 2020's hit film Jiu Jitsu starring Nicolas Cage and whatever is left of this chick's labia.

964,714 views 09/27/21 Queen Snake Extreme
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