Lets His GF Blow His Friend

Apparently, the boyfriend draws the line on kissing. You can put your cock and cum all up in his girlfriends mouth but don't kiss her. Bros don't do that to each other man... but make sure you cum in her mouth bro! "That's important"

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Pulsating Pussy

Asian chick gets the elasticity fucked out of her, generating one pussy-throbbing orgasm after another. I have to say, the end result isnt too aesthetically pleasing. After the 5th orgasm her twat starts to look like something off an Arby's value menu.

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Orgasm Interrupted By Phone Call

Here's another video with that one slut who has orgasmic convulsions everytime something big and black is stuck between her legs.

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Orgasm Fail

Preggo girl is in the middle of cumming when her [minute] man declares that the apple sauce is en route for early delivery. She replies with a double "doo eet", which I believe means: "cum inside me so that I can finish my orgasm you twig dick motherfucker". The request didn't seem to catch.

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Psycho Slut Spasms Out Of Control

This seems to be one of the rare instances where a woman can orgasm with little or no physical stimulation of the genitals. In this particular case, it looks like the deepthroating and/or gagging is what's triggering her orgasm.

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Psycho Orgasm

A self induced orgasm leaves this slut flopping around like a fish out of water. Reminds me of myself when I lost my virginity, except I actually cried a litte. Tears of joy.

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Heart Attack Orgasm

When I lost my virginity 2 weeks ago my orgasm sounded very similair to this.

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Orgasm Morphs Woman Into Beast

That man is lucky to be alive. She damn near bit his head off. I'll bet you anything she's related to this lady.

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How To Make A Girl Cum

If your penis is insufficient, watch this video and learn how to give a girl an orgasm so big that she'll giiggle like school girl and love you forever. This would be quite a change for me, most girls just spit in my face after sex. They just can't seem to appreciate ass 2 mouth.

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Oh My God

This marks the return of the emotional orgasm slut, my personal favorite. Nothing excites me more than watchin that black sausage destroy her ivory cooter.

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Intense Orgasm

Listen to this dude go. Judging by his scream I'd guess someone stuck a cactus up his ass.

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Emotional Orgasm 3

This dude fucks his girlfriend so hard she screams loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.

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Emotional Orgasm

An intense orgasm leaves this chick paralyzed. The power of the cock is strong with this one.

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