"Amputee Porn Gone Bad"

All the things that made amputee porn so great just got shitted on by whoever made this so called 'erotic film'. Amputee porn is about disabled, submissive (and usually defenseless) women being fucked by men with exceedingly large penises. I refuse to have it any other way.

NO ME GUSTA JIZZUM! She HATES Blowjobs LOL Shy, Scared & Fucking Beautiful LOL Sexual Inferiority
WTF Is That Cum Faces of eFukt Clingers Happy Ending WIN
Hi, My Penis Is 3 Feet Long Rectal Control Fail Death By Titties Balls Deep or GTFO
Happy Ending Fail The Man With Two Dicks Mission Impossible: Dont Cum Smegma Makes Her Gag