"Czech porn is hilariously horrible"

What does a Toyota Supra, lung cancer and a washer machine have in common? In most cases, absolutely fucking nothing. But this isn't like most cases. This is Czech pornography, the final frontier in sexual retardation. Download here and discuss here.

Feminist Attacks Cocky Stripper Butt Sex Sends Poor Girl to the ER LOL: She Rather Fuck A Horse! American History XXX
Double Fist = Instant Orgasm Brown Bag! I Haz a Breakdown Meanwhile in Russia...
Dude Upstages Everyone @ Gangbang The Viewers Of Efukt The Emotional Limits of Pornstars Hey Mikey, She HATES It
College Kids Attempt Public Sex (and FAIL) Kicked In The Balls Of My Heart 1st Blowjob - FEELS GOOD MAN I don't remember this in Robocop

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