"cRaZy whore is cRaZy "

What weighs 325 pounds, has hair worse than Phil Spector, and secretly enjoys getting karate-kicked in the appendix while ripping ass? This chick's 798th fuck buddy, and he's not even the worst of the bunch. Intro track is called We Will Survive. Download all videos HERE.

Hammer Head Gangbang Fail Jabba The Slut Cheating Fail
85 Pound Nerd Masturbates @ Work I'll Fuck You Up There Goes My Porn Career People are NOT Awesome 2014
Unnecessary Break Down Girl The Absurdity of Japanese Pornography Turtling While 69'ing LOLOLOL Attack Of The 2 Incher
Clam Chowder The Dumbest Shit Ever Said In Porn Mother-Daughter Porno Fail You Want To Quit... FOR REALZ

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