"OOPS! I Accidentally Sodomized You!"

If there's one thing that never fails to get a fuckload of clicks - it's videos of unexpected butt love. So here's 8 of em. That's right, EIGHT, as in the number of times I defecated after eating crab wontons at P.F. Changs. Enjoy. SOURCES: #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #8.

Double Fist = Instant Orgasm Thot Hilariously Ruins Cum Shot Even Women Premature Ejaculate The Pencil Test
Goober Crashes Bukkake Party Porno Accidente Clingers The Biggest Whore In History
Super Mom The Most Pathetic Lesbian Scene Of All Time A Gangbang Before Marriage She Hates Gangbangs
Thugs Harass Interracial Couple Ragegasm Asian Girl Got Talent College Students Rather Spy Than Fuck