"College Class On Fisting"

Crash course on how to effectively turn your lady friend's choco taco into a permanently gaping meat cave, as illustrated by that sassy bitch from Seinfield. Invaluable information really. More educational pr0n vids by the same people available HERE. All for free!

Jabba The Slut Wait For It... Who Wants Lasagna The Harlem Struggle
The Destruction of A Stuttering Asian Sit Your Whore Ass Down! Gang Member Of The Year Long Lips
OOPS! Wrong Hole! My Vagina Is On FUCKING Fire Is It In Yet Twig Girl
Hygiene Fail 2 How To Harass An 18 Y/O Into Doing Anal Attack Of The 2 Incher The Most Obnoxious Cameraman in Porno History

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