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It's A living 6

9,307 views 09/13/23 Mildly Retarded

Thats Got To Hurt 12

10,266 views 09/04/23 Fail

Cute and Disabled

Meet the Helen Keller of casual sex. At first I was like cool, another fake video I'm exposing my White Snake loincloth too... and then I realized this is 100% legit and should be in the first chapter of every sign language program in the country. Hit me up Rosetta Stone.

2,691,252 views 05/12/20 Exploited Teens Teen

The Skank Tank

Psychotically perverted Japanese porno directors have constructed a gigantic fish tank made for sexually tormenting cute teenagers.

2,485,896 views 10/21/16 The Absurdity of Japanese Pornography

Cute Teen With Hidden Talent

Don't even lie to yourself. This bitch is so hot you wouldn't mind her magical Stretch Armstrong vagina at all.

3,356,068 views 02/17/16 Lethal Hardcore Teen

Flashing Kids At The Mall Prank

The year is 2016. Mom won't buy Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition because ya hammered down 9 cans of Chef Boyardee while marathoning Naruto, and now Susie Stankpuss is using you to seek validation next to the handicap bathrooms. How can life get any worse?

3,523,090 views 01/21/16 FTVGirls Public

Has Cam Modeling Gone Too Far

You'd never guess this adorable cutie on the left managed get her account banned for offending a lot of people. Not here at eFukt though! Nope, we appreciate that sort of thing here.

2,930,646 views 11/24/15 MyFreeCams Camwhores

Epic 2 Horrible in Thirty Seconds!

She pretty much aces the whole 'prostitute on camera' thing except for one small detail: This newbie pornstar's lady cum has a really unique... consistency.

4,632,140 views 06/18/15 Broke Model LULZ

Thot Butthole Rekt by Prized Mandingo

She's got the body type of a holocaust victim and she came to the glamorous dog fart productions to film her first interracial anal scene. Srsly tho, "dog fart" has to be the fucking worst studio name in porno history.

3,814,107 views 06/08/15 Dogfart Painal

How To Fail in Porn [x2+]

A hilarious short story about the prettiest ogre girl from the little village of Mordor... She was looking for her big break but instead she was left with only $250, a butt load of pain and a mouth full of grossness. Me gusta?

11,279,701 views 05/10/15 FAKings Painal

Just Tha Tip

Shane Diesel the type of nigga that gotta stand when he poops or his dick floats in the water. His dick so big he can't even go balls deep on these professional cock smugglers without causing serious internal injuries.

8,022,002 views 04/21/15 Monsters of Cock Favorites

A Happy Breakdown

A former lesbian is getting fucked in beast mode by professional pornstar cock, and her brain can't even handle it. She cums so hard she sheds happy tears and it's frickin' beautiful.

5,652,187 views 03/18/15 Elegant Angel Breakdowns


This is like the pornographic equivalent of kicking a cute little lost puppy. Only the puppy is totally fuckable and I get a weird boner watching its face, self esteem and even its tonsils get totally fucking rekt.

4,643,217 views 01/19/15 Facial Abuse LULZ

The Return of the Giggliest Girl in Porn

She started with some nude modeling, went straight into 10+ guy glory hole sessions and then promptly disa-fuckin-peared. What ever happened to our beloved Claire? [Original Video]

2,730,265 views 12/27/14 Gloryhole Swallow Gloryhole

Jingle Ballz

Merry XXXmas from your friends at eFukt!

1,427,937 views 12/24/14 Bizarre

Suicidal Butt Sex Girl

You'll prolly recognize Kevin from such masterpieces as 'the hooker with the lopsided tit' and 'mind-fucking the delivery guy'. Today he's back to teach everyone a lesson in butt sex and regret.

3,861,478 views 11/21/14 Broke Model LULZ

Newb Cums in 10 Seconds

This guy's dream came true and the bang bus picked him up. First, he's gonna make out with a professional cock sucker. Then after a whopping 10 seconds inside a vagina, he's totally gonna cum all over himself.

5,433,926 views 11/03/14 Bang Bus Bang Bus Chronicles

Thot Hilariously Ruins Cum Shot

This is a pretty amazing scene right up until the point when it becomes one of the best cum shot fails of all time. Imagine the glorious feeling of having your penis sucked -- now imagine that feeling being destroyed right when it counts.

5,382,646 views 09/27/14 NubileFilms LULZ

Lexi Belle Has A Breakdown

A scene gets a little too intense for Lexi when her costar bitch slaps the valtrex out of her face. After which her costar turned assailant keeps asking her "are you ok?"

3,972,144 views 08/11/14 Breakdowns

Semen and Strife

See that pretty face? Well, that's all you get because she's too busy getting seizure-fucked in the face by a cock raging french guy the entire clip to look at the camera. #rekt

4,145,323 views 07/16/14 Woodman Casting X Orgasms
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