Public Blowjob... LIKE A BOSS

East Bumblefuck Uzbekistan. Some people go for the cheap clothing. Others go to enjoy a slop job from the finest business-casual prosti in town. Sherman over here dared to ask the question: Why not both?

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Horribly Catchy Musical Pornography

In Russia, a fake farm equipped with disco lights and some thot lip syncing catchy dance music while fucking for 20 minutes is quality porn. I'm not totally convinced, but the song does have a 'pavlov's dog' effect on my boner now. Moar HERE.

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The True Story of Animal Farm

Depending on who you ask, Bodil Joensen is either a gross dog-fucking prostitute, cult icon or exploited victim. But one thing is for sure, she masterminded and starred in an infamous 70's beastiality film that has scarred minds for decades. More info HERE, HERE, HERE.

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The Dumbest Shit Ever Said In Porn

Belladonna is down for dog cock, Proxy Paige wants to fuck her own mom, & Annette Schwarz gets wet thinking about vomiting on senior citizens. Goodbye, my search for companionship has been fulfilled. SOURCES: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9.

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The Worst Cumshot Of All Time

This dude ejaculates Grey Poupon. Straight up. It's the most bedazzling shit I've seen since that picture of Jesus appearing on a dog's asshole. Be sure to keep a towel handy in case you vomit and/or nut. See the full video HERE.

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Sniffing Her Butt Wont Help

Premature ejaculation is funny. People trying to combat premature ejaculation is funnier. Notable examples: A.) pipe squeezer and B.) focusing on dog shit. Today we introduce a new, equally fucking retarded method for countering early evac. It's called sniffin your costars asshole. And unless the bitch just shit out 4 baconators, it wont work.

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Squirt Fail

A little KY Jelly, Egyptian cotton sheets, continuous stimulation of the G-Spot... what could possibly go wrong? I'll give you a hint.. it's shaped like a dodger dog, travels at high velocities and smells like that fat girl from Precious.

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A Discussion On Beastiality

LOL @ Sasha Grey's brief facial expression of disgust as Belladonna admits that she's down for dog cock. Some irony to be had in the shirt she's wearing.

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Earthworm Jim

A parasite most commonly found in dog shit has taken up residence in the cornhole of this Salvadoran hooker. Not much of a step up but what's amazing is how this dumb bitch shits it out in the middle of her pay-per-view camshow without even realizing it. NOE ES BUENO.

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I Lost My Virginity To A Dog

Perhaps my logic in somewhat flawed - but you'd think that someone who's devoted their life to sucking animal dick would at least have the courtesy to convert to vegetarianism. You heartless bitch.

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Holy Shit

Two years of solid constipation. That's what you get for eating dog. WHABAM!

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Healthy Alternatives To Anal Sex

She rather suck off a fuckin golden retriever than take it up the butt. No joke. They even have an in depth conversation about dog cock just prior to the cumshot finale. Nothing like a little steamy dialogue to keep your noodle hard, right? More fucked up'ness available @ MEATHOLES.

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