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I Hope There Is Homework

6,384 views 02/02/24 Public

"Orb Challenge" Almost Ruptures Cervix

Got one too many (see: 3) emails about this particular wildebeest seen in Unacceptable Devices VIII, so here's the full[er] version for the special kind of miscreant that prefers to end his No Nutting November with some class.

532,230 views 12/11/23 Insertions

Women's Defense Class

9,589 views 10/30/23 Asians

Japan Gym Class IS Weird 2

182,993 views 03/12/19 Asians

Japan Gym Class IS Weird

184,596 views 03/09/19 Asians

First Class

208,384 views 01/16/19

Stink Palm

She-beast pulls a scratch n sniff in the middle of class, likely a misguided effort to relive last night's chimichangas. Once is relatively harlmess but a double dipper? Look at her fuckin drool. Lunch break aint till noon ya dirty bitch.

1,892,049 views 02/10/11 LULZ

College Class On Fisting

Crash course on how to effectively turn your lady friend's choco taco into a permanently gaping meat cave, as illustrated by that sassy bitch from Seinfield. Invaluable information really.

2,729,431 views 11/04/10 Fisting

Target Acquired

Scouting for victims outside Barneys New York? Woah now! A sexual predator with class.

1,148,529 views 04/02/10

Two Feet Of Pain

He's got me beat by like one inch. Okay maybe more like 23 inches. I couldn't even satisfy a midget. But where I lack in size, I make up for with class and charm.

3,520,172 views 09/04/08 Big Dicks
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