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Undoubtedly the most erotic thing I've seen since responding to an OKCupid message from a girl named The Violator. Results were similar if you replace 'cumshot' with 'Hellmans Tartar Sauce'. And 'private affair' with 'Burger King during rush hour'.

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Blame it on Mother Nature

She's having problems of the ovarian variety and it's about to fuck your day up. My defense? eFukt lacks videos for the female demographic. You already know where this is going.

1,823,818 views 05/05/18 Nasty

13 Most Ridiculous Orgasms Ever

First time squirters, prolapse-induced climaxes and bittersweet hategasms... today's vid has more variety than a fuckin Sizzler salad bar. Best comes last, so I recommend you see this one all the way through.

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40,377 views 01/18/23

OnlyFanz Just Can't Get Any Worse

Interracial doll play, stickam webcam bitrates and public humiliation at a Pepboys garage. No, it's not the secret combination to unlock 2022. It's round #5 in the OF saga, because... there's no fucking lack of women baiting the socially inept into monthly subscriptions. PARTS: [1] [2] [3] [4]

693,174 views 10/03/22 The Worst of OnlyFanz

The Sounds of Love

Not the first video that's made me question the female body, but it may be the only Efukt feature that gets into a Bubballoo Gum commercial. People deserve a little reality on their television. Not Dwight Shrute hosting a swap meet in Frog Balls Arkansas. Now where's that royalty check?

1,535,845 views 04/13/19 Orgasms

Return of the 18-year-old Anal Rookie

Last time she was getting the carnitas railroaded out of her instead of doing something useful, like filing a name change application. Today tho? Today a borderline Alzheimers patient secures her spot in the record books for "Best First Week in Porn Ever". Call Guinness.

1,100,349 views 11/28/22 Rocco Siffredi Teen

10 of the Most Intense Orgasms Ever

Get ready to endure more than 9 of the craziest and most intense orgasms ever filmed. Orgasms that "feels good on muh dick" and require the use of phrases like "hosed down", "came buckets" and sloots saying "omg" 9001x.

4,690,811 views 10/28/14 Ridiculous Orgasms

BiG Bertha's Pocket Rocket

The name "Big Bertha" comes from a giant Pre-Nazi German war cannon that would lob 1,800 lb explosive shells into shit like France and Belgium. It also happens to look like this bitches dick.

1,786,727 views 02/23/16 Futanaria Bizarre

How To Have Cyber Sex!

Many, many years ago, in the days of old known as 1997, an instructional VHS was forged. Watch and learn how to master the art of one handed typing with post-aspergers Winnie Cooper from the "Wonder Years".

1,278,945 views 07/31/14 LULZ


Two petite Asians get the fried rice fucked out of em.

8,305,110 views 01/04/12 Ridiculous Orgasms

The Greatest Live Stream Trainwreck Ever

Over the course of 15 years, I've tried saving the word epic for oddities that truly work for the definition. And let me tell you friends: If an emotional beat down of a daddy-issued ketamine-lifer doesn't earn it, the 4-inch race-rampage in the final act will lol.

2,458,195 views 12/01/20 Jewelrancid Crazy

Pornstars Read Hatemail

I'm not totally convinced that all these girls have reached stardom. Also, I think Tabitha Stevens now qualifies for senior benefits, and one girl looks homeless, but whatever.

1,667,443 views 03/15/15 LULZ
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