"Passion of the Painal"

Whore #3 is quite adorable. She may not speak a lick of English, but her facial expressions certainly have a story to tell.. namely "ouch, that hurts", "please hurry up" and "why in the fuck did I quit my job at Hotdog On A Stick for this shit". Live and learn baby. SOURCES: 1. 2, 3, 4, 5.

Rage Quit Maid Mayhem Dude That's My Mom's Friend! I Pwn3d Your Virginity
The Most Beautiful Breakdown Ever Threesome Gone Bad 38 Years Without Ejaculation Make Me A Vegatable
Whoregasm Husband Of The Year Pornstar Drops 'N' Bomb Earthworm Jim
She Claims She Fucked Her... Queefing Beauty Teacher Of The Millennium Genius Straps Go-Pro to his Head

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