"The BUSTED Compilation"

Downside of being 26 and still living at home: everytime youre about to unload some nutsack chutney onto your GF's face., momma comes a knockin! And of course there's always the other end of the spectrum - mom's with foot long dongs but no time to use em.

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It's Only Smellz Cum Dodger FAIL Drug Mule In Training I FUCKING HATE CUM!
Friendly Fire Shy, Scared & Fucking Beautiful The Obliteration of Female Genitalia DP Fail
Family of the Year HARDER! Or I Cant Cum! Is It In Yet This Girl is Fucked Up!
Feminist Attacks Cocky Stripper Homo Fail Speech Disorders & Anal Sex Dont Mix Prostitute Lasts Only 28 Seconds