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She Needs To See A Doctor

50,331 views 05/05/22 Nasty

Ruined For Life

97,510 views 02/05/21 Fisting

Ruined Or Enhanced Her Orgasm?

222,591 views 06/21/19

19-years-old and RUINED

There's only two people on Earth that should never be caught fishing for brown trouts: Lindsay Lohan in her 'i'll snort Tide Pods' phase, and this chick. She's 19, anti-semen and dumber than a mailbox on Sunday. In other words: she was BORN for eFukt.

3,221,075 views 02/05/18 Crack Whore Confessions Hookers

Halloween Mask Ruined

187,540 views 10/31/16 Nasty


197,446 views 08/01/16 Mildly Retarded

He Ruined Girls Night Out

188,612 views 05/25/15

The Greatest Girl In The World

She's got the looks, she's got the body and she definitely has the talent. She can also use her vagina to keep your subs warm and hang a coat. Now she's stealing our hearts. Duck Tales. A woo ooh.

3,576,975 views 12/12/14 Modifications

Orgasm Ruined By Momma

Dudes in the middle of busting a nut when Madea comes a knocking. This is why I jack off with headphones on. Nothing comes between me and glory.

2,310,637 views 09/02/09 Busted!

Don't Cum On Me Motherfucker

I wonder what that must feel like... to defend yourself from a physical assault as you're in the middle of ejaculating. I'd sue the bitch - 50k in punitive damages for an orgasm ruined. No one fucks up my fap session and gets away with it for free.

2,486,611 views 05/08/09 Fail

Good Porn Ruined By Shitty Music

It's a porno, not a god damn fitness video. Stop adding in the shitty keyboard-generated dance music, it drains out the sound of the woman crying and gagging on cock, which is an essential part of my fap session.

2,580,558 views 10/06/08 LULZ
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