Whats The Problem

Whats The Problem

Uploaded 02/22/17
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ex·per·i·menting: [1] to try out new concepts or ways of doing things [2] performing a scientific procedure, to determine something [3] to change the entire demographic for the NERF Elite Strongarm Blaster

769,877 views 07/13/23 Bizarre

Stronger than Viagra

Found this gem in the Italian film "Capodanno in Casa Curiello", which roughly translates to "New Years at Grandpa's House". Think combining the gothic undertones of The Adam's Family with the threatening erections of Boogie Nights wouldn't work? You thought wrong faggit.

1,468,026 views 07/17/17 LULZ

Warning: Advanced Users ONLY

11 Seconds: That's the average time it takes for one family-sized order of Chang's Orange Chicken to kick flip it's way out of my body and make it's way back to the manure farm. It's also the amount of time it takes the new poster girl for "LOLIDGAF" to get the official Efukt seal of approval. You're welcome.

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The average Becky wouldn't be caught in a Burger King drivethru at night without marathoning 20 minutes of YouTube makeup tutorials. And then there's this powerhouse: Who ran out of fucks to give somewhere between the 3rd and 4th lung surgery.

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Shit Pornstars Say 3

I don't know which ANTIFA rally that last girl ditched to shoot this scene, but her hygiene makes about as much sense as the 43,000 volts she pretends are running through her labia every time a guy named Ranjeete slaps down 50 Rupees on her "PubLiC cUmShOWs" ala Chaturbate.

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Cornholin in Kentucky

A couple of yahoos get caught mashin potatoes during happy hour. Not very conspicuous about it either. Remember that one weirdo in school that always dropped his pants to the floor in front of the urinal? This is what happens when he grows up.

806,498 views 05/15/23 Busted!

Middle-Aged Woman Terrorizes Locals

Were you also gifted the sexual prowess of a polar bear on methamphetamines at birth? Well that only leaves 1 path for you to take in life. So if you share this lady's disposition, consider alternatives to Tinder. I'm thinking Farmersonly, without the farmers. Feel me?

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Japan's Final Boss

1945: We drop the bomb 1946 - 2016: ............. 2017: THIS

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The Caught Compilation 4

Admittedly these are all pretty standard 'i drank 2 entire Coronas on spring break and had sex with a house plant' plot lines... but dude in the last clip has some explaining to do. Like, this is why I have to wear diapers at 27-years-old kind of explaining.

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Diet WIN

She's got a unique look. It's two parts concentration camp, one part Glamour Girls. If anyone's interested in a wager, I have Season 6 of Bill Nye the Science Guy on bluray that says my pet chinchilla drops bigger deuces than this chick. More of her HERE.

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Tear Jerkers

Every girl has a breaking point. Apparently Ashley Lane's is the highest percentage capsaicin cap·sa·i·cin / an active component of chili peppers; a chemical irritant / ointment money can buy. There's no unexpected martial arts but the line "guys are masturbating to your tears" is the kind of memory that lasts a lifetime.

2,521,976 views 11/12/20 Real Time Bondage LULZ
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