We got a pretty diverse group of fatherless degeneration this time around. Whether it's Discovery Channel's new poster girl at the 0:35 second mark, or the champ going for his 17th title at 4:20, you're guaranteed at least one reason to start day drinking again.

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52,134 views 11/21/23

I'm Sorry, Did I Break Your Uterus?

Today we go on a spirited journey to a time forgotten; Behind the scenes of your average 2004 porn shoot. Special shoutout to Julian for being a role model during my college years. That man's lust for turning fallopian tubes into tier-3 tuna casserole should have earned the Martha Stewart seal of approval.

1,666,657 views 07/18/22 LULZ


First attempts at delivering a beat down in meat town [1:53], a possible Resident Evil 4 cosplay [3:27] and a language barrier so ridiculous I might have to give the girl her own special section on this site in the future. [4:17] If your Tinder profile doesn't have the words butt poosy fuck on it, why even try?

1,370,570 views 04/17/23 CAMTASTROPHES


It's all giggles until you hit 5:15. My advice? Be less worried about token counts and more concerned with whatever off-road vehicle ran that thing over and fled the scene. The fuck is going on down there? And more importantly, how many Tremors movies are we up to now?

1,316,825 views 10/26/23 CAMTASTROPHES

Advanced Sex Moves 2021

I'm all for testing boundaries, but caution should be advised if you want to attempt any of these yourself. Tip: When testing those Special Team plays you saw online, it's best to practice first. PROOF: The $4500 bill I have for buying this.

1,251,749 views 07/19/21 LULZ

Shit Pornstars Say 4

I imagine this is what happens when all of your knowledge of the English language comes from Pizza Hut commercials and TikTok. In fact, I may have just uncovered a form of communication so useless that California colleges might start offering 4-year degrees in it.

1,745,331 views 10/13/20 Shit Pornstars Say


If anything you should watch this for the last scene. In less than 3 minutes, this duo gave us enough character development, story twists and cliffhanger endings to last two seasons on Netflix. I will literally pay for the emergency room footage, DM me. Catch them live HERE.

1,698,872 views 02/02/23 CAMTASTROPHES

The Caught Compilation 9

Nothing says "the pandemic is over" quite like the uptick in girls increasing their social skank rank by taking their 1-man-band act on the road. Nearly 13 displays of attention-whoring so unprecedented, you'll schedule an STD test just for watching it.

2,575,153 views 06/20/21 Caught Compilations

Return of the Fucking King

Not since the Olsen twins eating disorders have I seen such misuse of a white girl's digestive system. Side note: Flattery isn't exactly my strong point, but I gotta admit: This man's organic reactions are A+ material. I'd gladly start a movement to see him as the next great WWE Champion. #believedat

1,615,387 views 02/28/22 Black Pay Back LULZ

This is What Prostitution Really Looks Like

Turns out fertilizing your own family tree isn't the only extra curricular activity people practice in Frogballs, Arkansas. Just don't be misled by The Rat King's lack of hygiene; Your respect for the modern day alpha male begins here and now.

2,234,217 views 02/14/22 Hookers


I've seen a lot of people do a lot of repulsive shit just to keep their rent paid. But whatever backyard bangcock bumblefuck blownout butthole bullshit is going on in the last clip? That's a level of holistic hemorrhoidal care I hope to never see IRL. Discuss your disgust [-HERE-]

1,469,072 views 07/20/23 CAMTASTROPHES

Japanese Porn Is FUCKING CRAZY

You know you're in the golden age of porn when someone consults Michael Bay for their scene. Too bad the novelty of implied homicide wears off pretty quick when you have to multitask cumshots with Die Hard 1.

2,810,050 views 08/05/17 JAVHD Asians
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